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Wow, guys… I am so sorry for the radio silence over the past few days. I’ve been shooting an all-engrossing photoshoot for over a week in Chicago and it’s commanded my full and total attention. I guess it’s obvious that I often draft my posts the morning they go live, huh? That habit of mine sort of complicates things when I have to wake up at 6 for hair and make up, but I have to admit, I’m having the time of my life. The project doesn’t debut until October, but I can tell you one thing: this is the first time in a long, long time that the vision in my head has come to life exactly as I pictured it. Such an awesome feeling as a designer/maker/creative.

I’m in Chicago for a few more days, so be sure to catch sneak peeks on Instagram.

ariele alaskoMeanwhile, I shared some great stuff over on Anthology:  beautiful gifts from Otto & Otis, geometric wooden pieces by Ariele Alasko, and the quirky art of Lizzy Stewart.

lizzy stewartAnd, here on Jojotastic, some good stuff:

Pardon this interruption, but this one is is too cute not to share and most definitely for the parents out there… Today I want to share my amazingly talented friend’s Kickstarter campaign for her company Maker by Trade. I used to work with Kam long, long ago and she decided it’s high time to shake up the world of kids’ socks and take the gender out of it. Basically, once a month you can select the socks you want to receive and they will be delivered to you (with stickers, too!). Maybe your daughter is in a dinosaurs phase… or your son really loves hot air balloons. Maker by Trade believes it’s time to let kids be kids. Quite genius, eh?

maker by trade — support this awesome kickstarter for super adorable kids socks every month! maker by trade — support this awesome kickstarter for super adorable kids socks every month! head over to Kickstarter to support Kam — heck, I don’t even have kids (and won’t for many, many years, sorry Mom) and I decided I need tiny, adorable socks regardless!

wrapped porcelain necklace

It’s always so important for me to keep my eyes constantly open, always searching for new ways to be inspired. Especially when I’m working on big projects like what I’m shooting this week. I feel like basking in the warm glow of beautiful, well, stuff makes me better at doing what I love. Here’s some of what’s inspiring me this week.

I’m loving oversized necklaces in unexpected materials these days, like this wrapped porcelain necklace by Pigeon Toe Ceramics. I’m also just a tad bit glad they are venturing into the world of wearables.

fancy chicken plates!I am kind of obsessed with fancy chickens (remember these ornaments I designed?), so I basically audibly gasped when I found these Holly Frean plates on Anthropologie. I can’t really explain what it is that I love so much about fancy chickens… maybe it’s the personality, maybe it’s the fact that they just get to live life always being fancy. I don’t know. I just really, really want these dessert plates.

striped soapsI’m also one of those people who seems to hoard soaps… especially when they come in great packaging. These Wary Meyers soaps require no packaging, however. The color combinations are that good.

desk accessories Always on the lookout for more and more ways to stay organized, this brass set from Poketo is spot on. I love the bold geometric shapes, the metallic finish, everything. And how great is the styling of this shot??

a bohemian Venice Beach cottage #BelongAnywhere

Last month, my good friend Vivien and I went to Venice Beach to celebrate the Fourth and to get away from the cold “summer” of San Francisco. To get the full experience of the neighborhood, we decided to stay in an Airbnb rental. To be more specific, we stayed in the most adorable, charming cottage ever. While planning the trip, we knew that we wanted our experience to feel much more authentic, almost like we were stepping into what living in Venice is truly like. My preference is usually to book a spot using Airbnb, mostly because I feel like it’s a great way to experience your destination, but from the eyes of a local. Believe me when I say the livin’ is good.

a bohemian Venice Beach cottage #BelongAnywherea bohemian Venice Beach cottage #BelongAnywhereThe details of the house were really quite astounding. From leather armchairs with bronze studs to vintage found rugs and textiles, the decor of this cottage really spoke to my inner bohemian. The vibe was totally relaxed and casual, perfect for unwinding and enjoying a bit of vacation. Oh, and the best part? Noodle got to come with me! Mostly out of curiosity, when booking I messaged the host and inquired if dogs were welcome — turns out they are! I have to say, it was absolutely fantastic having with my tiny guy around while also being on vacation. Kind of like the best of both worlds.

a bohemian Venice Beach cottage #BelongAnywherea bohemian Venice Beach cottage #BelongAnywherea bohemian Venice Beach cottage #BelongAnywhereThe patio space was truly my favorite though. Nestled under a massive bougainvillea tree, I could have lounged for hours (and I did). It was the perfect place to unwind, enjoy some snacks, and read. Then at night, it became this super sultry lounge spot. I loved it.

a bohemian Venice Beach cottage #BelongAnywherea bohemian Venice Beach cottage #BelongAnywhereThe food scene in Venice Beach (and the surrounding beach towns) was pretty spot on. We quickly found our favorite though and kept going back for more! If you find yourself in the neighborhood, definitely be sure to check out Abigaile.

a bohemian Venice Beach cottage #BelongAnywhere

Also, all month long I’ll be pinning along with Airbnb on my #BelongAnywhere board — head over to Pinterest and follow along!

a bohemian Venice Beach cottage #BelongAnywhereDisclosure: This post is sponsored by Airbnb. All opinions are my own, and I would never endorse something I didn’t completely love. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Jojotastic going.

photography by Jojotastic

the beach people //

Meet The Beach People — bohemian, beachy, sexy goodness. With an online shop full of  beach carts, totes, and one awesome round beach blanket, they’ve got everything you could possible need to finish up this summer. What’s funny to me is that this feels oh-so-California, especially with the model’s mussed blonde hair and the golden hour light. Yet The Beach People hail from Australia. Makes sense though, I’ve always felt like Australian beaches and Californian beaches were like long-lost cousins.

the beach people //

the beach people // The Beach People’s motto (according to their Instagram) is ‘bringing bliss to your sea adventures’ and it couldn’t be more perfect. I loved the laid back vibe they’re throwing out there. Now, who wants to go to the beach?

the beach people // jojotastic.comImages via The Beach People. Found on SF Girl by Bay.

leah goren

What a week it’s been! I’m currently in Chicago and will be for about 10 days as I dig into super fun photoshoot. More details on that to come. Trust me when I say it’s good.

It was a great week over on Anthology, with tons of art inspiration and even a bit of fashion! I started off the week with these quirky ceramics by Leah Goren. Can you guess who immediately snapped up a a cat plate?

begood clothingI also shared one of my favorite brands, Begood Clothing, and their latest tee. Two questions: how cute is the tie dye and how dreamy is that photo??

monica leeThese photo-real drawings by Monica Lee are not to be missed. That’s right, this is a pencil drawing, not a photo. So incredible.

a bohemian getaway’ve also started partnering with eBay on some pretty fun stuff, like these collections. You should definitely check out my first guide for A Bohemian Getaway. It’s got everything you need to sneak off for one last beach trip before summer comes to an end.

Catch up with this week’s posts here, too:

want list of the month // august

Hmmm, I am sensing a theme… kinda seems like all I want for August is cobalt, but popped with bubblegum pink. I guess it makes sense though. August has always felt like the Sunday of Summer, especially as a kid. It’s back to school time, so a primary hue feels natural and expected. This is the month when sweet, sweet summertime ends, so savor it while you can. It’s time to transition from tank tops to flannel, but still with those trusty cut offs aka my favorite look.

links: liquorice and caramel clutch from Leif / flowering gumball napkin from Utopia Goods / all day I dream about burritos sweatshirt from Nylon / warble blue jacket from Bridge & Burn (it’s on sale!) / ship desktop organizer from Uncommon Goods / tie dyed dog bed from Dog & Crow

PS – see past months here.

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