real talk about bedding and sheets

real talk about bedding and sheets — do you use a flat sheet? or just fitted sheet + duvet? asking the hard-hitting questions today on the blog + sharing my new favorite resource for affordable mix and match linen bedding and sheets! see more on

At first this post was going to be about a funny debate we’ve got going on in my household: do you use a flat sheet? Or do you go straight-up fitted sheet + duvet combo? Lately, Sean and I have been experimenting with both. I’m one of those people who loves a tightly tucked hospital corner, while he hates having his toes restricted. It drives me nuts when he kicks out the corner on his side because my side still feels all rumped and unkempt. The horror, I know.

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5 cool peasant tops

what could be more perfect for summer than a light, billowy peasant top? check out my top 5 faves at

When the summer sun is in full force, nothing feels nicer than pulling on a light, billowy peasant top. Made in a wide array of light-weight fabrics, interesting cuts and detailed embroidery, this piece is a staple in my modern-boho wardrobe.

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recipe // easy yogurt + granola power bowl

start your day with this healthy and hearty breakfast! get the full recipe for this easy yogurt + granola power bowl on

Happy Monday! I want to kick off the week with a healthy, fast, and easy breakfast power bowl that will truly jumpstart your morning. As I’ve gotten older (ahem), I’ve noticed that I tend to wake up earlier and earlier. I did some soul-searching and came to the realization that I do my best work earlier in the day and am basically burnt out by 3 pm. So I started experimenting and structured my day accordingly. Each day is now front-loaded: I work out in the morning, then dig into work so I can take a break at 3 pm. Then I start back up with work around 7. So far it’s been working!

Here’s the thing though: when you’re up by 7 every day, you need a breakfast that will start you off on the right foot. That’s why I asked Emma to come up with a recipe that’s not only healthy, but will keep me satiated and powered for the day ahead. Enter the protein-packed yogurt power bowl.

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for your friday

getting ready for my weekend projects and lots of gardening. sharing my favorite garden pot and planter finds today on — what would you want to plant in them?

This week, you guys. This week. What a week. Not sure when I was last this tired! I’m planning to focus on some yardwork again this weekend for the first time in a few weeks. All those weeds I pulled in March? Yup, they are all back. And so homeownership goes, I guess. But this weekend, I want to add in a few plants as well. There’s an awesome nursery here in Seattle that I’ve been wanting to check out, so I think that just might have to happen. I’ve got planters on the brain, too and wanted to share some of my recent finds and favorites with you.

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recipe // smoke & flowers old fashioned

CHEERS — fancy up your favorite Old Fashioned with edible flowers! meet the Smoke and Flowers Old Fashioned and get the full recipe on

Spring has officially sprung! If you follow along on Instagram, you know I am having a serious moment with edible flowers. Maybe it’s because spring is finally gracing us with it’s presence or simply because they are just so darn pretty! Edible flowers have the ability to fancy-up even the most humble of cocktails, like the Old Fashioned.

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DIY // non-slip hangers

give your closet a spring refresh with this easy diy! for the full tutorial head to

When spring cleaning rolls around the first part of the house I attack is the closet — think clothes and shoes flying like a movie montage. When everything’s donated and my closet gets put back together, I’m always a little let down at how similar it looks to the before, and in a matter of weeks my clothes have bunched together and slipped off the hangers again.

So this year, I came up with a fun solution to brighten things and stay organized all year round. This is super easy and works on almost any type of hanger, perfect for adding a no-slip feature and pop of color to the hanger’s you’ve already got in your closet!

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deck makeover with World Market, before + inspiration

SO EXCITED: i'm making over my deck with @worldmarket — check out the before photos + get inspiration for my lounge-inspired outdoor space on

Ok, now that I’ve shared a bit about the hardships of my first month of homeownership, it’s time to get down-and-dirty with some decorating. The deck is the absolute best part of my bungalow — it nearly doubles the amount of entertaining space I have! And with summer just around the corner here in Seattle, I can’t help but focus on the deck. Thankfully, World Market reached out to me and fellow blogger Kyla from House of Hipsters to show off our individual styles and makeover our outdoor spaces in tandem. Get ready, it’s time to dig into the inspiration, then some LEGIT before photos (and details of a great sale)!

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