drawn + downloadable // artwork for your phone, tablet, and computer. download your free copy today! via

You guys, it’s the second Drawn + Downloadable post and I’m seriously so excited to share another with you. I was blown away by the response to the first one and couldn’t wait to share more. I’d originally planned to do this as a monthly series, but I’m thinking it’s gonna happen more frequently…

Today’s art was just a quick little doodle I did in my sketchbook actually a few years ago. I was in a bit of a geometric, linear phase, but still really bold and graphic. Can you believe I drew each of these medallions with a sharpie? I added in a wash of color to the background to make it feel a bit softer and to work in a few of my favorite colors of late: dusty lavender, grass green, and cornflower blue.


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Pardon the interruption, but I need your help! I’m working on a totally new design for this site (woo) and brainstorming ways to make this space even better and more inspiring for you guys. I’ve never done this before, so I’m a little nervous. Please help me better understand what you love, like, and even hate by filling out this survey. I urge you to be totally honest — hate something? I wanna know! This survey will be live for a week, so please leave your feedback and thoughts:

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Thanks so much!

shoulda been a florist // mini bouquets from trader joe's

I’m a sucker for all things tiny, especially mini bouquets, so I decided that this month’s florist column would be all about sweet, tiny bunches of flowers. I also prefer to think of Valentine’s day more in terms of Gal-entine’s day. That makes it feel way more fun and gives the day a lot less pressure. I share a studio space with 5 other women, so I decided to give each of them a little treat to make their hearts sing.


5 cool overalls //

There’s a cherry tree in my neighborhood that’s always ahead of the curve, and on my walk to work yesterday I saw it’s branches beginning to fill with small flower buds. I wanted to shout “stop tree, you’re too early!” when I realized it was getting a little warmer than last week, and the week before.

Winter’s beginning to thaw, and with it’s end in sight, my mind wanders to all the pretty outfits of spring. In this transitional time between seasons, the name of the game is layers. That’s why I’m all about a great pair of overalls. Pair them with a long-sleeved shirt for a cute, cozy look, or rock with a tank when it starts to warm up. Loving these snow colored Washed Denim Overalls from Free People (pictured above).

5 cool overalls //

I’m really into these Bayfront Crop Overalls from Madewell, too. Joanna’s pair that she wears way too often are from there. This style definitely rocks a vintage vibe, with plenty of copper buttons and that 70’s-inspired indigo wash — these will definitely be on-trend for seasons to come.


part 3 of my COSTA RICA TRAVEL RECAP with @anywhereco! head to for all of the details of this incredible trip.

Ok, you guys, it’s the final recap of my amazing trip to Costa Rica! Last we left off, Sean and I had just arrived on the Pacific Coast and were eating and drinking out way through super cute beach towns and hanging out on an amazing catamaran. From Tamarindo, we traveled south to Nosara where we checked into my favorite hotel of the trip, The Harmony Hotel.


house hunting, an update! sharing a few of the random, weird things I've seen during this process, plus some learnings from my amazing agent. see more on

It’s been about 2 weeks since I shared the news that I’m house hunting, so I figured it’s a good time to check in. I’ve seen about 20 houses all over the city of Seattle, some were awesome, some were terrible… and some we didn’t even step inside because the exterior was so frightening! I’ve viewed houses where it feels like a cattle call, tiny 1,000 sqft homes with 30 other people in them all doing the same thing I’m doing. It’s super intimidating and scary, no lie. Today I want to share a few of the random, weird things I’ve seen and learned during the house hunting process.


DIY // Valentines Bath Bombs //

Valentine’s Day is always a big bag of mixed emotions for me. I’m against the commercial lovey-dovey takeover that’s everywhere time of year, and yet… hearts, flowers, presents, it’s basically everything I’m about! So this year, instead of the torture of some impossible romantic date, I’ll be helping Saint Valentine pamper all my girlfriends with these homemade sweet smelling bath bombs!