INSTAGRAM LATELY // super california vibes

October in California is a toootally different ballgame for me. It’s warm, like 80 degrees, and we go to the beach. My pumpkin-craving, flanneling-wearing soul is all WTF, but for now I am embracing these silly California vibes. Here are a few of my instagram snaps of late. Totally gives you that fall feelin’, right?

INSTAGRAM LATELY // super california vibesINSTAGRAM LATELY // super california vibesINSTAGRAM LATELY // super california vibesINSTAGRAM LATELY // super california vibesINSTAGRAM LATELY // super california vibesINSTAGRAM LATELY // super california vibesp.s. – guess who got her LLC!!

INSTAGRAM LATELY // super california vibesINSTAGRAM LATELY // super california vibesINSTAGRAM LATELY // super california vibes

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there are TONS of columbus day sales going on... here are a few of my favorites

Confession: Columbus Day is one of my favorite non-holiday holidays. Why? Because of the sales, duh. It’s really the perfect time of year to stock up on some essentials, without worrying about them being out of season. Yes, I love a good end-of-summer sale, but chances are, you don’t want to buy a ton of dresses for next year… you wanna wear them NOW. Hence, Columbus Day sales. They are good this year, too. Here are some I plan to hit up:

(through Oct. 13)

there are TONS of columbus day sales going on... here are a few of my favoritesBesides these picks from Madewell, here are a few more things I plan to stock up on this weekend:

there are TONS of columbus day sales going on... here are a few of my favoritesHappy shopping!

house of cardboard

What a week it’s been. I’ve been battling some awful cold/flu thing and I am soooo tired. I am just looking forward to a weekend so I can stay away from the laptop a little bit longer and catch up on rest. Being self-employed gets so tricky when you’re sick. There’s this guilt for not checking in, not being ‘on’ when clearly your body is telling you to slow down and take some time off. I’ve been struggling with it.

For some weekend reading, check out my posts on Anthology: Oversize Knitting by Jacqueline Fink and Lara Hutton, House of Cardboard by Dosshaus, and these amazing paintings by Diarmuid Kelley.

oversized knittingdiarmuid kelleyAlso, here on Jojotastic:

fab fall coatsLastly, I shared a few more awesome shopping guides over on eBay. Be sure to check ‘em out: Fab Fall Coats and Must Have Shoes for Fall. (image credit: Ashley Lynn Fry and my Instagram.)must have shoes for fall

throwback thursday // layering with free people outtakes

It’s #tbt (throw back Thursday for those not in the know) on Instagram, so I figured why not share some of the awesome outtakes of my Lesson in Layering with Free People shoot. These are seriously some of the best photos taken over me ever, so I like to keep them around to remind myself that I can look glamorous and put together… especially while I’m stuck at home with the flu like today. I know don’t know about you, but when I feel like crap, a reminder like this helps boost my ego.

throwback thursday // layering with free people outtakesthrowback thursday // layering with free people outtakesthrowback thursday // layering with free people outtakesFor this one, Ashley directed me to run out into the street and look back at her… almost as if to say, “hey, I’m going somewhere fun and slight dangerous. Come with me!” throwback thursday // layering with free people outtakes

Photography by Ashley Batz


Confession: I can’t stop buying plants. It’s getting a bit out of hand and I’m running out of places to put them… which I sort of love. I want my apartment to feel lush and green and… jungly. My latest project is to make a ‘curtain’ of plants in my kitchen, so now I’m on the prowl for the perfect grouping of hanging planters.  Here are some of my favorites that I’ve found so far.

To start, how gorgeous is this hanging planter from High Yield Studio? It’s made with a special Raku firing process and finished with a really nice touch: leather cords.

hanging planters round up


While we’re on the topic of interesting hanging materials, these wooden beads from HRUSKAA feel both modern and bohemian.

hanging planters round upTruly one of my favorites, this cone-shaped hanging planter from Half Light Honey Studio is decorated with a sweet curlicue patter… and reminds me of a chalkboard!

hanging planters round upThis vintage copper planter is also from HRUSKAA and feels super modern. I think it would lend a really nice clean vibe to my otherwise textural, pattern-covered planters.

hanging planters round up hanging planters round upThis ceramic planter from Le Collecte feels dainty and sweet with it’s hand-painted design. I also really dig the addition of natural jute twin for hanging.

Ok, talking about sweet: how about this tiny guy from Pottery Lodge? I’d put air plants in this planter, for sure.

hanging planters round uphanging planters round upIf you’re like me and have many, many plants, clearly this 3-tired porcelain and rope planter is for you. I love the way this Light and Ladder hanging planter can bring greenery all the way up to your ceiling.

Maybe you noticed an absence of color in this round up? That’s because I like to let the beauty of the plants speak for themselves. There’s just something about this handpainted one from Hang With Me Ceramics that I think would be perfect in the mix, though. The print feels modern and fresh, while not being too busy and distracting.

jojotastic-hanging-planter-round-up-10Which planters are your favorite?

want list of the month // october

Here’s what’s funny about this want list: it’s almost entirely made of home decor stuff. For some reason, I keep delving further and further into this intense nesting mode within my apartment here in San Francisco. I’ve been in it for about 9 months now and the space itself is really starting to feel like a home to me. My mini indoor jungle has expanded and now includes some hanging plants. Plus, I’m redefining an awkward space in my kitchen to be less of an under-utilized breakfast book and more of a chill, lounge space surrounded by plants (and maybe including a bar cart). Slowly, but surely the apartment is getting there…

links: kilim pillow from Leif / Herschel backpack from ASOS / geo printed linen pillow from Calypso St. Barth / Tibi loafers / brass hexagon bottle opener from Leif / copper hanging planter from Kauffman Mercantile / desert mojave rug from Rugs Direct

True Nature Botanicals

I’m sort of a beauty product nut. I’m not a high maintenance girl, but I like to know what I’m using and be a really informed consumer. So recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to True Nature Botanicals, a gorgeous shop in Mill Valley (just north of San Francisco). Founded by the immensely impressive Hillary Peterson, True Nature Botanicals is practically obsessed with educating their customer and providing the very best possible ingredients in their products. Actually, what they do is more of an art form than anything else.

True Nature BotanicalsFor example, the solid perfumes are created using 100% natural “noble materials” — known to be the purest and most precious in the world. Some examples include orris, tuberose, and liquid amber, so every scent is pure and authentic. While I was in the shop, Hillary treated me to sniffs of each individual noble material and it really opened my eyes (nose?) to how off target my perception of certain fragrances are because of mass production. For example, I typically don’t like rose because I feel it’s too powdery and granny. However when I smelled the noble version, I was awestruck by how lovely and fresh the fragrance was.

True Nature BotanicalsOne of my favorite treats that True Nature Botanicals shared with me is the solid perfume. I don’t ordinarily go for that type of application, but in this instance I loved their reasoning for a solid: Solid perfumes hold natural scents far longer and interact with the warmth of your skin to reveal a fragrance’s complexities. How awesome is that?

True Nature BotanicalsTrue Nature BotanicalsHillary also shared her other line called Pacific Skin Care. We spent some time chatting about some concerns I’ve had about my skin lately and she walked me through a personalized regimen to help get my complexion back on track. I’ve been doing it for about 2 weeks and I’m really started to see results — these guys know their stuff.

True Nature BotanicalsThe next time you’re in the Bay Area, be sure to stop by True Nature Botanicals: 29 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley, California 94941 or you can shop online here.

photography by Jojotastic

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