DIY // halloween themed door mat (for less than $10!)

Looking for a cheap and easy way to decorate for Halloween? This DIY doormat is the perfect project and costs less than $10 to make! Head to for more cost-effective do-it-yourself projects + pin for later

Believe it or not, Halloween is just around the corner! This is Joanna’s first year in her house, complete with a front porch and a neighborhood full of trick-or-treaters. She’s kind of excited about that, so we whipped up this super simple DIY door mat that celebrates the sweet-tooth side of the festivities in a sort of adult, cheeky way. Armed with a plain door mat, stencils, and paint, you too can deck out your front door for Halloween (and for less than 10 bucks)!

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cowhide rug round up

After putting a cowhide rug in my dining room makeover, I am totally obsessed! Catch my ultimate round up of cowhide rugs from @rugsdirect on — lots of home decor inspiration here!

Ever since we put this rug in my dining room for the Decorist makeover, I’ve been obsessed with cowhide rugs. I love this style for so many reasons: the pop of unexpected texture, the irregular shape for my odd-sized room, and the low profile of the rug itself. All of these reasons added up to a cowhide being the perfect choice for my room! Rugs Direct has some pretty great options if my metallic beauty isn’t your style. Here are my favorites + a discount code for any order!

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DIY // woodburned patterned spoons (makes a great hostess gift!)

A healthy, delicious, and comforting kale salad recipe perfect for winter! With roasted sweet potato, sunflower seeds, and creamy avocado dressing. A hearty and filling favorite! Get the full recipe on + pin for later

With the cooler weather of fall comes many warm-hearted meals shared with friends and family. To prep for this season of hosting, we wanted to share an easy way to give old serving utensils a quick refresh. So Gwen reached for her handy woodburning pen, an unexpected tool to transform all kinds of surfaces and materials. If you’ve never woodburned before, let me assure you, it’s super easy and actually really fun (editor’s note: Gwen let me have a go with the woodburning pen and it’s majorly addictiong… I started adding pattern to everything in my home!).

This project is the perfect introduction to woodburning, with a simple pattern and easy method, but as with any project, the sky’s the limit. Once you’ve mastered this technique, you can personalize your wooden spoons, salad servers, and even platters, any way you’d like!

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Recipe // aromatic chai hot toddy

Happy fall! It's time to relax, read a good book, and sip on this aromatic chai and black tea hot toddy. Get the full recipe on!

I can still remember the very first hot toddy cocktail I ever had. I was in Pittsburgh and the snow had just started to fall. We were in a cozy neighborhood bar with a crackling fire and the bartender promised the toddy would warm me right up… and he was right! Ever since, no matter where I was, once October rolled around I knew it was toddy season. This hot toddy recipe combines two other fall essentials: chai spices and black tea. I suggest whipping up a batch of these to celebrate the changing leaves asap!

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the Decorist DesignOff with House of Hipsters + Jojotastic, THE REVEAL!

It's a BIG DAY, you guys... it's the official unveiling of my living room + dining room makeover by the super talented interior designer @Jamcreativeco from @decorist! I don't even have the words to explain how absolutely blown away I am that I can call this space my home. And check out @houseofhipsters living room makeover, too! Get all of the modern boho styling inspiration + sources on #designoff

It’s a BIG DAY, you guys… it’s the official unveiling of my living room + dining room makeover by the super talented Jessica McCarthy of Decorist! Throughout this entire process, I was always able to rely on Jessica to steer me in the right direction — from picking paint colors to sourcing new front door hardware to hanging art at the right height, her one-on-one design insight was exactly what I needed. I don’t even have the words to explain how absolutely blown away I am that I can call this space my home. I feel so very, very lucky.

Without further do, let’s look at the amazing photos!

ps – be sure to head to House of Hipsters to see Kyla’s makeover reveal, too!

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casual elegance from Ode to Sunday

Getting my personal style ready for fall and transitioning my wardrobe. Loving the casual elegance of these easy everyday basics from Ode to Sunday. See more on

Fall is a majorly transitional period for me and my wardrobe. I also find myself shifting gears in my personal style in a broader sense. Fewer frilly details, more straightforward materials and shapes, etc. And linen, always linen. I simply can’t get enough. Which could explain why I’m so infatuated with these easy everyday basics from Ode to Sunday.

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for your friday

sharing some of my favorite independent makers and artists for your weekend inspiration! get all of the sources on

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I find myself obsessed with 3 things lately: brass, indigo, and warm tones of terra cotta. The latter manifests in different ways: live edge wood, sumptuous leather, or the perfect ‘grown up’ coat for fall. Indigo is a no-brainer, especially now that I’ve incorporated so much of it into my home (more on that to come next week!). And brass… well, it just seems to go with everything and make every space feel that much more special.

I hope you guys have a great weekend — here are a few finds that are inspiring me lately:

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