art x denim — a gorgeous collaboration with textile designer susan connor and everything golden // www.

Denim cutoffs are one of summer’s absolute must-haves — it kinda feels like you can never have too many pairs. Textile designer Susan Connor reached out to me recently with this new collab she did with Everything Golden and I’m more than obsessed. (check out the post I wrote about Susan over on Anthology, too). The collection is made up of 7 vintage pieces, each reimagined with patches of Susan’s handprinted fabrics.
art x denim — a gorgeous collaboration with textile designer susan connor and everything golden // www. art x denim — a gorgeous collaboration with textile designer susan connor and everything golden // www.

I think one of the most special details of this collaboration is that the pieces traveled from Bozeman, Montana (one of my favorite places) to NYC and back again, making it a truly cross-country project.

art x denim — a gorgeous collaboration with textile designer susan connor and everything golden // www. art x denim — a gorgeous collaboration with textile designer susan connor and everything golden // www.

I’ve got my eye on the cut offs, but how great would these boyfriend jeans be come fall??

images via Everything Golden.

poppies + a funny desk plaque

This week is sort of bittersweet. Father’s Day is Sunday and, while I’m so happy to be honoring both my great dad and my amazing stepdad, there’s one person who is missing for the first time ever for me: my grandpa. It’s been 145 days since he passed and I feel the loss of him in my life every single one of those days. Sunday is going to be a tough one for sure.

Actually, this week has been intense just in general. Being sick last week really threw me and got me off schedule in a big way. I’ve been coming into the studio really early every day, something that is pretty uncommon for me (I am a horrible morning person). There’s just so much to do around here!

In case you missed it, here’s what happened on the blog this week:

Plus, a few other new & noteworthy things:

  • this Upper Left Coast tee is my spirit animal.
  • I picked up the Seattle edition of The Passport Program this week – can’t wait to taste test some yummy cocktails and check out new-to-me local spots! And it’s not just in Seattle, so if you’re in Denver, Brooklyn, LA, DC, and other cities, be sure to check it out for some amazing drink specials through Labor Day.
  • Thank you, Beauty Bets for teaching me the why and how of filling in my eyebrows!
  • Apple, ginger, and sage popsicles? Yes, please.
  • my amazing contributor Colore’ Grace launched a new site and her online shop this week — be sure to check it out and snap up your own limited edition print!

Jojotastic elsewhere:

And… in Seattle Day Shift is happening again! Head here for all of the details.

a fun event in Seattle!

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straight up girl talk // dating pt. 3

There are so many key components when you think about dating and what makes a relationship work or not. The one I want to talk about today is timing. For example, meeting someone and falling head over heels with him 3 weeks before you move across the country for a new job. Finally learning to wholeheartedly believe in love and trust someone and then having him break up with you a month later. Or meeting someone who goes north for the entire summer on a fishing boat.

That last one? Yeah, that’s the situation in which I find myself. (Actually, all of those examples have happened.)

As you may recall from the first post in this series (and the second, for that matter), I’ve found someone with whom I feel a connection. I’m into him in this kinda-scary, but also pretty-damn-awesome sort of way. And he’s leaving. We’ve only been seeing each other for a month and some change, so it’s not like there is a whole lot I can demand. From my perspective, I wouldn’t feel comfortable committing to someone I’ve known for a month. It’s too soon. So then where does that leave me/us? It’s a shitty situation and it’s stressing me out.


STYLE // casual bohemian

Working for yourself is kind of a funny thing — I’m not ashamed to admit that much time is spent working from my sofa simply because I can. The novelty has yet to wear off. But now that I’m in Seattle, I’ve got shared space and it’s been truly life changing. I have a normal-ish schedule for the first time in a long time (hello, weekends) and it requires me to actually get dressed for the day. This means I’m rediscovering so much good stuff in my wardrobe, especially since it’s spring, too!

STYLE // casual bohemian

My style has always felt more bohemian, less preppy… more casual, and less formal. I want my tops to billow and float, my jeans make my ass pop, and my shoes to give lift without impeding my crazy-fast walking pace. Oh, and I need a huge bag on me at all times.

STYLE // casual bohemian

Sometimes I feel like my style is a bit weird. I’m a firm believer in basics — i.e. I practically live in tees and jeans. But my style also veers very bohemian, making my look way more about layering basics than I think is traditionally associated with boho style. Don’t get me wrong, I love paisleys and prints of all kinds… but I tend to steer clear and opt for a pop of pattern with an otherwise simple look.

My boho spirit also tends to come out in the way of accessories: oversized sunglasses, a great turquoise ring, and a super silly printed tote.

STYLE // casual bohemian STYLE // casual bohemian www.jojotastic.comSTYLE // casual bohemian

Clearly, I am so pumped to be doing style shoots again!

STYLE // casual bohemian

Celine sunglasses from Barneys, vintage denim vest, oversized t-shirt dress c/o Urban Outfitters (on sale!), white jeans from Target, Gravel & Gold boob tote, Kelsi Dagger platforms, vintage turquoise ring.

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Photography by Meghan Klein for Jojotastic.

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RECIPE // anise and blackberry skillet crumble

The sun is shining, sandals are out and real berries are back on shelves. Not the tasteless ones we see all year long, but instead the real, fragrant berries that seem to come right from our backyards (I mean the one we wish we had!). Today, for my first post on Jojotastic, I want to share one of my favorite summertime recipes, anise and blackberry skillet crumble.

RECIPE // anise and blackberry skillet crumble

Blackberries have an interesting twist to them since A. they are black (can’t think of another fruit with such a Goth color), B. their taste is pretty mild compared to more acidic berries, and C. they are rumored to keep your skin young and glowy! For these reasons, blackberries are THE ingredient of choice to indulge in all summer long! In this recipe, the subtle fruity flavor of the blackberry pairs very well with the sweet-n-spicy kick of the anise. I could imagine how good this combination must be in a cocktail form (mental note taken).

RECIPE // anise and blackberry skillet crumble

This crunchy crumble served with anise infused whipped cream will be a huge hit at your next dinner party. My testers and I still rave about it and it probably will become one of my staple for all of my summertime entertaining. This recipe is easy to prepare since it doesn’t require fancy equipment (just your hands). To add to the cuteness effect, I baked and served mine in this adorable octagonal cast iron skillet (c/o Finex).


get the look // rompin' around

In my mind, summer means one thing: dresses. However, if you’re tan-challenged like me, it can feel quite daunting to bare your legs at the start of the summer. Hello, my skin is basically translucent. So until I’ve got that base-tan in place (or until it’s too damn hot to care), I’ll be rocking my other favorite summer must: rompers! I love this look because it’s very one-and-done, meaning that I can throw on one item of clothing and instantly look put together. Add a few accessories and maybe a killer pair of platforms and you’ve got my spring uniform.

get the look // rompin' around

Whether patterns are your thang or your more of a solids kind of gal, there are tons of romp-tions (see what I did there?). Personally, I’m loving super-embellished versions with loads of crocheted details and embroidery.

Oh, and one tip: go for a style that nips in at the waist, especially with a drawstring. This will help you to feel less like you’ve donned a potato sack and wayyyy more ladylike looking.

get the look // rompin' around www.jojotastic.comget the look // rompin' around

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tie dye romper from Urban Outfitters, Zara low back jumpsuit, lace edge romper from ASOS, Brigitte romper by Tory Burch, navy blue romper from Urban Outfitters, Splendid chambray jumpsuit, striped romper from ASOS, crochet detail romper from ASOS, and embroidered romper from Free People.

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portrait of a cocktaill // grapefruit fennel fizz //

When the weather heats up we tend to retire our scotch-laden drinks and spirit-driven libations for those with seasonal fruits, juices, and more neutral spirits (like tequila and vodka). Margaritas come to mind immediately when hosting summertime get-togethers. That being said… you should always have a few good cocktail recipes in your repertoire to rotate through for entertaining — one can only have so many margs. Meet the Grapefruit Fennel Fizz!

portrait of a cocktaill // grapefruit fennel fizz //

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE a good margarita (sans sour mix, of course), but sometimes you want something a little… different. Today’s Grapefruit Fennel Fizz will please margarita and citrus lovers alike. Fennel is an herb often reserved for roasting, soups, and citrus salads, but don’t dismiss it when it comes to garnishing your cocktails!

portrait of a cocktaill // grapefruit fennel fizz //

Believe it or not, I often take inspiration for cocktail creations and combinations from food. When I find two flavors in a dish that strike a cord with me, I will play around with them in my cocktail laboratory — *ahem* my kitchen. Often, I find that what I loved about that dish can be recreated in sipping form.

portrait of a cocktaill // grapefruit fennel fizz // (more…)