DIY Macramed Spoon Handle //

Now that we’re well into the holiday season, I wanted to give you a quick DIY you can do with a few things from around the house. This is a great way to freshen up your serving utensils for a big dinner, or even as a cute hostess gift alongside some nice cocoa or tea. Try it with colored twine for a festive spin, or stick to neutral for that oh so wintery cable-knit sweater vibe.

DIY Macramed Spoon Handle //


When choosing your spoon, make sure the handle is either round or square, the spiral pattern won’t work as well on a flat handle. I used a small wooden spoon to serve sugar with my after-dinner coffee, but this would work just as well on a pair of salad tongs or even a broom handle. Once you get into the groove, it’s tempting to try on just about everything!

DIY Macramed Spoon Handle //

Start by cutting a piece of twine three to four feet long and tying it firmly at the top of your spoon handle. Next, cross the left piece over the handle and the right piece under the handle then through loop it created. I imagine I’m making a number “4” with the first piece and the spoon handle, then take the other piece and feed it through empty part of the four to the other side.

That’s all there is to it! Repeat all the way down the handle, rotating the spoon as you go to facilitate the spiral and pulling tightly between each knot. Once you get to the end of your spoon, finish it off with a firm square knot and trim the ends.

DIY Macramed Spoon Handle //

Project and styling by Gwen McKenzie for Jojotastic.

Photography by Meghan Klein.

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fall in seattle //

Greetings from San Francisco! The boyfriend and I are in town for a quick, impromptu trip for Friendsgiving and I couldn’t be more excited to see the sun… and my friends, I swear. It’s just that we’ve had a few soggy days here in Seattle (as you can see above) and it’s been wearing on me. Really though, the excitement levels are pretty damn high lately — next week is my absolute favorite holiday!

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third eye assembly //

While I adore the the matte pink of raw rose quartz and jagged black edges of tourmaline, incorporating crystals into my personal style has always been a challenge. There’s no denying that these gorgeous minerals are having a moment, but I’m just not the type to wear a chunky crystal pendant. Enter Third Eye Assembly.

The Lattice Series is inspired by the aesthetics of crystals and based on the science of mineralogy. Each piece is meant to emulate the beauty of mineral specimens, embracing the use of facets and texture to mirror the shape and lustre of various minerals. The result is a gorgeous line of thoughtfully made pieces that go with a sleek and modern look, while still referencing the jagged beauty of nature.

third eye assembly // jojotastic.

The organic metal forms are just so cool. Each taking shape from gold, silver, brass plus a combination of patinas and alloys for unique shades. The black metal is known as ‘stealth sterling’ and made using a jewelry patina to speed up the natural oxidation process of silver. Then there are some stunning cuffs made from Shibuichu, an ancient Japanese sword making alloy composed of sterling silver and copper.

third eye assembly //

What really takes the Lattice Series to another level is the option to inset pieces with carefully selected gem stones. There’s everything from pink tourmaline and smoky quartz to rubies, sapphires and even diamonds. All chosen by hand and inset for a flush, subtle sparkle that works perfectly for a unisex jewelry collection.

third eye assembly //

I love how the line explores different styles of adornment in interesting ways, from adding a clasp closure to a cuff bracelet design to making a chain from 108 hand-carved beads, the same as the traditional “Mala Chain” prayer bead count.

Each of the beads are handmade with brass and natural ebony wood, then uniquely arranged to aid in communicating thoughts with common sense and insight… and here at Jojotastic, we can use the much of that as we can get – especially when it comes in gorgeous, necklace form.

third eye assembly // jojotastic.comshop the post: lattice sterling silver ringlamina sterling silver double ringlattice brass ringlattice stealth ringaxedron sterling silver pendantlustre sterling silver hoopshedron sterling silver studslattice brass cufflamina sterling silver ring and lattice brass ebony chain.

images via Third Eye Assembly

DIY overdyed napkins //

Guys, do you realize Thanksgiving is just one week away!? It seems likes the holidays are just coming around every year faster and faster. I love to decorate, so there’s always a lot of pressure to put a new spin on things. That’s why I’m so excited about this DIY.

I’ve been dying to do a project using overyding (I crack myself up), it’s such a great way to mix pattern and color. So for an easy way to give your holiday table-scape a quick refresh, try overdying an old set of napkins for a whole new look in half an hour.


i'm traveling to Costa Rica in 2 weeks with @anywhereco and need suggestions on what to see, do, eat... and wear! head to the blog for more:

You guys… I’m going on vacation to Costa Rica!

It’s been entirely too long since I took some time off and recently this amazing start up called Anywhere reached out to me about a trip. I’ve always wanted to travel through Costa Rica, but had no idea where to even start when it came down to the planning stages. Thankfully, Anywhere is has taken the helm and is doing the planning for me and my boyfriend. We chatted a bit about the types of activities that would interest both of us (um, hello hot springs and snorkeling), plus they’ve also got a few surprises up their sleeves. I’ll be sharing allllll the details of my trip once I get back, but for now I need to figure out what to pack because I leave in less than 2 weeks!

i'm traveling to Costa Rica in 2 weeks with @anywhereco and need suggestions on what to see, do, eat... and wear! head to the blog for more: jojotastic.comi'm traveling to Costa Rica in 2 weeks with @anywhereco and need suggestions on what to see, do, eat... and wear! head to the blog for more:

Prepping for this trip feels like a bit of a weird shift in my mind — I’m wrapped in fleece and sweaters and thermal socks, but will be in a gorgeous tropical climate soon.

I. Cannot. Freaking. Wait.

i'm traveling to Costa Rica in 2 weeks with @anywhereco and need suggestions on what to see, do, eat... and wear! head to the blog for more:

I’m definitely planning to pack light and spend as much time as possible in my bikini. I’m thinking that I’ll toss in a pair of comfortable walking shoes, some breezy dresses, and my trusty cut-offs. Plus, tons of books.

Have you guys ever been to Costa Rica? I’d love any tips!

i'm traveling to Costa Rica in 2 weeks with @anywhereco and need suggestions on what to see, do, eat... and wear! head to the blog for more:

Photography from Anywhere

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essentials for holiday houseguests // @cottonelle #ad #OnAMegaRoll

Living on the other side of the country from my family means one thing for the holidays: an influx of visitors, most of whom end up staying with me. While my loft is the biggest apartment I’ve ever inhabited, it’s not exactly spacious. Often, guests stay on an air mattress in the living room ‘area.’ For this reason, I try extra hard to keep my guests comfortable and content. Recently, I teamed up with Annie from Live Simply and Cottonelle to curate the perfect essentials for entertaining houseguests this holiday season.

essentials for holiday houseguests // @cottonelle #ad #OnAMegaRoll essentials for holiday houseguests // @cottonelle #ad #OnAMegaRoll

Annie had the amazing idea of putting together a basket for each guest, full of all kinds of essentials. A few must-haves:

  • a spare roll of toilet paper — no one wants to ask a busy host for a spare roll, right??
  • a luxurious towel
  • midnight snacks, like fancy chocolates and cute mini bottles of alcohol
  • an extra toothbrush
  • hand cream
  • cozy slipper socks
  • a sleep mask (especially if your space is open and bright like mine!)
  • fancy soap
  • a spare set of house keys

essentials for holiday houseguests // @cottonelle #ad #OnAMegaRoll

We combined each of the essentials in a cute wire basket. Then, once your guests arrive in your home, you can help them settle in and feel extra comfortable in your home! This is also a great thing to have on hand if you’re an Airbnb host.

essentials for holiday houseguests // @cottonelle #ad #OnAMegaRoll essentials for holiday houseguests // @cottonelle #ad #OnAMegaRoll

Annie was full of other awesome suggestions for welcoming holiday guests, too:

  • You can adjust what you put into the kit depending upon who your guest is—that way you don’t overwhelm your guest with things that aren’t applicable to them.
  • You might also consider adding things like: a razor, a mini deodorant, other travel sized cosmetics (you’ve been hoarding them for ages, anyhow, so here’s your chance to put them to use), a rogue tampon or two can’t hurt, ear plugs, and band-aids.
  • Your guests will likely want to kiss you if you also give them a phone charger (you can’t know for sure what phone they have, but if you’re reading this, chances are high they’ll have an iPhone), and a little card that has the name and password for your wireless network.

Plus, because it’s time to stock up, Cottonelle was kind enough to offer a savings code. Head here for all of the details!

essentials for holiday houseguests // @cottonelle #ad #OnAMegaRoll

Photography by Meghan Klein

This post is sponsored by Cottonelle. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

tradlands + giveaway //

To be honest, I’m a bit of a tomboy. There’s just so much to love about borrowing from the men’s section, the tailored details, classic design, not mention how easy mornings are when your outfit so easily comes together. The one downside of rocking menswear? Nothing fits right!

That’s why I’m so excited about a brand called Tradlands that’s changing the game. They create menswear inspired staples for women, with an emphasis on fit, details and quality. I’m beyond impressed by how well made their pieces are. Each style is sewn in small batches in the United States  for well-crafted details that uphold their Americana tradition. (Make sure to enter the giveaway below + receive 25% off  all orders through the end of November with the coupon code jojotastic.)

tradlands + giveaway // jojotastic.comtradlands + giveaway //

I’m obsessed with the dark olive green color of the utility sage button-up. It almost seems too nice to wear on a hike, but with 8 oz 100% Japanese cotton, this archival-inspired top will come in handy for a campfire or two.

Did I mention they individually source the fabric for each style? Like the playful krysta pacific button-up made from a natural tencel blend with a peter pan collar, in that dreamy shade of blue. The best part is, all their shirts have an 8-button design, which mean no more boob gap!

tradlands + giveaway //

I’m pretty notorious for carrying around everything with me but the kitchen sink, and I’m always hunting for a new go-to tote. The indigo market tote is that kinda bag. Made from heavy-duty dead stock Avondale Mills twill fabric and reinforced with double layers on the bottom, it can handle everything from a mountain of photoshoot props to a day of clamming at the beach.

tradlands + giveaway // jojotastic.comtradlands + giveaway //

The waverly slate is a classic chambray button-up, the kind of well-made staple that will last for years and never go out of style. Then there’s the utility redwood, the perfect top for a wintery hike or snow day spent by the fire. There’s so many great shirts to choose from. Which one’s your favorite?

Enter below for 9 chances to win. One winner will be chosen at random by Tuesday November 24 at 10:30 am PST. Winner will receive 1 $500 gift card to shop Tradlands. Good luck!

Click here to view this promotion.