introducing the Decorist DesignOff with House of Hipsters + Jojotastic, Part 1

introducing the @decorist DesignOff with @HouseofHipsters + @Jojotastic, Part 1! Sharing before photos of my tiny bungalow + all the modern-meets-boho inspiration for the makeover — see more on

Homeownership has certainly been adventure and I’ve found that commiserating with fellow homeowner friends really helps. One source of constant encouragement and inspiration is Kyla from House of Hipsters. Not only did we buy houses around the same time, but her style is so spot-on. She really gets interiors, whereas I feel like I’m still figuring out what style works best for my lifestyle and my home. We recently decided to team up with Decorist for a bit of a contest and some major help getting our living rooms in order! Today, I’m super excited to introduce the DesignOff! Kyla and I are each sharing the before photos of our living rooms + loads of inspiration today… then handing it all over to the amazing designers at Decorist to tell us what to do (oh, and there’s a discount code so you can get your room done, too!).

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Friday check in

gorgeous green ranunculus — get more floral arrangement inspiration on

Do you ever have one of those weeks? Like, a full doozy of a week where it feels like everything that could go wrong has actually gone wrong? That’s what this week was like for me. We got back late from my BFF’s wedding in New York and I’ve just been scrambling to get stuff done ever since. Then all the annoying little stuff popped up: taxes, needing a new lawnmower, etc. I feel like I’m doing so much stuff… just not well. And that’s driving me crazy. If anything, I’m an overachiever, through and through.

After many tears, I realized one thing: I need to slow down. I can’t do it all.

I made a tough call this week: I’m not going to post to the blog every weekday. I just can’t. I want to create amazing content for you guys and, all too often, it feels like I HAVE to post… which results in publishing posts of which I’m not totally proud. I hate that feeling. Instead, I want the posts to be rich and meaningful, well-written and informative. I’m vowing to only post the good stuff from here on out — I hope you’ll continue to love it! My hope is that by focusing on fewer-but-better, I’ll finally have some time to really work on the stuff that I’m super passionate to share.

Have a great weekend!

photography by Jojotastic — it’s a sneak peek of a fun DIY post we’re working on!

DIY // crystal planters to purify your home

DIY crystal planters to purify your home incorporate air plants and succulents for the perfect modern boho home accent! for the full tutorial head to

Brainstorming new DIY projects that haven’t been done before isn’t as easy as you may think, but when Joanna and I wandered into NW Crystals, we knew we needed to incorporate some of their gorgeous crystals in our next project. Shopkeeper and owner AJ was so nice and shared with us all about the metaphysical properties of each crystal. I already knew a little about the energy properties crystals possess and was totally inspired when I learned even more about their cleansing powers.

We decided to create the ultimate space purifier and pair the crystals with another beneficial element, Tillandsia. Commonly known as air plants, Tillandsia has cleansing properties of it’s own and can actually help clean your air by filtering out airborne particulates. Combined with the clarifying attributes of crystals, these planters are super-charged to cleanse your space — and it doesn’t hurt that they’re super pretty!

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Tasting Rome + giveaway

enter for a chance to win a copy of Tasting Rome! check out recipes from this gorgeous cookbook over at

Hands down, my favorite part of traveling is the food. Digging into a region’s cuisine or trying a city’s signature dish at a hidden gem is so rewarding and has made for some of the best memories — and meals — of my life. It’s a feeling that Katie Parla and Kristina Gill convey in their new stunning cookbook Tasting Rome.

This love letter to the food culture of Italy’s capitol, transports you to the trattorias, food stalls and home kitchens across the city. With classic recipes and bold new flavors, I already know I’ll be reaching for it’s gold leafed pages again and again.

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recipe // rosé sangria with summer fruits

This Rosé Sangria with Summer Fruits recipe is exactly what you'll want to sip all summer long: slightly tart, minty and sweet, and super refreshing. Get the full cocktail recipe on

If there are two things I love love love they would be rosé and sangria. So why not combine them?? Today’s recipe is exactly what you’ll want to sip all summer long: slightly tart, minty and sweet, and super refreshing. I’ve been entertaining more than ever lately, thanks to my awesome deck makeover and this recipe has come in handy on multiple occasions. It’s super fast to whip up a batch at the last minute, plus you can make a LOT of it all at once. This way you can be the hostess with the mostest without worrying about whipping up individual drinks for your guests. You know, so you can actually enjoy everyone’s company!

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DIY // appliquéd trim statement jacket

add a statement to your jacket with this appliquéd trim DIY! for the full instructions head to

Let me start out by saying I love DIY’s (have you seen my personal blog, Material Delight?) — but one annoying thing about starting so many projects is the plethora of leftover materials. Ribbons… fabric cuttings… beads… It’s a lot to store! That’s why I’m always so excited when a new idea uses the same materials as a previous project.

A few weeks ago we made appliquéd ribbon statement sunhats and it was one of my favorite DIY posts yet! I had plenty of black trim left over, so we decided why not take the same idea of our looping cursive statement hats and apply it to my favorite denim jacket?

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my second month of homeownership

getting REAL and HONEST today on the blog: sharing my thoughts on my SECOND month of homeownership. I've finally had a few victories with my fixer upper! thinking of buying a home? pin for later & read more on

While I can say that the first month was decidedly rough, the second month of homeownership has been WAY better. For one, I had my first true ‘victory’ in the house — my amazing deck makeover. When I first moved in, I knew exactly what I wanted the outdoor space to look like. While the yard and area surrounding the deck still resemble a construction-site-meets-overgrown-jungle, the deck itself is exactly what I had in mind. The fact that one project finally went right feels huge. It sort of feels like everything I saw in the house when I decided to buy it is still there, just waiting for me to put in the elbow grease.

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