get the look: blushing beige

If I could identify one color that I am obsessed with lately, it’s blush pink. Ever since I scooped up this bucket bag in pale pink, I have not been able to ignore this girly color. Yes, it’s super femme… but there is also something about it that feels uniquely modern right now. This is a hue that goes by many names: shell pink, petal pink, even pale pink… and I love it. There’s something decidedly soft about it, in that Victorian era sort of way.

image credit: Dulceida and The Locals.

get the look: blushing beigeTones of blushy, beige-y pink also lend themselves well to applications of allll sorts. I love it paired with other washed out neutrals like creamy ivory, charcoal, and of course all metallics. Another great application for blush pink is in your makeup bag. I suggest adding some shimmer to your cheekbones for a bit of that ‘oh, she’s just got something about her, huh’ kind of vibe.

Spring is ever on my mind, so I’m dreaming up new silhouettes to add to my collection: kimonos and culottes being at the top. get the look: blushing beigeSo, tell me: how would you add blush pink to your wardrobe?

get the look: blushing beige

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Recycled kimono from Urban Outfitters, leg warmers from Urban Outfitters, NARS multiple stick, culottes from Free People, tera rock pendant from Baublebar, d’orsay flats from Urban Outfitters, Everlane heavyweight tee, suede mules from Topshop, silk dress from All Saints, and pink heeled sandals from ASOS.

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The holidays have left me on a bit of a budget, so I’m all for affordable and creative ways to have fun at home. Plus with awards season upon us, it’s the perfect excuse to throw a party! These party hacks are both glamorous and easy… and sure to impress your guests.

Classy But Easy Movie Viewing Party Hacks - including this DIY gold star garland craft @ziplocofficial #ziploc Classy But Easy Movie Viewing Party Hacks - including this DIY gold star garland craft @ziplocofficial #ziplocHead over to Ziploc to check out these party hacks: gold star wall hanging & fancy concessions stand.

Classy But Easy Movie Viewing Party Hacks - including how to make fancy concessions stand snacks @ziplocofficial #ziploc Classy But Easy Movie Viewing Party Hacks - including how to make fancy concessions stand snacks @ziplocofficial #ziplocClassy But Easy Movie Viewing Party Hacks @ziplocofficial #ziplocphotography by Jason Mai

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pinspiration station: my new Seattle loft

The countdown is officially on: 12 days until I move into a gorgeous loft in Seattle! A few details about the space: exposed brick, giant windows, huge ceilings and more space than I’ve ever lived in before. To say I’m excited is a bit of an understatement. And, because I am ever the daydreamer, I started a Pinterest board appropriately titled Loft-tastic to house my inspiration for this new space. Here are some of my favorite finds so far!

pinspiration station: my new Seattle loftWhile I’m still deciding on the type of bed I want to get, or if I even want to go ultra-boho and opt for the mattress-on-the-floor look, I definitely know that I want tons of texture for my bedding. I adore the modern-meets-granny vibe of this tufted coverlet and want to layer it over this deep navy Belgian linen duvet. Combined, the look is a bit his, a bit hers, and oh-so-cozy.

pinspiration station: my new Seattle loftSpeaking of things on the floor… I love this image from Elle Decoration as inspiration for storing my tons and tons of books. I want the space to feel lived in, casual, and very, very cool. Curated piles like this have always felt so chic to me.

I also want to have plants freaking everywhere, even more so than my San Francisco apartment.

pinspiration station: my new Seattle loftpinspiration station: my new Seattle loftI’ve never had a window in my bathroom before and soon I will! It sort of feels like the ultimate luxury, not gonna lie. I want to fill my bathroom with plant friends, just like this.

images from The Marion House Book and Cereal.

pinspiration station: my new Seattle loftThen there’s the sofa situation… I’m going to have room for a full-sized sofa for the first time ever! I can’t express how excited I am to lounge on a sofa without bending my knees. And don’t even get me started about finally getting to nap on a sofa. Goodbye, loveseat, hello normal sized sofa. This feels like such a huge investment, one that I don’t want to make lightly. I find myself drawn to ultra-casual, low styles, with my ultimate dream being the Togo sofa (below). It’s a taddd bit out of my price range, so the hunt is officially on for options that have a similar boho, ’70s vibe. Then there’s the debate about color: I find myself split between bold saturated hues or friendlier, less ‘trendy’ neutrals. Do I want tan, sumptuous leather or rich color? Do I want my sofa to be a focal point, or do I want it to be a neutral base for tons of fun pillows? So many choices…

images from Trendland and Share Design.pinspiration station: my new Seattle loftFilling an apartment always takes so long, but I’m hopeful to get a few things squared away in the coming months — and I’m sure that my inspiration will continue to evolve once I’m finally in the space on March 1. To see more of my creative journey as I move into my new loft, be sure to follow along on Loft-tastic.

all ears // a spotify playlist for for my upcoming road trip from san francisco to seattle

I want to do something different this time around. I don’t want this month’s All Ears playlist to be love songs, ballads, and the like. That just feels… played out (pun intended?). Instead, I want this month’s playlist to take you, my readers, through a bit of the journey that I’m facing this month. This month (really, in less than 14 days) I leave California in my trusty old VW and drive north to the only place that’s ever felt like a true home, Seattle. I’m leaving behind so much, but in my soul I know this is the right choice for me. It’s bittersweet, yes, but it’s the only thing that actually makes sense in my life right now.

This playlist has two parts: the first is meant to be a bit of a love letter to California. This gorgeous city and state welcomed me with open arms and, although it’s only been year, I find myself changed and improved. The second half of the playlist feels like the best way I can ever possibly explain all of the feelings that are wrapped up in what it means to go ‘home.’ Sometimes it’s easier to let another explain the emotions.

You can play via this widget or add the playlist via Spotify:
photo from my Instagram — follow along on my #PNWpilgrimage to see more. listen to more All Ears playlists here.

gorgeous blue and white ceramics

Guys, this is the very last post that I will write from my San Francisco apartment. WOW. To say it’s bittersweet is an understatement. I can’t believe I’ve only been here for a year. It’s sort of nuts. I know for a fact that I didn’t do everything I could to experience SF as much as possible… and I’m ok with that. The fact is that I just want to go back to Seattle and I just HAVE to be ok with not having eked out every last drop of SF-ness to be had. At a certain point, you just gotta accept it. My movers come this morning and I’m choosing to look forward… and I have SO much to look forward to in Seattle. I even indulged myself and created a Pinterest board of inspiration for my new loft apartment. This is gonna be good, I can feel it.

In case you missed it, here’s what happened on the blog this week:

Plus, a few other new & noteworthy things:

p.s. have a lovely Valentine’s day, no matter how you choose to spend it!

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my top tips for moving (whether it's down the street or across the country)

I was chatting with a friend the other day as she kept me company while I pack up for my impending move and she suggested that I share my tips for moving. I guess it makes sense, really. Even if you include all of your toes, you’d need more hands to count up all the times I’ve moved as an adult. To call me ‘a wanderer’ is putting it gently. I tend to move a lot, and when I do, they are big moves (I’ve moved across the country 3 times). So without further ado, some tips from a self-declared expert:

It’s worth it to invest in professional-grade packing materials. I suggest looking for local business who sell bulk moving supplies and deliver (I used Bay Area Box Express). I was able to get enough boxes for my entire apartment, plus tape, foam, and bubblewrap, all delivered to my door, thus saving me time and money. Believe me when I say this: you do not want to deal with scrounging up boxes at the grocery store. Two words: fruit flies. Also, when it comes to long-haul moves, you absolutely must have sturdy boxes. Another reason why this is a great idea? Because I was able to chat up the owner of the box delivery company and he suggested a few contacts for moving companies. I ended up going with one that he suggested and got a friends and family discount. Not too shabby.

my top tips for moving (whether it's down the street or across the country) my top tips for moving (whether it's down the street or across the country) (more…)

portrait of a cocktail // yours and mine recipe

As if you didn’t know already, Valentine’s Day is this Saturday. Whether you see that as a blissful day full of flowers and luuurve or the perfect excuse for a night in to pamper your solo-self, the day is upon us and we must prepare! Rather then fight the crowds for a table, we suggest spending the day relaxing with your partner over some delicious cocktails. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to the perfect drink: bitter, sweet, sour, boozy… the list goes on. This Valentine’s Day, we teamed up with Huckberry, purveyors of good taste for the manly set, for the perfect Yours & Mine cocktails.

portrait of a cocktail // yours and mine recipe, perfect for valentine's day! www.jojotastic.comBelieve us when we say this: two different cocktails is definitely not a hassle! Our resident cocktail expert, Ashley Rose, has created two cocktails for all kinds of palates to enjoy — made with some of the same ingredients, many of which you may already have in your fridge or pantry!

portrait of a cocktail // yours and mine recipe, perfect for valentine's day! www.jojotastic.comFirst up is the ‘Yours’ cocktail. A twist on the traditional Ramos Gin Fizz, this creamy, velvety cocktail contains citrus notes that dance on your tongue. Fizzes always have citrus and carbonated water, but the Ramos Fizz kicks it up a few notches with cream and egg white for a glorious, cloud-like head. I swapped out the traditional orange water with rose water and replaced the lemon juice and simple syrup with the almost-too-good flavors of the Preserved Lemon Syrup.

portrait of a cocktail // yours and mine recipe, perfect for valentine's day! (more…)