top 5 wants // september @jojotastic

I feel like it’s been quite sometime since I shared a want list of sorts. These days my wants steer in two different directions: readying my wardrobe for fall and getting my loft settled more and more. But really, this just harkens back to some of my core priorities, if we’re being honest.

I’m basically obsessed with anything Rebecca Atwood designs and her latest collection is no disappointment. My absolute favorite is the painted stripe pillow. I love how Rebecca has put a fun twist on stripes by offsetting the stripes and making the hand-painted artwork feel modern and fresh.

top 5 wants // september @jojotastic

And while we’re discussing pillows… I’m definitely in the mood for black and white and the Ceniza lumber pillow from The Citizenry pretty much seals the deal. I’m an all-white bedding kind of person, but always opt for pillows that pack a statement — and the bigger, the better!

top 5 wants // september @jojotastic top 5 wants // september @jojotastic

Then there’s my fall wardrobe… I long for fuzzy, cozy jackets like this teddy coat from Free People. Pop it over a graphic tee (hello, pizzaaaa) and everyone will know what’s on my mind. Imagine my joy when I discovered these quirky-cool graphic tees from Alphonnsine on Etsy.

top 5 wants // september @jojotastic

And then there’s my secret obsession: tiny spoons. You guys don’t even know… I’ve got quite the collection, so now I “need” an adorable black walnut sapwood scoop, obviously.

What are your favorite wants of the month?

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When it comes to natural ephemera, I’m a bit of a hoarder. We’re talking rocks, driftwood, bits of seaglass… anything that catches my eye during one of my many beach walks and hikes. I have jars and jars of these treasures, but they haven’t ever served a purpose in my life other than collecting dust. Well, that’s until now — today I’ve partnered with HP to share how to transform your special pieces of ephemera into functional drawer pulls for your home!

DIY // drawer pulls with @HP Sprout 3D technology #gomakethings #sproutbyHP

My love for the creative possibilities of the HP Sprout is well-documented, but recently the computer was updated with a totally new technology: 3D scanning! With the help of a new 3D turnable, it’s really easy to use the Sprout’s integrated scanner to capture something from the real world and give it new life. The 3D scanner is pretty amazing and super easy to use. It guides you through each step of scanning and then gives you a digital file that is ready to print. The first time I saw it in action, my jaw literally dropped (more about that here).

DIY // drawer pulls with @HP Sprout 3D technology #gomakethings #sproutbyHP DIY // drawer pulls with @HP Sprout 3D technology #gomakethings #sproutbyHP

During a stroll on the beach, I picked up a few rocks. I tend to look for ones that are smooth and perfect for skipping… but instead I like to stack them, an activity that I find oddly soothly. Armed with the HP Sprout and a 3D printer, I decided to put my findings to use good by 3D scanning them and turning them into drawer pulls — the perfect way to keep reliving my outdoor adventures even from home. (more…)

all roads x anthropologie // @jojotastic

Just last week I was sharing amazing new work by an old Anthropologie coworker of mine and now it seems another super talented lady is making great stuff happen. Janelle Pietrzak and Robert Dougherty have combined their knack for carpentry, textiles, and welding to form All Roads — plus, they’ve recently designed a collection for Anthropologie. Isn’t it funny how life is so circular sometimes?

all roads x anthropologie // @jojotastic

I’ve always been a huge fan of All Roads, especially Janelle’s incredibly detailed and textural weavings. Their style veers very California-cool with a tinge of ’70s vibe. I love how the colors are reminiscent of the scorched desert earth, while the fibers and textures of each textile are cozy and comfortable. And it’s no wonder — their studio is based in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains where Janelle wanders the canyons for inspiration from nature.  (more…)

Cocktail Pairing School with Blurb & Pennyroyal //

As an avid cocktail lover, to say I was excited when Blurb invited me to an evening of cocktail making and food pairing at the Pennyroyal is an understatement. This gorgeous Kimpton establishment is right in downtown Seattle and inspired by old-world European style bars. The dark wood, exposed brick, and moody lighting had me feeling heady and even tuned out my normal shutter-bug impulses that usually crop up with every course. It was the perfect setting to connect with fellow creatives and learn about Blurb’s self-publishing and marketing platform. (more…)

fresh sprouts on my favorite house plant // @jojotastic

Last week Gwen handled the link love because I was off on an amazing week-long road trip down to SF with stops at Smith Rock, Crater Lake, the Oregon coast and tons of other places along the way. It was, to put it lightly, epic. I’m a huge fan of road trips, but especially when they include stops at some of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever seen. Oh, and rock climbing! I’m planning a recap post of the entire trip, so be sure to stay tuned.

In case you missed it, here’s what happened on the blog this week:

Plus, a few other new & noteworthy things:

image via Instagram.

artwork by stacie green // @jojotastic

It kinda feels like a past life of mine, but I used to design products for Anthropologie years ago. During my time there, I was lucky to meet and work with a super talented lady by the name of Stacie Green. Recently, she launched her online shop full of gorgeous pieces in her signature style. What I love most about Stacie’s work is her sense of balance, geometry, and proportion. From bold washes of color to super-skinny lines and dots, Stacie’s work is perfectly layered. As I work on my gallery wall in the loft more and more, I crave one of these works to add a special somethin’ somethin’ to the wall.

artwork by stacie green // @jojotastic artwork by stacie green // @jojotastic artwork by stacie green // @jojotastic

images via Stacie Green.

RECIPE // gluten free pound cake with white peach compote

I have had a fantastic summer — I strolled around every corner of Seattle with my parents for 3 weeks, went on a few adventures outside of the city (Wanapum state park & San Juan Islands), I got to fly back to Toronto and Montreal for some good fun with family and friends, and I also spent a long week end visiting San Francisco with a super fun quick pit stop in Lake Tahoe. Can’t complain, totally ready for what fall as in store for me.

RECIPE // gluten free pound cake with white peach compote

Fall? Yes, it’s September… but technically still summer for another few days. White peaches are still in season and it’s a reason to rejoice. No need to rush on the apples & pears too fast… let’s enjoy the last bites of juicy summer fruits. That is exactly what I have done by combining ripe white peaches with some blueberries for a perfect end-of-summer compote.

RECIPE // gluten free pound cake with white peach compote

As more people I met are sensitive to gluten, I’m becoming very aware of how common this inconvenience is nowadays. I now always ask my guest about any allergies when I get ready for dinner parties. Food is sooooo (maybe too) important to me, that I want to make sure everyone’s enjoys their time. Today’s recipe is a simple pound cake served with a juicy white peach compote! Easy to prepare, very light and can even be enjoyed for breakfast.