the friday edit

Rebecca Atwood x Chasing Paper removable wallpaper for my pantry makeover / renovation. @chasingpaper @rebeccaatwood

Happy summer, you guys! I’ve heard in other parts of the country it is actually summer… but in Seattle warm days are sort of new to us this week. They’ve finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier about absorbing some extra rays and working on my freckle collection. This week brought about a few updates with my broken leg situation, specifically that I can finally start bearing some weight on the leg and can begin physical therapy. I’ve heard that this will be the hardest part, but honestly I’m just glad to finally feel like I have some control over the matter. I still have a lot of healing ahead of me, but it feels good to know I’m on track.

Here’s some stuff that is inspiring me lately…

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my broken leg (or other injury) survival kit

have a broken leg or other injury that requires bed rest? this is the ultimate survival kit for coping! get the full list on

Oh, broken leg life… I would never wish this on anyone! It’s not just the pain or discomfort that (for lack of a better work) sucks — it’s the boredom! I’ve learned quite a bit in the past 6 weeks and wanted to share with you guys my ‘survival kit’ of sorts that has helped me deal with this. I figured even if you don’t have a broken leg, but have another injury or if you need bedrest, these items will definitely help!

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recipe // everything bagel seasoned kale chips

These days, cooking is kind of a challenge for me. It’s pretty hard to put together a meal while on crutches! Sean has taken over all of our meal prep, but isn’t totally comfortable in the kitchen. We’ve worked on simplifying some of our go-to meals and snacks, especially ones that take advantage of our garden. I planted way too much kale, so we’ve been getting creative with eating it all. One super easy way is to make kale chips. Another obsession of mine lately everything bagel seasoning. I found some at Trader Joe’s and immediately thought we could make our own mix!

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a few changes around #mytinybungalow

vintage turkish rug, modern floor mirror, white linen curtains from @barnandwillow

I have to say, #brokenleglife has sort of put a damper on all things renovation related! It’s kind of a bummer. But Sean has been working away trying to keep our projects going while I recover here at #mytinybungalow. I wanted to share a little bit of an update with you guys about all the changes that gave happened cuz even if my leg is broken, we still manage to have fun and get some stuff done around here!

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DIY // interchangeable clay garden markers

Dress up your garden with these pretty markers made from oven-bake clay. Get the full DIY at

Can we talk about Joanna’s garden for a minute? Never mind the beautiful flowers and chickens and wiener dogs running around, those planter boxes are basically bursting at the seams with lush kale, chard, herbs and more. It’s a major urban farming success story (and makes me extremely jealous of her yard!) and it deserved to be dressed up a little bit with some pretty garden markers to help differentiate the fennel from the dill — I’m looking at you, Oprah.

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the simple joy of being home & pampering our dogs (with K9 Natural!)

the simple joy of being home & pampering our dogs with @k9natural, a dog food made with grass-fed and free range meats and proteins and wholefood ingredients. Find out more on #ad

This post is sponsored by K9 Natural. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Ever since I got home from my accident and figured out how to get back into the pace of day-to-day life, I’ve noticed one resounding theme: a deep and true appreciation for the simple things in life. The truth is that this injury truly shook me to my core and has now encouraged me to re-evaluate everything. Partially this introspection is due to how hard it is for me to do physical things, but also because of the sheer emotion involved in healing. I’m choosing to remain positive though, which essentially means that I am all about enjoying life’s little moments these days. One moment that immediately comes to mind is the day I got home from the hospital and was reunited with our dogs! Today I partnered with K9 Natural to share that story, plus how I’m enriching the dogs’ meals to keep them happy and healthy.

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my ultimate summer garden pot round up

my ultimate resource guide for summer garden pots. loads of mixed materials, finishes, plant stands, planters, hanging pots, and more! Get the full source list on

source: spun planter  from Yield Design Co.

In case you’ve missed my Instagram Stories, I’ve been planting soooo much at the house (even with a broken leg). I find that overflowing garden pots, planter beds, and baskets help to cover up all the projects I probably won’t get to this summer. And there are sooo many gorgeous garden pot options right now. I wanted to round up some of my favorites for you to make your gardening a tiny bit easier, so get ready… there are over 30 options here!

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