my favorite corners of our home

my favorite corners of our home. #smallspaces #tinyhome #seattle #bungalow #interiordesign #shelfie

It is so good to be home!!! After being in Italy for the past few weeks, I am happy to be home and reunited with our tiny zoo. I absolutely love to travel, but I am always ready to come home now that I own a house. There’s something about it that just feels so… right. I miss the tiny bungalow while we’re away! I never thought I’d ever feel that. After landing yesterday, I felt so inspired to snap some photos of my home and share my favorite corners of our home.

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DIY block print + abstract tie-dye table runner

dress up your summer patio tablescape with a linen table runner decorated with block printing and tie dye. Get the full tutorial at #DIY #summer #outdoordining #BBQ #blockprint #tiedye

Until about a year ago, tie dye conjured images in my head of groovy Deadheads and fourth-grade birthday parties (read: it lived firmly in the realm of hippies and children and wasn’t exactly what I would call… chic). But I’ve recently had a change of heart. Maybe it was this Gucci t-shirt that pushed me over the edge, or maybe it was the shibori textiles from Rebecca Atwood that moved tie dye firmly from the tacky to the cool category in my head.

Whatever the reason, I’m now fully sold and looking to tie dye pretty much anything I can get my hands on. Since Joanna recently redid her backyard as part of the One Room Challenge (and it looks so, SO good), we thought it would be nice to DIY a pretty linen table runner for her outdoor dining space. I finished the tie dye look with some metallic block-printed patterns to add another level of visual texture to the look, and I love how it turned out. Keep on scrolling to get the full tutorial!

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window shopping // summer whites (for under $100!)

White is definitely my favorite color to wear. I have an affinity for breezy white tops, white denim, crispy white shirts and sundresses… you name it, if it comes in white, I’m pretty sure I love it. And summer is the perfect time to rock an all white look.  Today I’ve rounded up my favorite picks for this season’s best summer whites — and they all ring in under $100!

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sage & cranberry white sangria recipe

sage & cranberry white sangria recipe #cocktail #sangria #whitesangria #cocktailrecipe

Does anything say ‘summer’ quite like sipping a glass of delicious sangria? I think not! Not only is sangria so easy to whip up, but it’s also a great drink to serve to guests — especially at the last minute. And you can still make it even if you only have white wine on hand, hence the white sangria! We added a fun twist on this classic recipe though — burnt sage syrup! It definitely adds a really delicious herbal flavor to the mix that is unexpected and fun.

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my 5 most versatile wardrobe pieces

my 5 most versatile wardrobe pieces #minimalism #minimalist #capsule #capsulewardrobe #capsulecollection #musthave

One of the most important things I think I can do for my closet right now is pick out the things that are most versatile. I totally understand that wearing the same thing over and over again can feel a little blah. And who wants blah? Not me. This is why I’m teaching myself to reimagine and mix and match. It’s actually really fun and kind of makes me feel like I’m shopping my own closet. It’s amazing the combinations you can find when you actually stop to look at what you already own.

So I’m going to challenge you to spend a little time in your closet. Pick out your most versatile items and see what kind of combos you can come up with!

Here are my five most versatile wardrobe pieces:

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must-have shoes for a minimalist wardrobe

In the spirit of owning less and loving what I have a little more, I want to keep sharing some of the tips and tricks I’m learning from my no shopping challenge. I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy, but it’s also made me think much more intentionally and consciously and that’s pretty cool, no? Now that it’s halfway through the year, I almost feel like I was in zombie mode before I started all of this. I was also just supremely fed up, but I digress.

Anyway, let’s talk shoes! I wouldn’t say I’m a shoe gal, so not buying them hasn’t been the worst. Full disclosure, though, in my no shopping challenge update you’ll see that at that point, two of the four things I’d bought (I’m allowing for one item per month) were shoes. I mean, what is it about shoes that makes us think we need a million pairs?! This is why in today’s post I’m taking charge and really, and I mean REALLY, narrowing it down and sharing the core pairs you should have in your closet to live that minimal life.

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