4 Easy DIY Fabric Dye Projects to Try This Weekend

Try These Fabric Dye Projects For a Twist on Tie Dye including how to ice dye, shibori dye, dip dye, and overdye. Ideas to dye fabric. Dye projects that are not tie dye #icedye #DIY #shibori #overdye #tiedye #dipdye

It seems like tie dye is the official look of quarantine, am I right?? Everywhere you look, people are dyeing their white clothes – and I love it! In case you want to jump on this bandwagon but don’t want to do traditional tie dye, I rounded up some of our best DIY fabric dye projects to get you started. We’ve shared quite a few over the years, probably because of my background as a textile designer! They are all so good and shockingly easy to do. Let me know if you try any of them this weekend!

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My Formula for Arranging Pillows

Have you ever wanted to know how to arrange pillows like a pro? This post will help you style your bed, sofa, and chair with decorative pillows! My easy formula for arranging dec pillows #decorativepillows #decpillows #styling #pillows #interiordecor

Wow, I was blown away by how many people wanted to know my formula for styling decorative pillows after I shared this post about our sofa! But I totally get it. Especially when you see so many beautifully styled living rooms on Pinterest and Instagram. After years of designing pillows and working on photoshoots, I have a certain set of rules that I usually follow because they are so easy! I don’t follow them every time, but it’s a really great place to start. After reviewing these tips, you’ll be able to confidently style your sofa AND bed, I swear.

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How We Prioritize Alone Time In a Small Space

The benefits of alone time + how to prioritize personal time while living with a small space. Self-care tips for me time. #selfcare #smallspaces #wellness #livingsmall #smallhouse

I consider myself to be incredibly lucky right now because Sean is still considered an essential worker and therefore going to work every day. That means I generally have the house all to myself… all 640 square feet of it! One question I’m asked a lot though is how each of us gets alone time in a small space. I’m guessing this gets asked a lot for a few reasons: our bedroom door is a barn door, so it doesn’t close all the way like a traditional door. Or maybe because I don’t have an office where I can hideaway. Even though we live in such a small home, we’ve been able to put into practice a few things that helps each of us prioritize alone time.

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7 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Decor on a Budget

Looking for tips to make the most of your outdoor space on a budget? These outdoor decor tips will inspire you to make the perfect outdoor oasis! Maximize your outdoor space with these easy tips. #outdoordecor #deck #patio

One of the questions that was submitted for my last Dear Jojo post was about affordable sources for outdoor decor. Because it’s spring and we’re all spending more time at home, I felt like this topic deserved it’s own blog post. Our outdoor space is small and oddly-shaped, but we’ve been able to maximize our outdoor space even on a budget. It’s definitely still a work in progress, but we’ve learned a lot! You just need to embrace a few of these tips! Whether you’ve got a full yard or just a balcony (or a fire escape), my hope is that these tips will inspire you to create your own outdoor oasis even on a budget.

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My Sustainable Loungewear Picks

Work From Home In Style with These Sustainable Loungewear Picks! eco-friendly, ethically made, organic athleisure, sleepwear, and pajamas. Sustainable style, eco friendly fashion. Tips for Shopping for Ethical, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly loungewear. Looking for Stylish Ethical Fashion Brands? List includes reviews of Pact, Lunya, MATE the label, ABLE, Amour Vert & more! #sustainability #sustainablestyle #ethicalfashion #ethicalbrands #ecoliving #sustainablelifestyle #ecofashion #ecostyle #ethicalclothing

I know so many people are sharing posts about loungewear, pajamas, and athleisure clothing… but for me, it felt like a good opportunity to share ethically made options in that category. Especially because I haven’t seen anyone do it yet! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that my most recent fashion journey (if you can call it that) involves making more eco-friendly choices. I recently purchased a few sustainable loungewear items and definitely thought I needed to share some of what I found with you! I hope this post inspires you to go green with your shopping, even now.

Source: Lunya Washable Silk Button Down Pant Set
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All About the Health Benefits of Gardening

Thinking of starting a victory garden? Check out these health benefits of gardening for your mental health and physical health! #backyard #outdoordecor #gardening #PNWgardens #wellness #selfcare #benefitsofgardening

I’ve said this a few times before… the amount of enjoyment I get out of yard work is so unexpected! It’s literally one of my favorite part of owning our bungalow. I love getting my hands dirty, planning landscaping projects, and planting things for us to eat. Or even plants that are just pretty to look at and smell good! I don’t know why, this always surprises me, still! But in talking with my coach, it makes sense because there are so many health benefits of gardening. I decided to dig a bit further and research why that is so I could share with you today.

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My #1 Tip to Grow Your Pinterest + An Announcement

Grow Your Pinterest Reach with This One Change! It's so easy to make and will help your Pinterest content show up more in search + help with your SEO. Find out more + get the details of a big announcement for the Jojotastic School of Social Media on jojotastic.com #pinterest #pinteresttips #pinterestgrowth #socialmedia #smallbusinesstips

Ever since launching The Jojotastic School of Social Media, I’ve wanted to share even more of my tips here on the blog. I’m definitely one of those people who loves connecting others with resources to help them thrive! My goal with the classes is to help small businesses grow and connect with their core customers, even during these uncertain times. Because of that, I am sharing my #1 tip to grow your Pinterest today. I also have a big announcement about the classes, so be sure to keep reading!

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