My Complete Interior Design Process

My comprehensive and complete interior design process: how to make a moodboard, how to plan an interior design project, how I get inspired, how to create a floor plan, how to source furniture and more!

This post is a loooong time coming and I am so glad to finally hit publish on it! I’m asked all the time about how I approach a new interior design project, how I choose a color palette, decor concept, etc. So today I’m covering all of those topics AND MORE as I walk you through my entire, comprehensive interior design process. Keep in mind that I am not trained in interior design, but rather have relied on honing my eye over the years and practicing in my home and others. Also, this is a process that works for me, but feel free to adapt parts of it based on what works best for you!

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My Search for Woven and Rattan Lighting

Add Drama to Your Home with Woven and Rattan Lighting including pendants, chandeliers, table lamps, flushmounts, ceiling lights, sconces, wall lights and floor lamps

I am so hesitant to call this a trend because I believe that texture lighting is here to stay (and has been for a long time). But you can’t deny that there are officially TONS of options out there for woven and rattan lighting! Personally, I am on the hunt for one oversized wicker pendant light. While searching, I figured it was a good opportunity to share some of the gorgeous options I’ve found in case you’re on the hunt, too!

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How I Styled Our Built-Ins

Tour Our Built-Ins & Learn How to Style Built-In Shelving. Styling and decor tips from a pro, how to style a shelves and curate books and vintage decor. Green built in bookshelves

To me, there is nothing more fun than styling open shelving and built-ins. There is definitely an art form to it, which I talked about a lot in this post from the archives. But now in the cabin, we have a totally different styling to tackle: the built-in shelving in our living room! It’s like a #shelfie but a bigger scale. As soon as we painted it green, I knew it would be the ultimate canvas for me to play with. So today I wanted to have you a cubby-by-cubby tour of it and why I chose the objects that are on display.

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How to Choose Interior Door Hardware and Hinges

All About Choosing Interior Door Hardware and Hinges from Grandeur Luxury Hardware and Nostalgic Warehouse @nwdoorhardware @grandeurluxury #AD black porcelain interior door knobs with vintage brass rosette and matching hinges with button tips
Disclosure: For this post I received gifted product from Grandeur Hardware. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

You guys… I am so excited to share this post. Door hardware is one of my favorite finishing touches to choose for a newly completed renovation. It’s like the jewelry that finished a really, really good outfit. Plus, picking the right interior door hardware and hinges can literally affect your daily life. Personally, I know I got cranky from using the lever-style handles that were existing in the cabin… but not anymore now that I’ve fallen deeeeep into love with our new sets from Grandeur Hardware. So today I wanted to walk you through how I choose interior door hardware and hinges to complete any design project!

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5 Easy to Grow Hanging Plants I Swear By

The Best Easy to Grow Hanging Plants for Your Home including Prayer Plant, Pothos, Spider Plant, String of Pearls and more. Tips for growing indoor hanging houseplants

Now that we live in a home with tons of windows and really tall ceilings, I have been adding to our plant collection at a VERY fast pace. I love how they instantly add life to any room — plus the benefits of gardening (even at a small scale) is many. I’ve shared tons of posts about houseplants and gardening in the past, but today I wanted to share some info about easy to grow hanging plants because I’ve been focused on adding more of those to our cabin!

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Photo Journal: Wandering a Misty Riverbed

Photo Journal: Bacon Creek in the North Cascades, nature photography of foggy river beds, snowy mountains and winter scenes

There’s something about the quality of light here in the North Cascades that has really intrigued me. Ever since we moved here, I’ve found myself paying closer attention to it, almost like a third roommate. It’s just so… different from city life. I mean, pretty much everything is. From our crappy wifi to our collection of generators, we are definitely living a different life now. But when it comes to the changing light out here, each moment feels unique and special. Here are some photos from a recent creek adventure with the dogs and the fog.

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Our Quick & Budget-Friendly Laundry Closet Makeover

Before and after makeover reveal: small laundry closet refresh on a budget with @bhglivebetter @walmart with storage tips, cleaning supply storage, stylish laundry baskets and more. Shop the post & learn more on #BHGlivebetter #walmart #betterhomesandgardens #AD
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting the content that keeps Jojotastic going.

On a whim a few weeks ago, I complained about our laundry closet to Instagram. All I’ve ever wanted is a proper laundry room and here I am with a laundry closet again… and in the dining room, nonetheless! So when Better Homes & Gardens exclusively at Walmart challenged me to refresh a space that I use daily, I knew it was time to tackle this small, but important space. Let’s break down all of the changes I made!

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