The Weekend Edit

pile of pink peonies. springtime flowers. #peonies #flowers #florals #spring #springflowers

Welcome back to The Weekend Edit. Man, have I ever been this happy to see the weekend? I think not. If you noticed that it was crickets around here this week, it’s because we had a bit of a family emergency and that threw my entire week out of whack. So, sorry for missing posts on Tuesday and Wednesday!  Everything is ok now, but it never ceases to astound me how off track I can get with life stuff. Sometimes it feels like I need to take an entire week off from posting, so I can play catch up and have a lot of posts lined up… but then I realize I much prefer posting in real-time (or close to it).

In case you missed it, here’s what we shared on the blog this week:

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window shopping // floral dresses (for under $100!)

source: Anna Glove x H&M floral dress.

Fun fact: one of my first jobs was designing floral prints for women’s underwear. Sometimes it feels I’d be a millionaire if I got $1 for every floral print I have drawn… so it’s especially funny to me when I see floral prints making a resurgence! But what could be more perfect for spring and summer dresses??  Today I’ve rounded up my favorite picks for this season’s cutest floral dresses — and they all ring in under $100!

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my top 10 small space essentials

Live in a small space or tiny house? These 10 essentials are perfect for getting organized and finding extra storage! #smallspaces #tinyhouse #storage #storagesolutions

Every object in our house has to serve like 10 purposes (because #mytinybungalow), and, although there was a slight learning curve, I feel like after a few years I can safely say I understand how to live and function in a small space. I think I’ve actually kind of become a little obsessed, but that’s a whole other blog post. Anyway, if I had to narrow it down to my absolute must-have essentials for a small space, these would be it:

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a simple, statement-making lilac bouquet | DIY

Is there anything better than lilac season? The scent is absolutely heavenly and the tiny blooms on each stem are just too darling. When Joanna asked me to create a lilac bouquet, I immediately knew the perfect companion flower: popcorn viburnum. Popcorn viburnum is a spring-blooming bush with strongly-veined green leaves and clusters of non-fragrant snowball-like white flowers. I usually strip the leaves from lilac in order to force all hydration into the flowers, so the viburnum brings a lovely source of green into a lilac arrangement. The texture of the leaves is so lovely, as well. The pops of white through the viburnum flowers provide the perfect contrast to the purple lilac and I appreciate that they don’t bring any additional fragrance in allowing the sweet scent of lilac to shine!

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The Weekend Edit

self care vibes for the weekend. black and white turkish towels, himalayan pink sea salt bath soak, and the new yorker. #flatlay #selfcare

Welcome to the new edit! I was thinking a lot about our past Friday Edit and felt like it was getting in the way of me sharing just one more post with you each week… I just have more to say and share! So I’ve bumped the edit to post on Saturdays and I hope you like it. It will still be a round up of my favorite finds from the week, but hopefully more robust and topical.

In case you missed it, here’s what we shared on the blog this week:

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High Point Market trend: nesting side tables

image source: Bernhardt Furniture.

This post is sponsored by High Point Market. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

During my time at High Point Market, I noticed a few recurring themes or trends. One that really stood out to me was the prevalence of nesting side tables. Whether used for coffee tables, nightstands, or next to a sofa, there were so many instances where this trend was on display. I especially love the idea of nesting side tables for a small space because it affords so many more opportunities! You could break up the grouping if you have guests over and need more surface area — or nest them very closely together to gain more floor space. Some can even double as extra seating. And with so many different styles and aesthetic, it felt like there was an option for everyone in this trend. Here are some of my favorites that I saw while at High Point Market:

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