The Weekend Edit

The weekend edit. Chicken lady with columbian wyandotte hen. #chickenlady #backyardchickens #chicken #hen #wyandotte

Happy long weekend, everyone! It’s funny, as a self-employed person, rarely do I get to participate in traditional days off, but this time I really want to. I’ve been feeling like I need a day off for a while, so I’m just gonna do it. It’s also the one year anniversary of when we got our chickens! Isn’t that nuts? I remember the day, too. I was having a really emotional day because of my leg and Sean turned to me and asked, “Do you want to go get chickens today?” With tears streaming down my face, I nodded and off we went to get them. Now here we are a year later and I am majorly obsessed with the girls. Funny how that happens, right?

In case you missed it, here’s what we shared on the blog this week:

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small space-friendly outdoor furniture

outdoor deck or patio furniture for small spaces. outdoor dining and lounge furniture round up. #smallspaces #outdoordining #outdoor #outdoorfurniture #patiofurniture #deckfurniture #tinyhouse

Finding outdoor furniture for our small patio area in the backyard was such a challenge. We were working with a very limited space and only certain pieces would fit! Thankfully, Stori Modern hooked us up with some gorgeous pieces that were totally perfect (we went with the Graphic collection), but I wanted to share some other chic, small space outdoor furniture options with you in case you’re on the hunt, too. I tried really hard to curate a mix of pricepoints, too because a few of you have passed along that feedback!

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the best houseplants for a small space

This definitely won’t be news to long-time readers: plants are one of my favorite ways to decorate a space — indoors and out! There’s just something about them that make an empty house or apartment feel like a home. For example, when I moved into #mytinybungalow the first thing I brought over was my giant tree! And because I majorly have plants on the brain right now thanks to our complete backyard overhaul, I thought, why not put together some of my best recommendations for styling a variety of plants in a small space? Of course you can use these tips for any size space, but I did put some thought into all the awkward nooks and limited window space of tiny homes.

Check out the list:

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lemon balm and grapefruit shandy recipe

the perfect summer drink, lemon balm and grapefruit shandy recipe! perfect for entertaining on the deck or patio. #recipe #shandy #cocktail #cocktailrecipe

Finishing our backyard is basically like our gateway drug into entertaining soooo much more than ever before in #mytinybungalow. Since completing the renovation, we’ve had dinner outside nearly every night and most of the time we have guests joining us! It’s also feeling wayyy more summery in Seattle — which basically means all I want is to have cut loose, kick back, and have some fun (aka no more work, please). Summer is also just the best time for cocktails, especially a shandy, ya know what I mean? I’ve actually ALWAYS wanted to do a fancy shandy recipe here on the blog and now we finally have one! Meet the lemon balm and grapefruit shandy, your new favorite drink for the impending summer months.

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(even more) home decor highlights from High Point Market

(even more) home decor highlights from High Point Market! Interior design and home decor trends for 2018. @HighPointMarket #DesignBloggersTour #HPMKT #ad

This post is sponsored by High Point Market. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

While attending a major event like High Point Market, it is so easy to get totally overwhelmed. There is just so much to absorb over just a few short and harried days. I finally had time to sift through (over 850) photos I took during Market and wanted to share a few more home decor highlights with you + some notes on why each moment felt important from a design perspective. Let’s get started, shall we? I suggest grabbing a coffee, cuz this is a long post with so much inspiration!

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how I maintain clear skin during a renovation

how I maintain clear skin during a renovation. #skincare #fixerupper #renovation #clearskin #beauty #beautyroutine #skincareroutine #beautyblogger

Fixer upper life, oof. Not only can a renovation project take over your life, but it can take over your face and cause some majorrr breakouts. I know I can’t be the only one that happens to, right? With our most recent makeover, I kept my skincare routine on track and I noticed a major difference, so I figured I would share it with you! Here’s my quick and (fairly) easy routine to maintain clear skin during a renovation.

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