High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour

BIG NEWS on the blog today: I will be part of the High Point Market Design Bloggers tour this spring! @HighPointMarket #DesignBloggersTour #HPMKT #ad

This post is sponsored by High Point Market. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

I have some really exciting news to share with you guys today: I am heading to North Carolina next month participate in the High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour! I am one of ten super-talented designers and influencers chosen to be on this trip and I can barely contain my excitement. If you’re unfamiliar with High Point Market, essentially it is the place to scope out new home decor trends. Think of it as Fashion Week, but for the home decor industry. I’m especially excited because while I was designing product for Anthro (all those years ago), I always wanted to accompany the buyers to High Point, but never got the opportunity… until now!

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small space tips from Donna Garlough

Small space tips from Donna Garlough, author of the new book Your Home Your Style: How to Find Your Look & Create Rooms You Love. #smallspaces #tipsandtricks #interiordesign #homedecor

In celebration of her new book, Your Home Your Style: How to Find Your Look & Create Rooms You Love, I teamed up with the inimitable Donna Garlough for a really fun post today. If you’re unfamiliar with Donna’s work, you’re about to have your mind blown. She is the Style Director for Joss & Main and quite the expert at providing a chic road map to finding and implementing your decorating style. Every time I come across a new design book, I always try to figure out how the tips will translate to a small space — some do, some don’t. Lucky for us though, Donna has shared her top 5 tips for small space living today! Trust me, you guys are gonna want these tips (and they are amazing even if you don’t live in a tiny house!).

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the friday edit

pale pink tulips at the plant nursery

Happy Friday! It really feels like spring is here to stay in Seattle (sorry to all you east coasters who got piles of snow this week) and I could not love it more. I’ve been celebrating by getting our veggie garden going, planning out a bit of a backyard makeover, and even brainstorming ways to finally finish the exterior of the house. This weekend, though, we’ll be celebrating my 33rd birthday so I’m hoping to get away from social media and the internet and just enjoy some time with Sean.

In case you missed it, here’s what we shared on the blog this week:

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the ultimate birthday cake cocktail recipe

The ultimate birthday cake cocktail recipe! #cocktail #recipe #birthdaycake #funfetti

This is truly the first year it’s felt like my birthday has snuck up on me. As a kid, I started the countdown way back in March. Maybe it’s a sign of growing older, but I don’t really do the countdown anymore. Yes, I’ll write the date down on a piece of paper (usually a check to pay a bill!) and realize my birthday is soonish. But this year I’ve been so busy that I haven’t really had that moment. The official day is this Sunday, March 18, so Rocky pulled together a delicious cocktail to celebrate — and it tastes juuuust like a birthday cake!

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Pi Day pie tasting party tablescape

This post is sponsored by Brother. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

For March’s small space entertaining post, I want to change things up a bit. Instead we’re talking about a quirk of mine — my love of Pi Day. It’s not so much that I’m a math nerd — in fact I am quite terrible at math. But it is a day when it’s perfectly acceptable to eat lots and lots of pie, which just happens to be my favorite food. Add in that today is just a few days away from my birthday and well… pie for everyone! Recently I hosted a super-cute pie tasting party at the tiny bungalow so that I could share my favorites with my friends. Thanks to the easy-to-use P-touch Embellish, I was able to custom label the types of pie, making my tablescape even more chic!

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a modern springtime centerpiece with kumquats & quince | DIY

Spring is somewhat of an elusive season here in Seattle. I remember my first March in this city, after moving from North Carolina, and wondering if it would ever warm up. We get days here and there that make you believe it might be happening, where the sun shines bright and the temps rise near 60 degrees for part of the day. And the flowers — the crocuses start pushing their cheery heads out of the ground in late February and trees start budding. My favorite part of PNW spring is that it’s also kumquat season. When I see these little citrus beauties pop up at the flower market, it really feels like spring just might be here. This month, Joanna and I decided that kumquats would be the perfect starting point for our springtime centerpiece. When mixed with flowering quince and three gorgeous pincushion protea, the resulting arrangement feels like a promise that winter is about to end.

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