gift guide 2 / holiday cards

One of my favorite holiday traditions is sending out a bazillion cards and then watching my mailbox fill up with cards from loved ones! Because I send so many, it’s best to get a head start, so I always aim to send out my holiday cards by December 7. That means I’ve got to be on top of things and order my cards right away. Here some that have made it to the top of my list for giving:

  1. Sugar Paper holiday love card
  2. 12 Days card from Paperless Post
  3. Joy to You card from Eggpress
  4. Terrain‘s Chestnuts Roasting card
  5. Bon Noel card from Amelia Presents
  6. Singing Dachshunds card from Kate Spade
  7. Merry card from Ship & Shape
  8. Joyful holidays from Eva B Papergoods