One of my resolutions was to dress better, so I guess we should start from the ground up! This could mean potentially ditching my daily uniform of chucks for something a bit more… grown up. {Full disclosure: I just ordered a brand new pair of chucks to replace my old hole-y ones…} Perhaps an oxford or an appliqued kitten flat? I’m thinking ‘quirky’ and ‘statement’ flat here… Here are some flats I am lusting after:

  1. Trixie from Kate Spade — these are girly and sweetsie, but there is just something about them I love. These could totally dress up a low-cut white T and skinny jeans in that ‘effortless, Blake Lively’ sort of way…
  2. Kitty flat from Urban Outfitters — because I’m a sucker for all things cat-related, let’s be honest here.
  3. Printed canvas oxfords from Gap — so maybe it’s not open-toe weather juuust yet. These are super cute and would bridge the gap until my toesies are ready for warmer climes.
  4. Bow mini wedge from Madewell — these have ‘date night’ written all over them!
  5. Patent and clear oxfords from Shoebacca — I honestly cannot explain why I like these. I just do, ok?