The Week in Review

Stayin’ cool? I have to admit, this heatwave in Philly is majoring kicking my butt. I am just not built for heat like this. It might even keep me away from the beach this weekend, can you imagine?!

It’s been a busy week here at Camp Jojotastic, as I’ve started calling my apartment. Here’s a quick recap of all the goings-on!

Also, of note this week:

  • Anne of the The City Sage is giving away a copy of Furniture Makeovers by Barb Blair. Be sure to enter here!
  • My dear friend Chloe just launched her own blog this week, Click Clack Chloe. I promised her I’d wait to share with you all, but I just couldn’t! She’s a good one to follow, trust me!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. If you’re also in the midst of this heatwave, be sure to keep cool!

Photography by Claire Hudson for Jojotastic.