Wow, it is cold here. The kind of cold that brings tears to your eyes and cuts through your clothes. I’m thinking it’s a flannel sheets kind of night. Noodle is not a fan of this weather at all, especially if it rains, so I splurged on a fancy coat for him. He sort of hates it, but I’m thinking when the snow starts he’ll appreciate it!

mini llama from firefly
Firefly, a super-sweet boutique on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach, sent me this tiny llama. Isn’t he just so perfect? I perched him in my windowsill to keep an eye on things.

washi tape
This week I decided that it was important for me to have an actual desk, so I converted my kitchen table into a bit of a desk… complete with my mountain of washi tape. I might have an obsession.

photos by Jojotastic — follow me on Instagram!