I want to start off by saying people are amazing.

Here’s the back story: I’ve been struggling with not having regular access to a car here in San Francisco, so I decided to ship mine here. Shipping a car across the country can get pretty pricey though. On a lark, I posted to facebook asking if anyone would be interested in driving my car across the country… and within 15 minutes I had about 4 people say they would. WOW. Over the course of 3 days, my friends Danielle and Wil Rivera planned a cross-country adventure, complete with a stop at the world’s largest ball of twine. As of 5 pm last night, they started their journey from Philadelphia to San Francisco. And the best part? They are the incredible photographers behind Danfredo Photography, which means they are going to have some pretty spectacular road trip photos. To follow along on their journey, make sure to follow them on Instagram with the hashtag #dasautogoeswest… not gonna lie, I am pretty jealous of their trip.

photo by Danfredo Photography on Instagram