what to wear // the tropical persuasion

Is it too soon to start thinking about tropical attire? I think not. If you’re anything like me, you’re aching for that warm summer sun to give you a smattering of freckles and natural highlights. I’m lucky enough to be in California where it’s been nice and toasty, but my heart goes out to you east coasters. To jumpstart some spring-time happy thoughts, try injecting a bit of the tropical into your wardrobe with these picks. Think bold and bright prints bursting with fresh fruit and lush leaves, jewels in sorbet tones, and slip-on sneakers trimmed in crisp white. I especially love the idea of mixing the tropical trend with the graphic tee trend, like this Zoe Karssen sweatshirt. Also, not sure about you, but these days I’m feeling a bit pasty, but I think this beach body oil by Bobbi Brown might help cut through the glaze of my pale, pale legs. So… feelin’ more ready for spring?

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