instagram lately…

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know this: I just had the best weekend ever. It all started with a hike with a close friend on Muir Beach. Between scrambling down steep slopes and perching on cliff edges to gawk at the ocean, we had lots of girl talk time, aka the stuff that feeds your soul. Between time spent with a good friend and time spent exploring, I feel totally set for the upcoming week. Noodle tagged along and I was so proud of how well he kept up. He’s really proving to be a great adventure companion for me.

muir beach
muir beach
Sunday was a different story: I spent the day lounging in a park and then doing domestic things around the apartment. Like I said, I find that sort of thing grounding.
I made these strawberry scones for the week’s breakfasts using this recipe from Joy the Baker. You should definitely try out the recipe.

apartment progress //
I’ve also been making (slow) progress on getting the apartment settled. The rug isn’t back from getting cleaned yet, but here’s a sneak peek of my space. I converted a large walk-in closet to be my “bedroom” to save space. This means I actually have the space to dedicate to an office (more on that to come)! Can you tell that I am seriously in love with my apartment?

photos by Jojotastic on Instagram