Unison + Winter Session bag giveaway

I don’t know about you, but it feels like I can never have enough totes. From the grocery store to the farmers market to the beach, a good tote is always handy. My current favorite is this Sailor Beach Tote that is a collaboration between Unison + Winter Session. The bag is made in Denver by Winter Session, using Unison’s custom screen printed canvas. Frankly, this bag is positively huge and, therefore, perfect. When I’m only carrying my essentials (wallet, sunglasses, extra scarf, etc), it compresses really well, but when you need to haul some serious stuff… well, this ginormous tote is awesome. It’s made of super sturdy canvas and stain resistant, making this my go-to bag for spur of the moment adventures. Plus, who doesn’t love bold sailor stripes? For all these reasons, I am really happy to share that I’m giving away a beach tote for one lucky reader!

enter to win this tote from Unison + Winter Session // www.jojotastic.com #giveawayEntering is easy: head over to Instagram to follow both Winter Session, Unison, and Jojotastic. Then leave a comment here saying you did so!

One winner will be chosen at random by Tuesday September 2 at 10:30 am PST. Open to US residents only. Winner will receive one Sailor Beach Tote valued at $125. Good luck!

enter to win this tote from Unison + Winter Session // www.jojotastic.com #giveaway enter to win this tote from Unison + Winter Session // www.jojotastic.com #giveawayphotography by Jojotastic

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  1. 8.27.14
    Annie said:

    Followed all… SUPER OBSESSED WITH THIS BAG!~ <3

  2. 8.27.14
    Annie said:

    Followed… Ready to win this gorgeous bag! hehe

  3. 8.27.14
    Nancy said:

    Following everyone on the IG. Love the nautical style of these bags. Kinda also good to carry my climbing gear ;)

  4. 8.27.14
    Naomi Harris said:

    Followed! Amazing bag!!

  5. 8.27.14
    Amy Marie Ropp said:

    I love this bag! Following…

  6. 8.27.14
    Rebecca Maureen said:

    Followed all three! Many, many walks to the beach to come with this tote! xx

  7. 8.27.14
    Kelsss✨ said:

    Followed all the accounts (: @kelsievanss What a beautiful bag, perfect for carrying books to school, or some groceries from Trader Joes (:

  8. 8.27.14
    Kelley Mayer said:

    Following all (kelleyheartsellies)! I love that bag!! :D

  9. 8.27.14
    Heidi Hunter said:

    Followed!!! I want this bag so bad!!! Love it!!!

  10. 8.27.14
    Nicole Brink Liendo said:

    Followed! Lovely bag :)

  11. 8.27.14
    Julie Dang said:

    Following you guys. Awesome collaboration! Love the tote!

  12. 8.26.14
    Sarah said:

    Followed! i love the stripes

  13. 8.26.14
    Kumary Vasquez said:

    Followed! This tote is so cute! I love the pattern!

  14. 8.26.14
    Alyse Patterson said:

    All followed! Love it :)

  15. 8.26.14
    Bernice said:

    Following! Love the tote!

  16. 8.26.14
    Rebecca said:

    following the accounts ( as @becca_mp )

    Ps. That bag needs a girl like me to take care of it ;) And it would carry my valuable quite well!

  17. 8.26.14
    Rebecca said:


    Ps. That bag needs a girl like me to take care of it ;) And it would carry my valuable quite well!

  18. 8.26.14
    Lauren said:

    I have done so;) (lightninlaur)

  19. 8.26.14
    Madelyn Taylor said:

    Followed! Unison has the best stuff—this tote is no exception.

  20. 8.26.14
    felicia schultz said:


  21. 8.26.14
    lily said:

    Following each :) Love the bag and the design

  22. 8.26.14
    Cate Saraniti said:

    It’s gorgeous and practical! Following/entered

  23. 8.26.14
    mamavalveeta03 said:

    I’m following “all of the above” on Instagram @mamavalveeta03
    I love your pins, btw!

  24. 8.26.14
    Natalie Bailey Smith said:

    Following all 3…love this bag and would love in my life!

  25. 8.26.14
    Kate Warren said:

    Followed!! I have been eyeing this bag for a while now! in love.

  26. 8.26.14
    Itsmenotme said:

    Followed all. Gorgeous bag!!!

  27. 8.26.14
    Itsmenotme said:

    Gorgeous! Followed all!! ❤️❤️

  28. 8.26.14
    Sarah M said:

    Love the bag!!! Happily following both! :-)

  29. 8.26.14
    Annamarie Fernandez said:

    Followed : )

  30. 8.26.14
    Carol said:

    Following! Love the sailor stripes! That crisp, navy pattern has always been a favorite of mine!

  31. 8.26.14
    Tiff Williamson said:

    Done, done and done! (@apettyquarrel) thanks for a great giveaway!

  32. 8.26.14
    Lauren Reardon said:

    Following! I need a new tote!

  33. 8.26.14
    Natalie Vadas said:

    Love the bag! Following and entered! Fingers crossed– I’d love to use this as my weekender!

  34. 8.26.14
    Bruna Schneider said:

    Following!! Love this tote!! :-)

  35. 8.26.14
    Meifu said:

    Followed! (@bluelovely39)

  36. 8.26.14
    Lea Anna said:


  37. 8.26.14
    DesignBreak said:

    Done, done and done. Followed all three!

  38. 8.26.14
    Kelley Hicks said:

    Following y’all. :) that tote is adorable I’m so entered in this give away.

  39. 8.26.14
    Heather Platanias said:

    Lovely bag! Following all accounts (@hplatanias) :-) Thanks for the chance to win this!

  40. 8.26.14
    Kirsten said:

    Followed each! Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful bag!

  41. 8.26.14
    Stephanie Tran said:

    Stripes 4eva! I followed Winter Session, Unison, and Jojotastic at @ohstephaniee.

  42. 8.26.14
    pattayy said:

    Such a cute bag! I’m already following you, I’m now following the other two accounts as well :)

  43. 8.26.14
    Katy Clanton said:

    Lovely bag!!! Following all and loving it!

  44. 8.26.14
    Holly said:

    consider me followed. :-)

  45. 8.26.14
    Alena said:

    I followed all three (@alenajohoff) ! In love with this tote; I definitely need one like this in my life!

  46. 8.26.14
    Dee said:

    There’s something about an oversized tote bag that always calls to me! This is a collab well done. I followed all of the accounts on Instagram (as @Wallace_Dee).

  47. 8.26.14

    Followed! Love the shape, size and stripes!!

  48. 8.26.14
    Fabiana Choi said:

    This bag is too perfect for every occasion no matter what part of life you are in! following + loving it all. xx

  49. 8.26.14
    Vivien Mo said:

    Followed!! Loving the textures in the photos :-)

  50. 8.26.14
    Mavelli Jimenez said:

    Its a beautiful perfect bag :-) Following you guys/entered!