a letter to noodle // one year later

It’s been exactly one year since I adopted my tiny little dachshund, Noodle, and I felt like it’s only fitting for me to write about just how awesome it’s been.

To my dearest Noodie boy,
Happy adoption day! I’ve learned so much from you over this past year. Before you came into my life, I had no idea I could snuggle this much, stay in bed this late, and work so many hours with a 17-pound lump on my lap. You’ve taught me to be patient with your stubborn, stubborn ways, whether it’s putting on the brakes to sniff another dog’s ass, eating every bit of garbage on the street, or barking incessantly. It’s true, I’ve learned patience from you and I’m grateful for that in a weird way. Thank you for all of the sweet midnight cuddle sessions, for keeping me safe from running children in hats, and for always loving me. I can’t wait to see where we go next. Mama loves you, you strange, little wiener.

a letter to noodle // one year laterIf you can’t already tell, I absolutely recommend adopting pets. The love and value they add to your life cannot be described. Noodle came from an incredible organization in Philly called Operation Ava, but there are tons of amazing shelters across the states.

a letter to noodle // one year latera letter to noodle // one year laterphotography by Danfredo Photography.
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