all ears // september

Always on the lookout for more ways to make this blog more meaningful and personal, I decided to start a new series entitled All Ears. Basically, I want to share a playlist every month with you that sort of… encompasses what I’m feeling, what the season calls to mind, even the songs that get me out of bed in the morning or make me shake my ass.

This month, I’ve got this yearning for comfort, peace, and tranquility. I’ve just come off of a nutso month and I feel these intense nesting urges deeper than ever before. We all know I’ve been contemplating the meaning of home a lot these days, so it’s clear that I’m feeling very wistful and reflective. Couple that with the changing of seasons and this is the playlist. Oh, and be sure to crank it around 4:38 on the second song. It’s good, I swear.

You can play via this widget or add the playlist via Spotify:

image via instagram