the amazing candy packaging of Holland

If one thing blew me away while in Amsterdam it was the candy: the selection, the flavors, the packaging. Everything was just so perfect and ready to take home in my checked bag. Not joking, I brought back approximately 20 bars of chocolate alone. Here are some of the most gorgeous of my stash.

the amazing candy packaging of Holland - gorgeous & delicious chocolates from Tony'sLet’s start with chocolate, shall we? Tony’s Chocolonely was ubiquitous throughout my travels — and totally hard to miss with this gorgeously bold packaging. The quality of chocolate is fantastic (and ethically farmed and produced), but what I really love is how special the bars are. The shape of each piece is totally irregular and the combinations are perfectly balanced.

the amazing candy packaging of Holland - gorgeous & delicious chocolates from Tony's the amazing candy packaging of Holland - fun chocolate hipposWhen I saw these milk chocolate hippos from Barú, I had to have them. Filled with almond and pecan praline, they are both delicious and cute.

the amazing candy packaging of Holland - cute and colorful hard candyUgh, hard candy — such a guilty pleasure. See those gridded ones? They are the most mouthwatering butterscotch I’ve ever tasted. I avoided the black ones though — I’m not such a fan of black licorice, but the Dutch seem to love it. And the round ones seem to be rolled in something very tart, but become super sweet towards the middle.

the amazing candy packaging of HollandOk, I tried to understand these Pastilles de Leone, but just could not. I dug into them once I got home and was less than thrilled by the chalky texture and weirdly dry flavor. But hey, that packaging is so beautiful, don’t you think?

the amazing candy packaging of Holland - wine gums!I saved the best for last… wine gums! For those not in the know, these are my most favorite gummy candy. They are a bit firmer that typical gummies and the flavors are totally unique (black currant is the best). I’m unclear on if they all still contain a small amount of booze or not, but traditionally they had the names of drinks impressed on them such as port, champagne, and gin. I used to have a British coworker and every time she went home, she’d bring back bags and bags of these treats. I developed a love of them long ago and now any time I can find them, I practically hoard ’em.

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