how to be a good guest

What a whirlwind this week has been… and it’s only Tuesday! I am frantically packing presents on top of sweaters, snow boots, and mittens in preparation for 3 weeks on the east coast. Recently, Humin interviewed me and asked me my top tips on how to be a good guest.

how to be a good guest how to be a good guestMy mom always told me the key to being a good guest is to make sure you bring a gift for the hostess. This advice has always stuck with me, so I try to make the hostess gift as special as possible. Something I love to do is bring fresh flowers or something green for the hostess. During the holidays, something festive is the obvious option.

I chose to make swag at Ampersand for a hostess because it felt sort of… old time-y and totally unexpected. I love that aspect of swag, where it feels historical and very traditional, but now has a modern, fresh approach.

how to be a good guest how to be a good guestBe sure to head over to Humin for some more of my tips, as well as a few of my favorite holiday traditions!

how to be a good guestphotography by Ashley Batz