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Moving is really the ultimate time to purge anything that isn’t working for you. Before I left San Francisco, I decided it was silly to bring my old mattress with me, I’d simply upgrade to a new one when I arrived in Seattle… that was until I realized the absurd malarky that is mattress shopping. The entire mattress store experience was totally daunting and I left feeling way more confused than before I entered. Why are there so many features now?? It was not a good scene and I was in a pinch (the kind of pinch that includes an air mattress on the floor of an empty apartment). Then a friend suggested I look into Tuft & Needle. I was kind of shocked to learn that they are actually the makers of the highest rated mattress on Amazon. They were kind enough to send one my way to test out and I’m here to tell you: if you’re in the market for a mattress, the Tuft & Needle mattress should be at the top of your list.

tuft & needle mattress review + enter to win one of your own! #giveaway www.jojotastic.com tuft & needle mattress review + enter to win one of your own! #giveaway www.jojotastic.comThe mattress arrived in a way-smaller box than I imagined. Turns out they have it vacuumed-sealed for shipping, making it way easier to get the mattress to you. For me, this meant that I was able to set up my mattress all by myself, something that’s really important for us single ladies. Once I cut the wrapping, it immediately inflated to normal mattress proportions, kinda like magic.

tuft & needle mattress review + enter to win one of your own! #giveaway www.jojotastic.comI love the mattress so much that I wanted to share the experience with one lucky reader!

Enter below for 7 chances to win. One winner will be chosen at random by Tuesday April 14 at 10:30 am PST. Open to US residents only. Winner will receive 1 mattress in any size, valued up to $750. Good luck!

Tuft & Needle giveaway

tuft & needle mattress review + enter to win one of your own! #giveaway www.jojotastic.comWhat I found most interesting after my mattress shopping experience was how all of of the added ‘features’ simply served as an excuse to jack up the price. I don’t really need ‘cooling technology’ or fancy springs that will require flipping every few months. And that doesn’t even cover the ridiculous clauses in the warranties. For example, I found that most warranties won’t cover your mattress if you don’t use an ‘approved’ base, so either one of their own box springs (read: added cost) or randomly dictated rules for your bed base. Instead, Tuft & Needle gives you a 30 night trial and a 10 year limited warranty, something that definitely helped me sleep better at night. Another of the biggest selling points is the price: a queen goes for $600, so you can be comfortable without breaking the bank. Honestly, this feels like the future of mattress shopping and I hope more people catch on. tuft & needle mattress review + enter to win one of your own! #giveaway www.jojotastic.comClearly, I’m not the only one who loves the new mattress…tuft & needle mattress review + enter to win one of your own! #giveaway www.jojotastic.comThis post is a partnership with Tuft & Needle. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

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  1. 4.13.15
    Kayla Williams Roussel said:

    After sharing with two little ones my husband and i REALLY need a new mattress ahhh best giveaway ever!!!

  2. 4.11.15
    cunites said:

    I got a Tuft and Needle queen sized mattress, I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I first unpacked it because all the reviews said it was very firm, but mine is pretty mushy. To be honest, I probably would have returned it, but I live overseas and had it shipped with the rest of my household goods without being able to try it. After having it for about a month, I’ve come around a bit since I have been sleeping really well, though I’m not sure I would repurchase it or suggest it to others.

    I don’t like it as much for reading in bed because I feel like I sink in too much when I sit up. I find myself sleeping in the middle since the edges kind of cave and it is firmer in the center. I am currently single, and have yet to test it out with another person so I’m not sure how it would be for, uh, other bed related activities.

    • 4.11.15
      cunites said:

      Oh, I should also mention that my 2 dachshunds seem to vastly prefer it over the crappy mattress that came with my rental apartment that we were on for a while– they’ve been sleeping later and no longer waking me up before the alarm!

  3. 4.9.15
    Liz Terwelp said:

    My husband and I have a Tuft and Needle mattress and we LOVE it! It’s so cheap compared to the memory foam mattresses, but way more comfortable, and it isn’t hot! We don’t even notice when the other person moves or gets out of bed!

  4. 4.8.15

    Nice! I’ve heard some really great things about T&N and really have been considering purchasing one since our mattress is the one my husband slept on in high school (eek!) so yeah, it’s only 15 years old.
    Glad you hear you like it. I’ll cross my fingers & toes. Your place is coming along nicely!

  5. 4.8.15
    Carolyn Torgersen said:

    I have seen Tuft & Needle promoted before and thought it was an awesome idea, but now that I am in the market for a new mattress, it seems like kismet:)

  6. 4.7.15
    Sarah Miller said:

    ohmygosh now would be a perfect time to win this mattress! Hubby has been having some back pain lately that I think a new mattress might solve, but no money for one : Anyway, hope you continue to like your new mattress! We spend so much time with them, you can’t afford to be dissatisfied!

  7. 4.7.15
    Shelby StPierre said:

    Love this! I hope I win. It would help a lot for my new apartment next year :)

  8. 4.7.15

    I should disclose some of the rooms have no ceilings either.

    • 4.7.15
      joanna said:

      this might be my most favorite comment i’ve ever received.

  9. 4.7.15

    I NEED THAT! We have five bedrooms on the third floor that are not used cause we have no beds.

  10. 4.7.15
    Dee said:

    Talk about perfect timing. I just got a similar Ikea bed and need a new mattress. Definitely looking into this company, even if I don’t win (although my fingers are tightly crossed that I do). Thanks for sharing!

    • 4.7.15
      joanna said:

      good luck and thanks for entering!

  11. 4.7.15
    Jackie Starker said:

    Love this giveaway! Fingers crossed, I could really use a new mattress to help my poor back. Can I ask where your white bedside table is from? Looks like it has lots of great storage!

  12. 4.7.15
    Gabrielle Dolceamore said:

    Fingers crossed! Moving in with my man in June and we are planning to upgrade to a queen–bc that’s what grown ups do! Would love a Tuft & Needle mattress, but I will just buy one if I don’t win. As a protest ;)

    • 4.7.15
      joanna said:

      oooo your man, huh? even if you don’t win, you should definitely get one. i luuurve mine.