DIY // Succulent Hairpins

A well-placed accessory has turned many a bad hair day or messy up-do into a style statement. It’s my go-to for busy mornings or uncooperative buns when I just need a little extra somethin somethin to complete the look. Instead of wearing mass-produced flower headbands and festival-fashion in your hair, try classing things up with this easy succulent hairpin DIY!

DIY // succulent hair pins



Start by removing one of the succulents from the bunch by just pulling gently until it pops off, as pictured below, then trim the stem down to size, leaving about a quarter of an inch at the base. Next you’ll need a sharp object to make a hole with — I used a soldering pick, but you could use an embroidery needle or anything sharp enough to puncture the plastic stem.

diy // succulent hair pins

Next, straighten a section of floral wire and cut off a small piece. Gently guide the wire through the hole you made in the base of the plastic succulent and then string on one hair pin. Use your round-nose pliers to wrap the wire around and through the pin until it’s firmly secured then cut the excess with your side-cutter pliers.

diy // succulent hair pins

Finish with just a touch of gold on the tips of each succulent. Get creative: Try some other colors like light pink or metallic silver for a different take to match your personal style!

diy // succulent hair pins

I love how Joanna pinned her gorgeous blonde hair to the side with one of the gold-tipped echeveria and maroon succulents! So pretty for a sunny afternoon.

diy // succulent hair pins

Adding these to your stash favorite accessories is a great way to freshen up your look for the end of summer. You could style them with your favorite floral romper for an adorable day look or hop into a LBD for night with a spiky echeveria to top it off.

diy // succulent hairpins

Project and styling by Gwen McKenzie for Jojotastic.

Photography by Meghan Klein