DIY // drawer pulls with HP Sprout 3D technology

When it comes to natural ephemera, I’m a bit of a hoarder. We’re talking rocks, driftwood, bits of seaglass… anything that catches my eye during one of my many beach walks and hikes. I have jars and jars of these treasures, but they haven’t ever served a purpose in my life other than collecting dust. Well, that’s until now — today I’ve partnered with HP to share how to transform your special pieces of ephemera into functional drawer pulls for your home!

DIY // drawer pulls with @HP Sprout 3D technology #gomakethings #sproutbyHP

My love for the creative possibilities of the HP Sprout is well-documented, but recently the computer was updated with a totally new technology: 3D scanning! With the help of a new 3D turnable, it’s really easy to use the Sprout’s integrated scanner to capture something from the real world and give it new life. The 3D scanner is pretty amazing and super easy to use. It guides you through each step of scanning and then gives you a digital file that is ready to print. The first time I saw it in action, my jaw literally dropped (more about that here).

DIY // drawer pulls with @HP Sprout 3D technology #gomakethings #sproutbyHP DIY // drawer pulls with @HP Sprout 3D technology #gomakethings #sproutbyHP

During a stroll on the beach, I picked up a few rocks. I tend to look for ones that are smooth and perfect for skipping… but instead I like to stack them, an activity that I find oddly soothly. Armed with the HP Sprout and a 3D printer, I decided to put my findings to use good by 3D scanning them and turning them into drawer pulls — the perfect way to keep reliving my outdoor adventures even from home.

DIY // drawer pulls with @HP Sprout 3D technology #gomakethings #sproutbyHP

Once each piece is printed, simply spray paint with your color choice and use strong glue to affix to a simple drawer pull from your local hardware store. I used mine to spruce up a boring white media center, but these pieces would be awesome for kitchen cabinets, too.

For even more inspiration and projects with the HP Sprout, be sure to check out the Sprout Creator Gallery. And you can shop for your own Sprout here.

DIY // drawer pulls with @HP Sprout 3D technology #gomakethings #sproutbyHP

Video by Toryan DixonPhotography by Gwen McKenzie for Jojotastic.

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