a little extra grace // tonight’s forecast

October’s download captures my mood exactly. There will be wine tonight.

Maybe I’m in the mood for a glass of red because I recently purchased my first sofa and it’s taking all my willpower not to cuddle up with a blanket and a good movie. Or maybe it’s the milder temperatures I’ve been enjoying in Austin over the past few days. Deep down I know that I just need to slow down and not think for a few hours (editor’s note: yes, please).

jojotastic - a little extra grace - tonights forecast1jpgThe glorification of being busy never stops. I’m guilty of constantly feeling like there is something I need to be doing, whether it’s working on a project with a near deadline, catching up with friends, or cleaning the apartment for my own sanity. We often fill our calendars with more responsibilities only to feel exhausted. Why? We would all be more content if we choose to say, “no” more often to the items on the calendar that drained our joy, and instead choose to use our time doing the things fill us with joy.

When you choose to use your energy for the things that matter, you are taking control over where you go and what you do. Only you will feel the sense of peace that comes when being mindful of your time and energy.

I’d like to prompt you to schedule a block of time for yourself to rest and enjoy yourself in whichever way you see fit. You may soak in a long bath, take yourself for a quiet coffee date to journal (my personal favorite), enjoy a glass of wine with your favorite tv show, or invite someone you care about over to share a bottle of wine. No iPhones, no instagramming, just you and some peaceful thoughts.

To remind you to take these few seconds to slow down and enjoy yourself with a glass (or two.. no one is keeping count) of wine, I’ve made you this new wallpaper!

jojotastic - a little extra grace - tonights forecast3


Instructions to download:

  • Click this link.
  • Save the image.
  • Find the image in your photo library.
  • Set it to be your desktop image. Then go enjoy your rest!

This download was made with Higgins Eternal black ink and a 2 round paint brush.

Photography by Bruce Layman and Colore’ Grace for Jojotastic.

Please note: these designs are for personal use only and not for any commercial purposes. All copyright of these images is retained by Colore’ Lincoln.

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