crystal inspired jewelry from Third Eye Assembly

While I adore the the matte pink of raw rose quartz and jagged black edges of tourmaline, incorporating crystals into my personal style has always been a challenge. There’s no denying that these gorgeous minerals are having a moment, but I’m just not the type to wear a chunky crystal pendant. Enter Third Eye Assembly.

The Lattice Series is inspired by the aesthetics of crystals and based on the science of mineralogy. Each piece is meant to emulate the beauty of mineral specimens, embracing the use of facets and texture to mirror the shape and lustre of various minerals. The result is a gorgeous line of thoughtfully made pieces that go with a sleek and modern look, while still referencing the jagged beauty of nature.

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The organic metal forms are just so cool. Each taking shape from gold, silver, brass plus a combination of patinas and alloys for unique shades. The black metal is known as ‘stealth sterling’ and made using a jewelry patina to speed up the natural oxidation process of silver. Then there are some stunning cuffs made from Shibuichu, an ancient Japanese sword making alloy composed of sterling silver and copper.

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What really takes the Lattice Series to another level is the option to inset pieces with carefully selected gem stones. There’s everything from pink tourmaline and smoky quartz to rubies, sapphires and even diamonds. All chosen by hand and inset for a flush, subtle sparkle that works perfectly for a unisex jewelry collection.

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I love how the line explores different styles of adornment in interesting ways, from adding a clasp closure to a cuff bracelet design to making a chain from 108 hand-carved beads, the same as the traditional “Mala Chain” prayer bead count.

Each of the beads are handmade with brass and natural ebony wood, then uniquely arranged to aid in communicating thoughts with common sense and insight… and here at Jojotastic, we can use the much of that as we can get – especially when it comes in gorgeous, necklace form.

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images via Third Eye Assembly