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This post in and of itself is sort of a momentous occasion for me. You see, it’s my first Christmas tree as an adult. This is the first time I’ve ever had my own tree, in my own home… and I’ll be gathering around it on Christmas morning, coffee in hand. This year, I made the decision to stay in Seattle rather than flying back to Maryland. It was a tough call, but it feels really right. After all, Seattle is actually my home and I’m over the moon to finally be back in this gorgeous city.

neutral boho christmas decor //

I reached out to the kind folks at Lowe’s to help me put together my dream tree, with the concept of ‘neutral bohemian vibes’ in mind. Selecting a tree and ornaments felt like an investment — both in the aesthetic of my home during the holidays, but also in the future of my decorating for the holidays. I wanted to pick pieces that hand legs, stuff I could bring out year after year, all the while adding more special ornaments to the mix.

I wanted the tree itself to be rather tall to take advantage of my 12′ ceilings. I opted for a pre-lit artificial tree mostly for environmental reasons, but also to keep this tradition alive year after year. I have to say, I miss that fresh pine needle smell, but thankfully I get a lot of that when I go hiking outside of Seattle so I think I’m all set.

neutral boho christmas decor // neutral boho christmas decor //

Simple glass ball ornaments are a long time favorite of mine, so I picked out 4 different colors: matte cream, matte copper, matte champagne, and matte peacock teal. This shade is rapidly becoming my favorite of the season, so it felt right to incorporate it into my tree. Also, instead of using simple metal hooks to hold the ornaments, I tied on a loop of natural twine to give the ornaments a softer, more boho look.

I went for a traditional faceted tree topper and just kept it simple.

neutral boho christmas decor // jojotastic.comneutral boho christmas decor //

I also didn’t have a ton of space for a big tree skirt, so instead I picked up a really inexpensive canvas dropcloth and used that instead. I love how it makes the tree feel less fancy. I have no idea when I’ll have time for Christmas shopping, but hopefully some cute little gifts will be popping up under there soon!

neutral boho christmas decor // neutral boho christmas decor //

Lastly, I spruced up the barcart with a bit of garland, some over-sized lights, and sparkly trees.

neutral boho christmas decor //

So there she is, my first adult Christmas tree. What do you think?

neutral boho christmas decor //

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