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Happy weekend, you guys! I’m writing this from the plane cuz I’m on my way to Miami. It’s my bff’s bachelorette party, meaning that 8 of us are convening in Miami for some sun, drinks, and girl time. It’s kinda crazy to admit it, but this is my first bachelorette party and my first time visiting Miami… and I’ve never traveling with 7 other women before. Adventures all around! I’ve been mentally preparing myself by watching this. Juuuust kidding.

I didn’t really feel that prepared for this trip. Stuff’s been super hectic between the endless fixer upper projects and launching the site redesign, plus lots of photoshoots. I feel like there’s something in the air lately that’s been weighing on me, sort of like this nagging sense of anxiety that I’m forgetting to do something. There’s just so much to be done right now that it barely feels like I can keep up. To be honest, the timing of this trip feels both good and bad. Bad because I have a lot of loose ends, but also good because it will allow me to hopefully step away and gain some perspective — then come back to my projects with a fresh mind. We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, I’ll be working my on my tan (read: waiting for my freckles to merge into one giant freckle that resembles a tan).

TRAVEL TIME! I'm heading to Miami for the weekend + packing these style essentials. Plus, I would love your tips! leave 'em in the comments on

A few of my essentials I’m taking with me…

Anyways… I’d love suggestions on what to see, do, and eat while in Miami! Pretty sure the other girls have everything planned out, but I’d still love some tips. Leave ’em below in the comments!

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  1. 4.29.16
    JetKat Photo said:

    i used to live in key biscayne. it’s a sweet little island… easy going and super relaxing. all my elementary school day hangouts are probably gone or don’t live up to grown-up tastes!! like i always got a snickers bar at the 7-11 after my soccer games and we always at the donut gallery on saturday mornings. probably go check out the lighthouse. safe and fun travel wishes!! xoxo

    • 5.2.16
      joanna said:

      oh man, i wish we could have gone there! we mostly just napped on the beach ;) next time though!