House of Hipsters + Jojotastic DesignOff with Decorist, Part 2

It's part 2 of my living room @decorist DesignOff with @HouseofHipsters + @Jojotastic! Check out the two moodboards from my interior designer and help me select a design plan! Weigh in on

Ok, you guys… I need your help. Remember when we kicked off the DesignOff with Decorist and House of Hipsters? Well, today I have the 2 official design plans from designer Jessica McCarthy and I need your help picking which one to select! I’ve never worked with an interior designer before, so to see such a strong vision for my space is (simply put) awesome. I’ve really struggled with even picking a paint color, much less curtains or rugs, so these moodboards from Jessica are hugely helpful.

Oh, AND Jessica got really ambitious and decided to tackle my miniature dining room, too! Truth be told, the two spaces open up into each other so much that it makes a lot of sense to do them at the same time… and gives us the opportunity to make a statement with a POP wall. Here’s how Jessica has described each of the looks:

It's part 2 of my living room @decorist DesignOff with @HouseofHipsters + @Jojotastic! Check out the two moodboards from my interior designer and help me select a design plan! Weigh in on

Option 1 — Layered Navy Boho

For this first option, we paint the dining room a deep navy, I love the idea of a navy with a more gray undertone to really add as much depth as possible to the space. I think navy if it is less on the blue side can actually act as a neutral. With your dining room leading into your living room, our overall goal is to create a cohesive look throughout the entire space. Your dining room is grounded with a blue and white tie dye rug with a white round table and simple black cafe chairs. We can play up these chairs with sheepskins or pillows, but overall the space leaves room for an art wall and more accessories! For your fixture, I know the ceiling is on the lower side, so it was important that we sourced the perfect pendant. I love the way this lighting fixture has an exposed bulb and pulls in brass (our material of choice). A really cool vintage runner was another goal when sourcing for this design. I wanted something that broke up your space into three sections — an office, living room and dining room. Having three different carpets does this. We will paint the remaining space white to create a clean and airy look, which allows room for layering in lots of additional pattern and pops of color. To stay consistent with the white walls, crisp white linen drapes with brass hardware will keep the space looking fresh and won’t weigh it down. New pillows adorn your existing sofa, as well as a super comfy moroccan rug and leather pouf for a little extra seating, plus every room craves texture from leather. Lots of plants and art will finish off this space beautifully!

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It's part 2 of my living room @decorist DesignOff with @HouseofHipsters + @Jojotastic! Check out the two moodboards from my interior designer and help me select a design plan! Weigh in on

Option 2 — Moody Moroccan

For your second option, we continue with the same color scheme as the first but, add much more daring patterns. The dining room back wall will be wallpapered in this stunning marbled Rebecca Atwood navy wallpaper. Because this wallpaper is so bold, I chose a really neutral jute rug, simple marble tulip table, and black chairs. We can always layer a second rug over the jute. I love jute because it is super affordable and durable for high traffic areas. The black chairs pull in the black accents from your doors, desk chair, and lounge chair, creating consistency throughout the space. Once again, a vintage runner separates all three spaces and adds some individuality. Vintage is my trademark, I think every space deserves a piece that tells a story and has a history. Just as the first concept, your living area will be painted white, white linen drapes with brass hardware will go up, and new pillows will freshen up your existing sofa. I also sourced some new hardware for your doors, which makes all the difference in a space. My favorite part of this concept is the Moroccan rug with a muted pattern. Orange and navy are a stunning combination, I love the way that this space comes together!

So here’s where I need help: which concept do you like best?? Let me know down in the comments, pleeeease!

Also, be sure to head to House of Hipsters to see Kyla’s two design plans — I bet she’d love if you weigh in, too.

Top image photography by Jojotastic.

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