My Broken Leg Survival Kit (or Other Injury)

have a broken leg or other injury that requires bed rest? this is the ultimate survival kit for coping! get the full list on

Oh, broken leg life… I would never wish this on anyone! It’s not just the pain or discomfort that (for lack of a better work) sucks — it’s the boredom! I’ve learned quite a bit in the past 6 weeks and wanted to share with you guys my ‘survival kit’ of sorts that has helped me deal with this. I figured even if you don’t have a broken leg, but have another injury or if you need bedrest, these items will definitely help!

  1. Mahabis slippers — I really like these because the sole is extra grippy for when I’m crutching around and help me prevent falling again. They’re pretty damn cute, too.
  2. Mederma — if you’re like me and had surgery, this is a must to help scars heal. I’m really blown away by how quickly I’ve noticed a difference.
  3. jersey dress — putting on pants is really difficult, so these days I’m living in dresses. My favorite is this one from Madewell.
  4. Port and Polish pill box — definitely the cutest way to organize your medications. Hat tip to Door Sixteen for sharing.
  5. Kindle — I’ve been reading SO much, especially on my Kindle since it’s hard for me to go to the bookstore to get new ones.
  6. cleansing wipes — washing my face is difficult because I can’t stand over the sink very well. These wipes have been the perfect solution.
  7. dry shampoo — the easiest way to keep my hair looking clean because showering can be really difficult, too.
  8. a puzzle — my good friends sent me a puzzle and it definitely kept me occupied for a while!
  9. ice pack — I ordered a few of these so that I always have something cold to put on my leg when it bothers me.
  10. a fanny pack — it’s basically impossible to carry anything when I’m using my crutches, so a fanny pack is definitely essential.
  11. a fancy leg pillow — this thing has been a LIFESAVER. It’s the only way I can get comfortable enough to sleep. I’m so serious, if you’ve broken your leg, this pillow is amazing.

And a few other suggestions:

What else can you recommend?

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  1. 6.23.17
    Lea Anna said:

    E-books and e-audiobooks from the library are great too!

    • 6.26.17
      joanna said:

      oh, great idea!! thanks for sharing :)

  2. 6.22.17
    hithaonthego said:

    Not gonna lie – ordered that pill box immediately after seeing it on your Insta Stories.

    • 6.22.17
      joanna said:

      right?? isn’t it SO good?? did you get the pink?