Last-Minute Amazon Prime Gifts | Gift Guide

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So, how’s your holiday shopping going? If you’re anything like Joanna, you’ve waited until the last moment. We all do it though… we leave those harder people to shop for on our holiday list until the very last minute. But fear not, my friends! I curated this list of last-minute Amazon Prime gifts. The list includes some really special and thoughtful gifts to help you check everyone off your list in style. From a cheese and wine picnic basket for the adventurous friend to a super-luxe tote for the more fashion-inclined sister, this is the perfect guide to help you ASAP. We hope you love it!

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13 Last-Minute Handmade Gift Ideas

13 Last-Minute Handmade Gift Ideas! Get the full tutorial at #giftguide #handmadegifts #DIYgifts #christmasgifts #giftideas #diy

I don’t know about you, but I’m nowhere near being finished with my holiday shopping. There’s still so much to do! One way that I try to save time (and money) during the holidays, while also adding a personal touch, is by making a handmade gift. We share so many DIYs each month here on the blog, that I thought it would be helpful to round up some favorites. This list includes some of our most popular tutorials and has tons of awesome handmade gift ideas for all the procrastinators out there.

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Once in a Lifetime Gifts | Gift Guide 2018

This isn’t a normal gift guide… nope, not at all. Instead, today’s post is dedicated to once in a lifetime gifts, the type of presents that are so memorable and special that nothing will top them. Admittedly, most of these gifts are a higher price point because they are just that dang amazing. But if you’re looking for an epic gift to surprise someone this holiday season… well, this gift guide is for you!

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Gifts for Small Spaces & Tiny Homes | Gift Guide

Functional and Stylish Small Spaces and Tiny Homes Gift Ideas, Gift Guide for Christmas & Holidays 2018 via #giftguide #giftidea #giftgiving #gifts #presents #christmaspresents #christmasgiftideas #christmasgift #smallspaces #tinyhome #tinyhouse #smallspace #apartment #functionalgifts

Admittedly, I needed a little  bit of a break from curating gift guides. You see, I’m a perfectionist and when I can’t do something well, I don’t want to do it at all. I put a lot of work into pulling the best gift ideas for each category and sometimes… well, I just needed a break! But I’m back at it and today’s guide is all about a topic near and dear to my heart: gifts for small spaces. These suggestions have nothing but stylish functionality to them. Also, they will definitely make living in a small apartment or home way easier without adding to the clutter.

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Gift Guide | Coffee Gift Ideas

Coffee Gift Ideas, Gift Guide for Christmas & Holidays 2018 via #giftguide #giftidea #giftgiving #gifts #presents #christmaspresents #christmasgiftideas #christmasgift #homecook #cookinggifts #hostessgifts #coffeesnob #coffeegifts

Today’s guide to coffee gift ideas is dedicated to my good friend Becca Luna. Not only does she have exquisite taste and fab personal style, but she knows her stuff when it comes to coffee. Meanwhile, I’m happiest with a cup of cheap dinner coffee! But when our kitchen is finished, I’m excited to try my hand at espresso drinks (and art??) and maybe even perfecting my pour over skills.

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Chicken Lady Gift Ideas | Gift Guide

Gift Ideas for the Chicken Lady, Gift Guide for Christmas & Holidays 2018 via #giftguide #giftidea #giftgiving #gifts #presents #christmaspresents #christmasgiftideas #christmasgift #chickens #backyardchickens #chickenlady #fancychickens #eggs

Honestly, I should have shared a chicken lady gift guide last year, but the thought didn’t occur to me! Now that I’ve befriend Kate from Drinking With Chickens (hopefully not against her will), it felt appropriate to curate a gift guide with her in mind. After all, she’s answered countless texts and Instagram videos from me about all the weird crap my chickens get up to… The least I could do is dedicate a gift guide to all the chicken ladies out there. Oh, and maybe include a shameless plug for her newly launched shop!

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Zero Waste Gift Ideas for the Eco-Conscious | Gift Guide

A few weeks ago, I asked on Instagram about the types of gift guides that you’d find most helpful. So many people surprised me by asking for eco-friendly, zero waste gift ideas! Clearly, I needed to curate some awesome gifts that can either encourage someone to try going waste-free or for someone already on that path. I hate to say it, but living green is such a trend right now. There were tons of great gift ideas out there. Let’s hope that everyone continues to examine their impact on the environment and how to improve our current climate situation!

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