Gift Guide | Coffee Gift Ideas

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Today’s guide to coffee gift ideas is dedicated to my good friend Becca Luna. Not only does she have exquisite taste and fab personal style, but she knows her stuff when it comes to coffee. Meanwhile, I’m happiest with a cup of cheap dinner coffee! But when our kitchen is finished, I’m excited to try my hand at espresso drinks (and art??) and maybe even perfecting my pour over skills.

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Chicken Lady Gift Ideas | Gift Guide

Gift Ideas for the Chicken Lady, Gift Guide for Christmas & Holidays 2018 via #giftguide #giftidea #giftgiving #gifts #presents #christmaspresents #christmasgiftideas #christmasgift #chickens #backyardchickens #chickenlady #fancychickens #eggs

Honestly, I should have shared a chicken lady gift guide last year, but the thought didn’t occur to me! Now that I’ve befriend Kate from Drinking With Chickens (hopefully not against her will), it felt appropriate to curate a gift guide with her in mind. After all, she’s answered countless texts and Instagram videos from me about all the weird crap my chickens get up to… The least I could do is dedicate a gift guide to all the chicken ladies out there. Oh, and maybe include a shameless plug for her newly launched shop!

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Zero Waste Gift Ideas for the Eco-Conscious | Gift Guide

A few weeks ago, I asked on Instagram about the types of gift guides that you’d find most helpful. So many people surprised me by asking for eco-friendly, zero waste gift ideas! Clearly, I needed to curate some awesome gifts that can either encourage someone to try going waste-free or for someone already on that path. I hate to say it, but living green is such a trend right now. There were tons of great gift ideas out there. Let’s hope that everyone continues to examine their impact on the environment and how to improve our current climate situation!

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Gift Guide | Great Gifts for the Outdoorsy Guy

Outdoorsy Guy Gift Ideas, Gift Guide for Christmas & Holidays 2018 via #giftguide #giftidea #giftgiving #gifts #presents #christmaspresents #christmasgiftideas #christmasgift #outdoorsy #mensgifts #forhim #giftsforhusband #giftsforbrother #giftsfordad #giftsformen

Every year that I curate a men’s gift guide, I pretty much only have Sean in mind. He’s a no frills, no fuss, outdoorsy guy so I like to make sure that any gifts I round up are something I’d proudly give him during the holidays. I also make sure that this list includes options that could work for any man in your life. From brother to dad to husband, this list of outdoorsy guy gift ideas should have you covered!

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Gift Guide: Beauty and Skincare Gift Ideas

Beauty and Skincare Gift Ideas, Gift Guide for Christmas & Holidays 2018 via #giftguide #giftidea #giftgiving #gifts #presents #christmaspresents #christmasgiftideas #christmasgift #skincare #wellness #beauty #skincaregifts #beautygifts #beautybuff

You all know by now that I have a major soft spot in my heart for beauty and skincare. It’s basically the one self-care thing that I can commit to on a consistent basis (although, I’m working on that). I feel like makeup is a really personal item, so I didn’t include much of that in this gift guide. Instead, it’s focused on anything beauty-related and tools to make a solid skincare routine easier and more fun. Today’s gift guide is all about taking the guess work out of finding the ultimate gift for the beauty buff in your life. I rounded up some amazing beauty and skincare gift ideas in a variety of price points and styles to make your shopping easier. Happy shopping!

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Gift Guide: The Home Cook

Home Cook Gift Ideas, Gift Guide for Christmas & Holidays 2018 via #giftguide #giftidea #giftgiving #gifts #presents #christmaspresents #christmasgiftideas #christmasgift #homecook #cookinggifts #hostessgifts

Do you ever get caught up on finding the perfect gift for your favorite host? Maybe your friend is moving into a new place or perhaps you simply want to treat mom to some updated kitchen goodies that are way overdue.  Either way, I have gathered all of the home cook gifts that would complete me… if only I had them all!  I hope this Home Cook Gift Guide helps you match the perfect gift to your favorite chef or hostess!

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