my go-to resources for the cutest lace bralettes

Fun fact about me: I absolutely loathe wearing a bra. Underwires? No, thanks. And it’s not like my boobs are small either… I just really can’t stand the feeling of such a structured bra on my body. Most of the time, I either go bra-less or I wear a super-cute, lacy bralette. By no means am I a lingerie specialist. However, I do have quite a love of it because one of my very first jobs was designing prints for ladies panties! I worked closely with the design team and came to appreciate intimates more because of it. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to share my favorite resources for the cutest, lace bralettes — especially if you’re a bra-hater like me!

source: out from under lace halter bra

But first… what is a bralette?

Basically, a bralette is the no-underwire solution for ladies like me who hate to wear a traditional bra! They can be as minimal or detailed as you like…. and they don’t have to be only lace! There are lots of options that are seamless, stretchy cotton, or even linen.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’ll wear a traditional, underwired bra when the occasion calls for it, like a meeting or fancy event. However, in my day-to-day life of errands, writing, and photoshoot prep, I am more likely to wear this comfortable alternative. Typically, a bralette is meant to help more with shape instead of support, but retailers are noticing that women prefer them more and more… and are adding more supportive options to the traditional bra lineup! I’ve noticed that so many of my newer bras provide a good amount of support already. Technically, a bralette is usually best suited for smaller breast sizes. That being said… I’d say my bra size is in the middle and I don’t have many issues. And, quite frankly, comfort is much more important to me at the end of the day! If I am looking for something that is more supportive (like if I am traveling), I opt for a sports bra instead.

Most bralettes are made of stretchy lace. Some are a pullover style, while others feature an adjustable hook and eye closure in the back. I have also found that the straps are a lot more comfortable than a traditional underwire bra, especially for the racerback styles!

my go-to resources for the cutest lace bralettes (pink, red, and black) just in time for Valentine's Day. #valentinesday #lingerie #bralette

Because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I thought it would be apropos to round up a few lovely styles in sexy shares of blush, magenta, and red! Quite frankly, most if not all of these styles are ones that I would wear on a daily basis, too. I’m such a big fan of pretty underwear and undergarments that I tend not to save them just for special occasions. But if you do want to save them just for date night, I highly recommend purchasing the matching bottoms, too!

Here are some favorites:

  1. stretch lace antique rose bra
  2. soft cup triangle bra
  3. grace bralette (similar)
  4. heartbreaker longline bralette
  5. micro mesh bralette
  6. red lace bralette (similar)
  7. cherry blossom soft bra
  8. scallop edge soft cup bra (similar)
  9. pink lace crossover bralette
  10. rust red lace bralette (similar)
  11. silk charmeuse bralette
  12. soft cup lace bra (similar)


my go-to resources for the cutest lace bralettes (pink, red, and black) just in time for Valentine's Day. #valentinesday #lingerie #bralette

I am a firm believer that you can never have too many black lace bralettes, too. And, yes, I am guilty of wearing a black bra under a white shirt as a little teaser of what’s underneath. My favorite way to rock this look is pair a black bra with a classic, crisp white button down shirt. A more tailored shirt (that isn’t too tight) sort of tempers the overt sexiness of the visible black bra, but still provides a fun peek. If you haven’t already, give it a shot!

As for black bralettes, I love when they feature lots of dainty details like sheer mesh, sweet bows, interesting strap details, and interesting silhouettes. Here are some super sexy black bras, perfect for every day and Valentine’s Day:

  1. stripped lace bralette (similar)
  2. eyelash lace soft cup bra (similar)
  3. ‘never say never sweetie’ bralette
  4. longline lace bralette
  5. black lace bra (similar)
  6. keira seamless bra
  7. floral lace bralette (similar)
  8. stretch lace triangle bra (similar)
  9. charisma triangle bra
  10. after midnight peek-a-boo bralette (similar)
  11. black triangle bra (similar)

How to wear a bralette

I actually really love the bralette trend because it’s made fashion so much more interesting! Brands are making bralettes fancier, prettier, more colorful, and trendier than ever — meaning that there are so many fun ways to wear them. It’s almost as if a gorgeous bralette has become a fashion statement on it’s own. Not only are they comfortable, but they are a great alternative to a full tank top under a low cut shirt. You’ll still get the coverage you want, but with fewer layers. I’ve also noticed that lots of bralettes have really interested details in the back, which is perfect for pairing with cute summer dresses or tank tops.

While working on this post, I found so many gorgeous options and wanted to share them, too! Here are just a fewww more favorites:

As you can see in this post, there are so many options and styles! Personally, I am a big fan of bandeaus for a strapless look, lace longline bralettes for a date night look, and halter bralettes with strappy tops. I recommend picking up a few options to play with and do some mix-and-match styling with your existing tops and dresses. You may discover a new favorite look!

So tell me, what are some of your favorite brands for bralettes? And how do you like to wear them?

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