Sofas for Under $1000 for Small Spaces (or Your First Home!)

SO many affordable sofa options no matter your home decor style!
Stylish modern comfortable sofas for under $1000 for small spaces (or your first home). #smallspaces #shopping #homedecor #interiors #interiordesign #firsthome #couch #sofa #affordabledecor #under1000

Have you seen the new ‘ask a question’ feature on Instagram yet? I used it last week and was totally blown away by how many questions you guys submitted! This might just be my new favorite way to curate posts that you really, truly need… anyways, one of the questions (Sean’s sister submitted it, nonetheless) was in regards to affordable sofas, specifically stylish sofas for small spaces at an affordable price. So many of you resonated with that question and asked for specific options, so I realized I absolutely had to write a round up post of couches under $1000. While everything I share is always with the spin of being small space-friendly, many if not all of these sofas would work perfectly in a normal-sized home as well. No matter the color, shape, or material you’re looking for, this post will surely help you outfit your living room!

Stylish modern comfortable sofas for under $1000 for small spaces (or your first home). #smallspaces #shopping #homedecor #interiors #interiordesign #firsthome #couch #sofa #affordabledecor #under1000
Madeline Sleeper Sofa — $749. This one is sold out, but here are more pink sofas under $1000:

Sean’s sister is about to move across the country with her husband, infant, and two dogs — so you know they have a lot to worry about! They’ve decided to upgrade their sofa situation when they get to Miami, so I’ve been helping her shop for sofas for small spaces that are under $1000. They are still renting, but want to save up to buy a home in a few years, so right now their priorities are affordability, comfort, and sturdiness. While helping them choose, I realized just how many chic and stylish options there are… and how many have added features like the ability to convert into a pull out sofa bed. That’s a major bonus in my book because we are totally planning to visit them once they are more settled!

Affordable Sofas for Small Spaces or Your First Home (under $1000)

There was also an array of materials and colors during our search… I could not help myself, I had to arrange them in quasi-rainbow order! As for materials, I’ve noticed lots of velvet, linen blends, vintage-inspired tweeds, and washable relaxed cotton slipcovers.

Links (as sofas have sold out or been discontinued, I tried my best to keep this list updated which is why you’ll see similar options listed!):

  1. Troian Upholstered Sofa – $800
  2. Murtaugh Sofa – $509.99
  3. Upholstered Loveseat – $999.99
  4. Mellow Adair Mid-Century Modern Sofa – $432.56
  5. Minimore Modern Style Upholstered Sofa with Corduroy Fabric – $509.99
  6. Seylow Faux Leather Convertible Sofa – $339.99
  7. Melrose Velvet Loveseat – $505
  8. Geo Upholstered Sofa – $830
Stylish modern comfortable sofas for under $1000 for small spaces (or your first home). #smallspaces #shopping #homedecor #interiors #interiordesign #firsthome #couch #sofa #affordabledecor #under1000
Marcella Velvet Sofa — $699. Again, this one is sold out, but here are tons of other neutral, beige, and white sofas under $1000:

To make sure you get the best deal on your new sofa, I always recommend signing up for the retailer’s newsletter. Often, there is a best time of year to buy a new couch, so being on their email newsletter will let you know when there is a sale or coupon code. I know extra emails can be annoying, but saving a few hundred bucks could make it well worth it! After witnessing the retail world as an in-house designer, I recall that July is usually when markdowns occur because they want to clear out inventory for Fall’s new arrivals. It is also approaching back to school time, so there are loads of sales starting for that crowd. Even if you’re not a college student or parent to one, you can still take advantage of the home decor sales! I’ve found that a lot of what is classified as ‘dorm’ decor works really well in a small space, especially storage items.

Modular Velvet Sofa — $649. And just a few more pink small space-friendly sofas, cuz why not:
Stylish modern comfortable sofas for under $1000 for small spaces (or your first home). #smallspaces #shopping #homedecor #interiors #interiordesign #firsthome #couch #sofa #affordabledecor #under1000
Chamberlin Recycled Leather Sofa — $949. While I was updating this post, I found a few leather, faux leather sofas, and suede sofas under $1000 that were definitely worth mentioning! If you’re looking for a leather sofa for your small space, check out these options:

Looking for more inspiration? More small space related posts + more home decor posts.

If you have any more topics you’d like me to cover or shop for you, feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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