Zero Waste Gift Ideas for the Eco-Conscious | Gift Guide

A few weeks ago, I asked on Instagram about the types of gift guides that you’d find most helpful. So many people surprised me by asking for eco-friendly, zero waste gift ideas! Clearly, I needed to curate some awesome gifts that can either encourage someone to try going waste-free or for someone already on that path. I hate to say it, but living green is such a trend right now. There were tons of great gift ideas out there. Let’s hope that everyone continues to examine their impact on the environment and how to improve our current climate situation!

Zero Waste Gift Ideas

  1. canvas wine caddy
  2. woven Japanese dishcloths
  3. 3 layer tiffin food storage container
  4. ceramic water filter
  5. farmhouse ceramic egg crate
  6. clear glass reusable straws
  7. modern white compost bin
  8. 10 piece set of reusable produce and bulk food bags
  9. nut milk maker
  10. wooden dish brush with ceramic holder
  11. Ohio Stoneware fermentation crock set
  12. wood handle storage basket
  13. Bee’s Wrap eco friendly reusable food wraps
  14. Keepcup reusable coffee cup
  15. Canning in the Modern Kitchen by Jamie Dement

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I think it’s also worth mentioning that these gift ideas are all from online sources. If you want to truly embrace the zero waste ethos, shopping locally is the best way to go. Not only will you avoid the environmental impact of packaging materials, but you’ll also support a local business. Earlier today, I also shared ways to reduce waste during the holidays, so I hope you’ll give that post a read.

Here are a few more thoughtful zero waste gift ideas for the eco-conscious person in your life this holiday season (top to bottom, left to right):

I’m posting daily gift guides this year, so be sure to check back for even more!

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