A Festive and Elegant Christmas Table + Holiday Decor Ideas

My twist on the classic Christmas color palette

Last year’s Christmas table was inspired by warm, Scandinavian vibes and primarily used green in the color palette. So this year for my Christmas party, I wanted to change things up and showcase shades of vibrant, luxurious red! The pomegranates from Sarah’s centerpiece really spoke to me, so I used those to inspire the rest of my holiday tablescape styling. The overall look feels festive and luxurious, don’t you think?

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How to Style a Festive and Elegant Christmas Party and Christmas Table

Color Palette

Admittedly, I am not usually a red lover, but lately… it’s been speaking to me in a big way! Of course, it needs to the right shade of red. The palette I’m most into lately is a warmer, almost terra cotta leaning red shade. I’d actually call it more of a paprika red. Isn’t it hard to describe color sometimes? HA.

I kept the rest of the color palette neutral with white glazed terra cotta plates. I chose these because the tiniest hint of the terra cotta peeks through the white for a lovely warmth. Also, it’s fun how the pattern of the plate mimics old school paper plates. That gives the table a bit of an unexpected hi/lo feel.

How to Style a Festive and Elegant Christmas Party #christmastable #tablescape #holidaytable #christmasdecor #holidaydecor #reddiningtable #diningtable

Plates & Tablelinens

Because this is a Christmas party, I wanted a bit more of a formal vibe. Hence, the layered side plate and dinner plate look. Typically, I prefer to layer a patterned or colorful side plate on top of a simpler, white dinner plate. But because it’s the holidays, I like to change things up! The embossed pattern on the rim of each plate adds a bit of pattern, but in a neutral way. It’s safe to say I’ll be using these plates again for future Christmas tables. I love them!

As for the tablelinens, I matched the napkins to the pomegranates in the centerpiece. The fringed border adds a beautiful textural element, too. For the finishing touch, I draped a small scrap of beautiful silk velvet under the flowers. Originally, I was going to use a table runner, but felt like I’ve been relying on that trick too often lately. Plus, velvet should always have a seat at the table during the holidays!

How to Style a Festive and Elegant Christmas Party #christmastable #tablescape #holidaytable #christmasdecor #holidaydecor #reddiningtable #diningtable How to Style a Festive and Elegant Christmas Party #christmastable #tablescape #holidaytable #christmasdecor #holidaydecor #reddiningtable #diningtable

Glassware & Flatware

Because I was hosting a Christmas party and wanted everyone to be in a festive mood, I opted for somewhat large wine glasses. It’s the holidays, so let the wine flow! I love the shape of these wine glasses I chose on my Christmas table. They feel a bit like a goblet, but with sexy curves. The bubble glass is a really fun addition, too, and will make even red wine seem sparkly.

The tabletop felt like it was missing a pop of metallic, so I used this basic rose gold flatware to complete the look. Ever since I scooped up these affordable pieces, I’ve been using them more and more to style tables. They go with pretty much everything!

One Special Touch

I allllways like to add a special touch to my tablescapes, no matter the occasion. For this one, I scattered the extra pomegranates around the table to unify it with the centerpiece. At the end of the party, guests could take home their own fruit, too, as a lovely gift. If you’re short on pomegranates, you could also use a small clementine orange or spring of greenery leftover from the flower arrangements.

How to Style a Festive and Elegant Christmas Party #christmastable #tablescape #holidaytable #christmasdecor #holidaydecor #reddiningtable #diningtable How to Style a Festive and Elegant Christmas Party #christmastable #tablescape #holidaytable #christmasdecor #holidaydecor #reddiningtable #diningtable

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Photography by Meghan Klein. Styling by Jojotastic.

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