Weekend Wellness: 7 Last Minute Tips to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

I've been struggling to get in the holiday spirit because of work, the renovation, & wedding planning, but these last-minute tips have helped!
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Truly, I cannot even wrap my mind around how we are less than 10 days away from Christmas. How did this happen?? I don’t know about you, but my holiday spirit is sort of lacking right now. I’ve been so swamped with work, the kitchen renovation, and wedding planning that it doesn’t even feel like it’s the holiday season. The magic of the holidays just has not arrived yet in our tiny bungalow and it makes me kinda sad. With just 10 days to do, I made a few adjustments and perked myself up quickly! Here are some tips that might help you, too.

How to Get in the Holiday Spirit Even Though it’s the Last Minute

1. Go for a nighttime walk

Living in Ballard (my neighborhood here in Seattle) is so much fun for me because there are so many adorable houses — and they all decorate the exteriors every year! If I’m feeling a bit bah humbug, it helps to take the dogs for a nighttime stroll and see everyone’s festive decor and twinkle lights. Plus, it definitely has encouraged and inspired me to hang up our garland, wreath, and lights, too.

2. Binge watch some holiday movies

It’s been nothing but gross and rainy here in Seattle, so we’ve been in binge-watching mode. I queued up a few of my favorite holiday movies, gathered some snacks and blankets, and settled onto the couch for a festive marathon. Even though so many of the movies are corny af, they definitely put me in the holiday spirit more.

3. Host a holiday crafting party

Sometimes stepping away from the tech and social media can be so refreshing, especially if you use the time to make something with your hands. Grab a few bottles of wine, invite some friends over, and work on a few easy DIYs. Here on the blog we have loads of DIY tutorials you can try out. Plus, a lot of these handmade gifts make for perfect gifts!

4. Make your home smell like Christmas

Scent is an incredibly powerful tool and can jog so many memories and feelings. I’ve found that making our bungalow smell like traditional Christmas scents has done wonders for my holiday spirit. You have so many options, too: diffusers, oil warmers, candles, and even a homemade stovetop potpourri.

5. Handwrite a few heartfelt holiday cards

Nothing makes me feel better than taking time to express gratitude and just how much friends and family mean to me in the form of a handwritten holiday card. It’s truly the best way to step back and meditate on the meaning of the holiday season. Also, let’s be real here, who doesn’t love to receive snail mail these days? It’s such a special treat to actually receive real mail and not just mailers for window washing.

6. Bake a bajillion holiday cookies

When I baked my koulourakia a few weeks ago, I ended up making about a 100 cookies sort of on accident. But, I’ll tell ya… nothing got me more excited for the holidays than making them! I also really enjoyed giving them away to neighbors, friends, and even our contractor.

7. Start a new tradition

This tip actually goes hand-in-hand with last week’s post about how Sean doesn’t really enjoy the holidays. One of the ways we’ve found middle ground in the debate about how to celebrate is by making our own traditions. For us, that means rounding up the dogs and heading to the mountains for a romp in the snow. Every year that we do this, it feels like it’s officially the start of the holidays in our household.

Looking for the wreath in the photo? Here are similar options:

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