Our 2019 Home Renovation Goals

I can’t even believe I’m writing this post, but here we are. Given last week’s kitchen update, you’d think I am totally over renovations! While I couldn’t even imagine adding another project to my plate, these types of things take a fair amount of planning. Also, I just so happen to be an obsessive planner. With all of that being said, this is the list of home renovation goals we hope to accomplish in 2019!

Our Home Renovation Goals + To Do List for 2019

Finish the kitchen.

I almost feel like this should be the entire list! But all joking aside, I am so ready for our kitchen remodel to be finished and checked off the list completely. The kitchen renovation has literally been on my plate for over 2 years. I started it when I was bored after breaking my leg. I figured that while I couldn’t actually renovate, I might as well begin planting the seed with brands to gauge interest in sponsoring the project! It took about 2 years of behind the scenes planning to get to the point where we could launch the renovation. So yeah, I’ve had this project on my plate for wayyy too long!

Tackle the front yard.

Our home is truly SO CUTE, but it’s also SO SAD. Our curb appeal is really lacking, especially in the front yard. Peeling paint, decaying front porch, chain link fence, patchy grass… yeah, we’ve got it all! This spring and summer I want to re-paint all of our trim, make our front porch look inviting, and rip out the chain link fence. We still need a fence there though because of the dogs. I’ve had a white picket fence on the brain for quite some time, so that may have to happen!

Do more landscaping.

This is related to the front yard makeover, but I want to focus a lot of time on getting our garden beds and landscaping on lock. I’m thinking of sharing my plans for our vegetable garden, too. Would you be interested in seeing that?

Refresh the living room.

Our poor, poor living room… it used to be a thing of beauty, but all of the renovations have been downright brutal to it! Our sofa has not held up well at all, the walls are stained, the drywall is cracked… it’s a mess. I would love to make some cosmetic changes to the space to make it cozier.

Makeover our mudroom/laundry room.

By far the saddest room in our house, this project is actually the most urgent. Why, you ask? Because our freaking washer and dryer might fall through the floor AT ANY MINUTE. Our entire bungalow is made of layers and layers of shiplap, some of which has eroded and rotted away under the washing machine area. Lovely. So we need to replace the floor, add more storage, and just make it way less of an eyesore.

I feel like this list is actually VERY achievable. Hopefully I’ve set us up for success. I don’t think I can handle another epic, 6 month long renovation for a while. Hence, the bathroom just might have to wait. (Although knowing me, I’ll start pitching it to brand partners for this fall because I’m crazy.)

Have you made a list of your home renovation goals? I’d love to know what you’re planning to tackle.

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