2019 Reader Survey Results & Feedback

2019 Reader Survey Results & Feedback. Sharing your feedback on my blog, social media, and newsletter so I can make it a better resource for you. #bloggerdesk #desk #studio #readersurvey #giveaway #blogreader #blogs #business #blogging #bloggingbusiness #survey #feedback

Two years ago, I started the practice of sharing some of the feedback I have received during my annual reader survey. At the core of my mission for this blog is to always be open, honest, and totally authentic with you. This is why writing this post is sometimes the hardest one I’ll write, but also so valuable. I simply want the blog to be the best possible resource for you! So without further ado, let’s dig into this year’s reader survey results.

Which blog category is your favorite?

  1. Joanna’s home renovations
  2. home decor & interiors
  3. DIYs
  4. personal essays & challenges
  5. wellness & self-care

I’m so happy to hear that these blog categories are your faves! Our house is pretty tiny and, once the kitchen is finished, our renovation list is short… but still very much existent! Plus, I will definitely be sharing more interiors inspiration and resources for you — especially with more affordable price points. That was another piece of feedback that I’ve heard from you loud and clear.

Which blog category is your least favorite?

  1. cocktail recipes
  2. fashion & style
  3. beauty & skincare
  4. videos
  5. entertaining

I feel like I went into the survey with a rough guess of which categories would end up on this list… after 3 years of the same feedback, it is time for me to retire our monthly cocktail recipe posts. I am still interested in cocktails and love them, but the frequency of sharing these will reduce.

In terms of fashion, style, and beauty, I am going to rework how I share these categories. I’m hesitant to get rid of them entirely because there is a percentage of you that enjoys them and finds them useful (especially my skincare recs). One idea I’ve had is to share my monthly hits, so anything that I’ve loved that month. This way it’s one post that’s full of useful info and recommendations, instead of a few scattered throughout the month. What do you think?

What would you like to see more of on Jojotastic?

  • chickens
  • Sean
  • renovations and the nitty gritty details
  • affordable products
  • other home tours of small spaces
  • the dogs
  • styling tips
  • Seattle recommendations

What would you like to see less of on Jojotastic?

  • time consuming DIYs
  • typos (sorry!!!)
  • cocktails
  • floral design
  • expensive decor

What is your #1 pet peeve?

“I don’t have a great sense of the layout of your home, even after watching a fair amount of Insta stories. I’m sure this is the last thing you’d like to do right now, but maybe once the kitchen reno is done, a video house tour? Layouts are really interesting to me.”

You got it! I’m going to do a video tour (sorry!) of the house soon so you can get a good idea of our layout… and see some never-before-seen parts of the bungalow.

“Echoing my comment about construction above. Be more positive about the opportunity you have to renovate with advertisers, don’t dog your contractor or his subs. Word your needs in a positive way. You can hit the low points in a few update posts or something.”

I need to respectfully disagree with this feedback… I have done my best to stay positive throughout our entire renovation — including when I literally had to fire our contractor for shoddy work (more about that in this post). A large part of who I am as a person and as a brand is to be totally transparent with you about how the project is going, the challenges we’ve faced, etc. Yes, my kitchen renovation is sponsored. However, that does not mean I have to be falsely positive when there are expensive, upsetting, and quite frankly unacceptable moments. I am human and I use my platform to show that.

“The blog does not always load the latest post. This was a problem late last year. I eventually found them in /2018.”

I’ve been aware of this issue for a while and it’s an Apple problem unfortunately. I can’t do anything to fix it!

“the categories on the blog are all the way at the bottom of the page – i wish they were at the top or further up on the sidebar.”

I received this feedback multiple times and I hear you loud and clear! I’m working on a redesign, so this will be resolved soon.

“Things that are out of reach financially for me are sometimes made to seem affordable, which can be irritating.”

Sharing more approachable and affordable products and posts with you is officially one of my biggest goals for 2019!

I always get so nervous about this section, but I really shouldn’t be. You’re always so honest, respectful, and kind. I cannot thank you enough for always having my back and being an amazingly supportive audience and community.

Your suggestions for how to improve the blog:

“If you want to cover more areas on your blog then hire more guest editors. For instance, a wellness expert who can offer a broader view of topics. Depending on the type of insomnia a person has, the recommendations for improving sleep would be quite different!”

I LOVE this idea… stay tuned.

“I would add something to navigation on your blog so people can view posts by category. Currently there isn’t anything for that so you have to search or scroll through all the posts. I can’t just view posts about your home unless I search for them, but I can access your portfolio. It seems too much of a mashup of your lifestyle brand and the work you’ve done for others. Maybe you could make your portfolio a separate sub site and then use your blog for your content?”

This is all feedback that I’m working on resolving when the redesigned site launches. It will be much easier to navigate by category (including just our bungalow), plus other fun features.

“Still vote more outdoor related posts!”

Our yard is currently covered in snow, but as soon as spring and summer decide to arrive I will definitely share more outdoor content.

Overall takeaways:


It seemed like videos were a major topic of discussion in this year’s survey. The primary complaint is that most of the time you’re not able to listen to a video with sound when you’re reading the blog. I totally get that! Unfortunately, I don’t want to remove video entirely from the blog… I just really enjoy how I’ve been able to use that medium to share more behind-the-scenes content with you and even more of my authentic life. That being said, I will make sure that every post that includes a video has photos and content that is still valuable. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you can watch them later when it’s more convenient!

I am also going to start working on adding DIY videos to the blog. My hope is that those could be good to watch without sound, too.


I had no idea that other bloggers don’t respond to every comment and DM… I just sort of assumed we all do that! But with so many of you saying how much you appreciate that I do that, I feel inspired to keep it up. Because here’s the thing: I’d be nothing if it wasn’t for you. So of course I am going to take the time to respond to every thoughtful comment and bit of wisdom you send my way!

My Topknot and Scrunchie

I was dying of laughter over how many of you mentioned my stellar hair decisions on Instagram Stories. You’ll be seeing more of that this year, for sure.

Thank you again SO much for your feedback this year. I plan on implementing these changes immediately and over the next few months! Keep following along, stuff’s gonna get good in 2019 for us. I can feel it.