My Search for a Stylish Countertop Compost Bin

Stylish Countertop Compost Bins + Tips for Picking the Best Composter! #compost #zerowaste #minimalism #howtocompost #compostbin #kitchen

Here in Seattle, we’re legally required to compost… which is awesome! But it can also mean having a box of sort of rotting stuff on your counter. That’s decidedly not awesome. As our kitchen gets closer and closer to being finished, I’m on the hunt for stylish pieces to add to it, including a stylish compost bin! It may seem weird, but a stylish, yet functional countertop compost bin is shockingly hard to find. So I wanted to share a few of my fave options with you!

Stylish Countertop Compost Bins + Tips for Picking the Best Composter! #compost #zerowaste #minimalism #howtocompost #compostbin #kitchen

Attractive Countertop Compost Bins for Our New Kitchen

  1. stainless steel compost bin
  2. white compost bin
  3. petite walnut compost bin
  4. bamboo food composter
  5. Full Circle fresh air compost collector
  6. OXO easy clean compost bin — we’ve had this one for years and it’s been great!
  7. white ceramic kitchen composter
  8. Full Circle fresh air odor-free kitchen composter
  9. compost bin with odor filter and ventilation — I’m leaning toward this one for our new kitchen. I love how streamlined it looks!
  10. countertop compost bin
  11. square bamboo compost pail
  12. vintage blue compost bin

What to look for when picking out a countertop compost bin:

Air Holes

This might seem opposite of what you want, but allowing air to circulate around your compost let’s it breathe. This means that the good bacteria needed for decomposition can do it’s job properly. If you opt to bring your compost outside more frequently (see below), you can go for an air tight compost container instead.

A charcoal filter

Worried about the smell of composting? A charcoal filter is going to be your BFF. Some compost bins include charcoal filters as part of their design.

A handle

Composting requires being able to transport food scraps and other compostable materials to your composter or city-provided bin, so a handle is essential!


I highly recommend getting a smaller countertop storage bin because it is smaller and that means you’re more likely to bring it outside more regularly… and that helps to cut down on the smell and potential for flies! We take ours out to the main composter about every 2-3 days.

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Do you compost? I’d love to know! Also, would you be interested in a post about how we’ve set up our outdoor compost bin?