10 Self-Care Ideas for Spring

10 Self-Care Ideas To Help You Celebrate Springtime! #selfcare #wellness #springtime #spring #springselfcare #selfcareroutine #selfcaretips

When did it become March??? This is nuts. I really feel like 2019 is flying by! With each change of season, I try to re-evaluate my self-care and wellness plan. Maybe that means letting a habit go because it doesn’t serve me for the new season… or adding a new idea to my repertoire. Today I am sharing 10 self-care ideas that are inspired by springtime!

10 Self-Care Ideas To Help You Celebrate Springtime

1. Start a garden.

There’s something so meditative and healing about digging in the dirt, handling seeds, and planting seedlings. I absolutely love gardening. In fact, I realized really early on that landscaping and gardening are my favorite part about homeownership. I truly believe that digging in soil helps to ground me and makes me feel connected and happy.

2. Do a closet clean out.

If you still haven’t embraced your inner Marie Kondo, now is the time! I absolutely love some good old fashioned spring cleaning. Nothing feels better than throwing open the windows and purging… NOTHING. I’ve shared tons of posts about cleaning, organizing, and embracing minimalism, so I suggest starting with these:

3. Treat yourself!

Umm… tis the season for Easter candy! I don’t know about you, but I get really excited during this time of year for Cadbury mini eggs. Even though I’m on the #weddingdiet, I still make sure to treat myself… which means keeping a bag of these eggs on hand. Basically, what I’m saying is don’t forget to give yourself a small indulgence this spring!

4. Fill your home with flowers.

Spring is truly the BEST time for flowers… so bring in tons of them! Peonies, ranunculus, tulips, daffodils… I WANT THEM ALL. The ultimate springtime self-care moment is treating yourself to a trip to the flower market. Then, when you get home, put on some soul music. Dance around as you put the blooms into vases, pitchers, and mason jars. Instantly your mood will perk up… I promise.

5. Get outside.

We’ve talked about how important outside time is to me, but after being cooped up all winter… it is vital! Even if it’s still chilly (hello, Seattle), pile on a few layers and go for a walk. You could also do outside yoga, a workout, meditation, or journaling.

6. Change up your home’s scent.

Scent and fragrance are beyond vital when it comes to setting the mood. In the spring, I change up how our house smells by using different essential oils and candles. Embrace fresh, bright scents like lemongrass, rose, magnolia, jasmine, and mint.

7. Plan meals with spring’s new produce.

Just like flowers, spring brings so many new veggies to eat! For me, food plays a huuuge part in my self-care plan. Head to a local farmers market and scoop up anything that looks vibrant, fresh, and exciting… then whip up some new recipes! Bonus points: meal planning is literally one of my favorite ways to embrace self-care.

8. Revamp your skincare routine.

When I was brainstorming spring inspired self-care ideas, I couldn’t help but think of skincare. When spring rolls around, I ditch my heavy moisturizers and swap them for a lightweight oil instead (my current obsession is Osmia Organics Nectar Vital Rose Drops). I use serums that brighten and add more glow.

9. Exfoliate!

Speaking of skincare… now is the time to get serious about exfoliating. It’s time to shed your dry winter skin and get glowing. After all, now that the weather is warmer, you’ll be showing more skin.

10. Take a break from social media.

This is a big one, folks! Earlier this week, Instagram and Facebook had a glitch, rendering both social media platforms useless. It was… awesome. I absolutely love going tech-free, so I suggest giving that a try this spring, too.

10 Self-Care Ideas To Help You Celebrate Springtime! #selfcare #wellness #springtime #spring #springselfcare #selfcareroutine #selfcaretips

I’d love to know what you think of these self-care ideas for spring! Leave a comment and let me know.

P.S. you can find even more self care and wellness tips here, including:

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