Q&A #4: Answering Your Questions About My Social Media Class

In case you missed the news last week, I launched a new venture: The Jojotastic School of Social Media! I’ve been working with a coach for a few months now and she’s helped me to make sense of where I want to take my business. Can you believe I’ve been blogging for over 10 years?? I’ve been feeling like I need more meaning to my days and one thing that I’ve always been passionate about is sharing. Launching a social media class helps me take what I’ve spent all these years learning and share it with small businesses! I’m so excited.

p.s. make sure to register before midnight tonight to receive the bonus, a personalized audit of your Pinterest account from me!

Q&A: Answering Your Most Frequently Asked Questions about My Social Media Class

How many sessions do I need to attend?

Just one! I have designed the course to cover everything in 6 hours, including lots of hands on time to practice. When registering, choose one slot that works best for you.

How many people are in each class?

There will only be 6 attendees in each session of my social media class. I wanted the group to be intimate and very hands-on. Also there’s only one of me, so it’s really important that I’m able to answer all of your questions and make the time really valuable for each attendee!

What makes this class different from everyone else’s?

I have a specific, holistic undestanding of how product and social media go together. I’m unique because I blend my background in product design with 11+ years of social media experience. I can see how both sides work and how they can work together.

Also, I’m a stylist and I take a lot of my own photos, so I ‘get’ each part of the business and what goes into a small business. I’ve hustled for over 11 years and fully understand what it takes to get your product out there. The tools that I’m sharing in my course have helped me grow my business, gain new followers, and not feel overwhelmed. Every single thing I’m sharing in this class is something I’ve literally done.

And lastly, people keep asking for me help in this way! I’ve offered consulting services to larger companies before, but my true passion is helping small businesses, especially ones that are minority-owned, flourish. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge… and I want to be more of a resource for you!

What kind of business is this geared toward?

I modeled this class after a few of the small business I’ve helped such as a jewelry maker, local clothing boutique, and winery. I want my social media class to help small business with a physical product who are looking to expand into a national audience (Pinterest is huge for this). Also, I’d love to help interior designers who want to build an audience for their designs and inspiration.

I can’t make it on a weekend because I have a retail shop. Do you have weekday classes?

Yes! Each month I will teach this class on one Saturday and one Tuesday. My hope is that if a small business owner is unable to attend on the weekend, a weekday class is a good alternative. Select whichever works best for you.

Can I come to Seattle for this?

Absolutely! Here is an Airbnb guide for suggested places to stay in the Ballard neighborhood where my social media class is taking place. These are all in walking distance and I am working on a travel guide to the Ballard neighborhood to make your trip even better.

Is this for someone just starting out or someone looking to hone their skills?

I designed the course to be applicable to both, but my hope is that most attendees won’t be just starting out. I don’t want the course to turn into ‘how to start an instagram account.’ I also worry that would impact the other attendees’ ability to learn what they need. Instead, I want to share tips, tricks, and tools that build on what you’ve already started.

Are you going to teach this online or in other cities?

I launched the class here in Seattle because I noticed a gap in the market for this type of offering. There are so many amazing small businesses here, but I haven’t seen many resources to help them build a social following — especially on Pinterest. I also personally love connecting with people in person. One day I hope to bring the workshop to different cities (and maybe live in our van while doing so!) and offer an online component. But for now, I’m doing the first 3 months of classes here in Seattle.

Will you feature guest teachers/lessons in specialized subjects?

Initially, I want the course to just be what I’ve learned and what’s worked for me. Eventually though, I would loooove to feature guest teachers, especially if we take the course to different cities. As for different topics, I think that will all depend on how the social media platforms and landscape changes.

Will noodle be a guest speaker?

I’ll see what I can do ;) he might be busy!

photography by Jason Mai, see more of this photoshoot here.

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