9 Things of Note in April 2019

Today’s post is a tad bit late because I flew in from LA last night… more on that to come! But let’s get to the main event: my favorite products that I tested out during this past month. All but one product that I’m sharing is new to me this month… the one outlier is my Away carry-on suitcase. I freaking love it and just used it so much — I knew I had to share why with you!

Joanna’s Favorite Things from April 2019 (including Dr. Jart Peptidin, the Away carry-on, Google Wifi & more)

As always, please note that a few of these items have been gifted to me. I have indicated that with an asterisk * next to the name of the product. As usual though, I am only sharing what I have absolutely loved and would spend ‘real money’ on regardless.

Kaya Ceramic Cups

I’ve been wanting to scoop up a few pieces from Justina Blakeney’s shop for a while. As soon as I saw the Kaya Ceramic Cups, I knew I had to have them… especially for our new kitchen! I had the hardest time deciding between the speckled cream and the blue, but now that I see them in person, I am totally in love. The size is totally perfect for water, tea or cocktails!

Google Wifi System

Ok, so this isn’t exactly the most glamorous, but we’ve been having wifi connectivity issues. I suspect it’s because the house is really old, but basically we couldn’t get all of our devices to connect. A friend recommended the Google Wifi system and I’ve been really happy with it. Plus, it’s a breeze to set up.

IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo

I’m pretty much addicted to dry shampoo because I love only washing my hair once a week. While I was traveling, I used a sample of this IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo and LOVED it. It smells great, helps to reduce build up, and works well. I’ll definitely be buying the full-size version when I run out.

The Away Carry-On Suitcase

When I first saw all the publicity the Away Carry-On suitcase received, I was skeptical. It felt too good to be true. But then my old trusty rolling back was past it’s prime and I decided I needed to invest in a good suitcase for all of my work travel. I bought it and freaking LOVE it. It’s been all over Italy, from coast to coast of the US, and everywhere in between… and it works. I can put so much stuff in it thanks to the compression straps. Plus, you can’t beat the fact that it has a build in battery. I am a believer now!

Dr. Jart Peptidin Firming Serum and Peptidin Radiance Serum

You know I’m a skincare addict, especially for serums. Both of these serums from Dr. Jart have made a huge difference in my skin’s overall texture and brightness. I use the radiance serum in the morning before I moisturize and the firming serum at night. I’ve also noticed my skin is remarkably smoother and softer. While I was traveling, I didn’t have them with me and I can totally tell that my skin misses them!

Large Planter with Modern Metal Plant Stand *

I’m forever on a mission to make our home look nicer, especially on the outside. I planted some baby cypresses in two of these large planters and put them on the front porch. I love the modern lines and heft of the whole piece. They are gorgeous!

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah does it again for me! Firefly Lane was another fast, super-engrossing read of hers that I simply could not put down. If you’re looking for an addictive book that’s a good beach read or rainy day read… definitely check out this one.

Glossier Zit Stick

Recently, I lost my favorite pimple spot treatment (long story short… it fell into an open heating duct in our house and is now gone forever!). On a whim, I decided to try something new and bought the Glossier Zit Stick… and I love it! The applicator is so easy and perfect, plus (and most importantly) it really, really works.

So these are my 9 fave products from April! If you have any tips or requests for May, let me know.

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