8 Summer Self-Care Ideas

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With our wedding on the horizon in September, I can’t help but think ahead. But here’s the thing: I still have a whole summer! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day so I took some time to brainstorm a few summer self-care ideas to help me stay grounded. It’s sort of like a to do list or bucket list of sorts… cuz summer is short in Seattle and I want to enjoy every moment of it!

8 Summer Self-Care Ideas I’ll Definitely Be Doing!

1. Go camping.

Now that the kitchen is finished, I don’t want to spend ANY time at home!! All we want to do is pile into our Vanagon and head to the mountains for camping. My hope is that we can go camping this summer at least every other weekend, maybe more!

2. Do some gardening.

I absolutely love to garden and feel like it’s the perrrrfect summer self-care idea. Digging around in soil just feels wonderful. And then watching everything you’ve planted flourish?? It’s the best.

3. Plan a long road trip.

Road tripping is my absolute faaavorite way to spend time with Sean. I love exploring new places, discovering new roads, and just seeing where we end up. Plus, it’s always fun to sleep in the van. I actually sleep surprisingly well in it! We’ve been thinking of doing a long road trip after the wedding as a honeymoon until we can afford the real thing.

4. Go for a solo hike.

Before I broke my leg, I was in a habit of hiking with a girlfriend or by myself every Thursday morning. I’d always bring the dogs, of course. I miss that weekly activity and want to try to do it again.

5. Explore a local farmers market.

I’m always guilty of forgetting when our local market is happening… and I live within walking distance of it! I know, I know… life has just gotten really out of control lately. This summer, I want to have a lazy Sunday morning at home and mosey down to the market to look around. Plus, there are really delicious mini donuts that I miss having.

6. Spend time on the water.

Sailing, paddleboarding, kayaking… it doesn’t matter! I love spending time on the water during the summer. I’m such a Pisces. This year I want to get better at sailing with Sean and finally use our kayaks to explore Puget Sound more.

7. Watch the sunset whenever possible.

Sean and I always make a priority to be outside when the sun is setting. We’ll either go for a walk at the beach or go sailing. But it’s the perfect way to indulge in a free, heart-filling summer activity.

8. Stargaze.

And lastly, this summer I really want to spend more time in the mountains so I can take in the majesty of the night sky. There’s nothing better than laying back and looking for shooting stars!

So tell me, what’s on your summer self-care list? I’d love to know!

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Photograhy by Andrew Carlton.