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All About Aura Portrait Photography! What does it mean to have your aura photographed, where you can do it, and more. #aura #auraportrait #auraphotography #wellness #selfcare

AURA AURA is an experiential portrait practice of Detroit-based creative, Eileen Lee. Eileen and I have been internet friends for a very, very long time. I invited my good friend Becca to get her aura portrait photographed with me as soon as Eileen opened her Seattle pop-up. I decided to let Becca tell her view of our aura portrait sessions. AURA AURA is a pop-up aura studio located in Seattle and Detroit. Book an aura portrait session here. Now, let’s dig into our experience with aura photography!

All About Aura Portrait Photography! What does it mean to have your aura photographed, where you can do it, and more. #aura #auraportrait #auraphotography #wellness #selfcare

All About Aura Portrait Photography

“What’s an aura?” my husband asked me after casually texting him on a mid-week afternoon that I was on my way to get my aura photographed. I tapped my response quickly, “*rainbow emoji* the color of my energy”. Chuckling at the 311 song now playing in my head, I was actually really excited to get my aura portrait. When Joanna invited me to get my aura photographed with her, I immediately said yes. I’d seen glowy, colorful portraits on Instagram and I wanted one of my own.

I’m a slightly spiritual person, but I’m not really into a lot of woo-woo new-age stuff. I was raised by hippies, but they were hippies that wore suits. Like, I only read goop during gift guide season. But sometimes I assign meaning to meaningless things, sometimes I read my horoscope, and I definitely think about energy.

I’m an empath, and I’m always in touch with people’s energy. I can feel when people have bad energy (they make me want to take a nap); some people make me feel like I can conquer the world just by being in their presence. I imagine my aura portrait will show what kind of energy I’m putting out there.

The AURA AURA website reads, “Through a double exposure process of capturing your bio-magnetic, vibrational energy, we make the metaphysical visible, resulting in awe-inspiring, one-of-a-kind portraits. Our portraits inspire subjects to open themselves up to the ethereal energy of the universe, fostering an awareness of all the subtle nuances and forces that influence our lives, in the form of inter-dimensional frequencies.” I’m down.

Joanna arrived before me and texted a photo of a black and white dome in an all-white space, “You’re going to love this.

Walking into the light-filled all-white ground-level studio, Create Within, I was immediately struck by the dome structure meant to house the aura photography equipment.

In my mind’s eye, I pictured the aura portrait equipment like a giant structure with lights, coils, and cords (like in The Prestige). Nikola Tesla produced the first Aura photograph by immersing himself in high voltage, after all. But this was not that.

What Happens In An Aura Portrait Session by AURA AURA

Eileen’s brother, Alex, a slender guy with a radiant smile, will be in charge of Seattle aura portraits. He tells us about the dome structure that he built overnight, featuring tubes from the hardware store and a super thick tarp. It looks like a chic, minimal tent.

Joanna steps into the dome first. With her hands placed on two blue rectangular boxes fitted with biofeedback receptors. She adjusts her posture and smiles from ear to ear. In my periphery, I see a strobe go off. She’s in and out of the aura dome in less than a minute.

I thought the process of photographing an aura would involve a long exposure time because of its complex colors. In hindsight, if you can pick up on someone’s energy with only 30 seconds around them, why can’t a camera?

During a 10-second double exposure, the receptors measure our electromagnetic field by monitoring acupressure points that correspond to energy channels in the body called Ayurvedic meridians.

We take a seat at a table with Eileen, an ethereal brunette who radiates calm just by existing around you. Eileen takes one of the portrait films and begins caressing it between her hands. Between circular motions on the film, she explains what our aura portraits will show.

The portrait captures your energy in the present moment. The right side of the photo represents the energy coming into your life and your future. The left side is where energy exits your body in the form of actions and shows what’s currently happening in your life. The center of the image above your head is what you’re thinking about right now.

With a few more caresses and taps, Eileen pulls the backing off the instant film to reveal our aura portraits and the meaning of our aura colors.

What is an Aura?

An aura is an extension of the physical human body, the connection between what we can see and what we cannot. The human aura is central to many beliefs. Mystics and psychics have incorporated the aura into their spiritual and medicinal practices. Eastern Indian, Chinese, Jewish and Christian mystics have documented these energies that vibrate through all physical matter. 

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Our Aura Portraits and Their Color Meanings

Joanna’s Aura

All About Aura Portrait Photography! What does it mean to have your aura photographed, where you can do it, and more. #aura #auraportrait #auraphotography #wellness #selfcare

Look at all that COLOR! Joanna’s aura shows the energy of newness and creativity swirling around her. The red, pink and magenta arch above her head, reflects her passion for her newest projects (kitchen renovation, the Jojotastic School of Social Media).

The pink in Joanna’s aura photography shows her deeply sensitive nature and how much love she holds for the people around her. The blue and indigo on the right side of the frame reflect Joanna’s self-energy, which shows communication, self-expression, and nurture. Those with blue in their aura carry a life purpose to serve and teach; to help and love others as they live by their hearts and emotions, which is the goal of her new Social Media class.

Joanna’s heart chakra is violet. Individuals with violet in their auras are dynamic, charismatic, visionary and have powerful personalities. Their task or mission in life is to lead and inspire humankind and to guide us into a new age of prosperity, happiness, and wholeness, which is exactly what she does with Jojotastic.

Joanna’s persona energy is yellow and tan. Those with yellow in their energy field resonate with vibrations of confidence, happiness, a strong sense of self, esteem, and the ability to inspire others to achieve greatness.

Becca’s Aura

All About Aura Portrait Photography! What does it mean to have your aura photographed, where you can do it, and more. #aura #auraportrait #auraphotography #wellness #selfcare

My present and self aura is green. Green frequencies resonate with the vibration of the heart chakra, the center of personal growth and healing. Those with green auras radiate unconditional love and energy. Being in the presence of a person with green emissions is a very peaceful and restful experience.

My aura reading came as no surprise to me. In the last year, my focus has been on personal growth, mental health, and healing because of a Crohn’s disease flare. The yellow/tan color means that I encourage and support others by naturally being myself. I love that Joanna and I have the same persona energy.

Eileen’s reading said that I radiate like the sun, a quote I will carry around in my heart forever.

All About Aura Portrait Photography! What does it mean to have your aura photographed, where you can do it, and more. #aura #auraportrait #auraphotography #wellness #selfcare

Where to get your aura portrait by AURA AURA

Detroit Aura Photography Sessions at Grey Area

Seattle Aura Photography Sessions at Create Within

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