2020 Blog Reader Survey + Giveaway

2020 Jojotastic Blog Reader Survey. Help! I'd love your feedback on my blog, social media, and newsletter so I can make it a better resource for you. 2020 reader survey on jojotastic.com #readersurvey #giveaway #blogreader #blogs #business #blogging #bloggingbusiness #survey #feedback

It’s that time of the year again… the official Jojotastic Blog Reader Survey! It’s now my 5th year doing this and every year it’s more helpful than I can even imagine. It’s like a performance review, but soooo much more personal that that. I feel so much gratitude that you visit my corner of the internet and help support my goals, so making this space work for YOU is my ultimate goal.

So, if you’re new to my blog, I conduct a reader survey every year. This helps me to make the blog even more of a resource for you, improves what I post to social media, and even inspires new topics. I really do take all of your feedback to heart. After receiving all of the results, I always pour over the comments, then adjust my editorial calendar throughout the course of the year based on them. You can see last year’s feedback here. If you submitted a response in the past few years, I hope you’ve noticed that your feedback has been taken into consideration! I really do try my best. And also, thank you so much for taking the time to do this — it really does mean a lot to me and my business.

This survey will be live for a week. Please leave your feedback and thoughts through March 3, 2020. All responses are recorded anonymously.

2020 Jojotastic Blog Reader Survey

If you’re having trouble using this embedded form, here’s a direct link to the survey.

Lastly, to thank you for your time filling out the 2020 Blog Reader Survey, I am hosting a small giveaway! To enter, make sure you type in your email address within the survey. The prize is a $50 gift card to Amazon. As in the past few years, this prize is coming out of my own pocket — that’s how important your feedback is to me and how dedicated I am to making sure this blog and my social channels are the best possible resource for you.

Thanks so much!