30 Free Home Improvement Projects to Do At Home

Have some free time? Check out this list to get inspired!
Improve your home and distract yourself with this list of 30 FREE home improvement projects to do at home with things you already have on hand! #homeimprovementproject #DIY #socialdistancing #stayingin #homeimprovement #homeprojects #homerenovation #easyrenovation

I know my posting schedule has been a bit… unpredictable this week. I’m really been struggling to focus, to be honest, but after taking yesterday off for my birthday, I feel a bit more grounded. I stepped away from the news for a full day and it really helped my mental health. As I brainstorm ways to help both my household and yours through this scary coronavirus outbreak, I realized that it’s inappropriate to ask people to go to the hardware store for supplies for projects. And it’s irresponsible to order superfluous things online when that just puts mail carriers at greater risk. So with that in mind, Sean and I sat down and brainstormed this list of 30 free home improvement projects to do at home with things you probably have on hand!

Need a Temporary Distraction? Try These Free Home Improvement Projects

I am definitely one of those people who functions best when I have an outlet for my stress. I toooootally stress clean! Right now, I feel like we could all use at least a small distraction, even if that’s one hour spent doing one of these free home improvement project ideas. I hope this list helps you feel a little bit more grounded and comfortable in your home:

  1. Wash your windows
  2. Patch and holes and touch up your walls
  3. Plan your veggie garden — if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, check out my tips!
  4. Organize your closet — SO many suggestions and inspiration for this in this post.
  5. Rearrange your living room
  6. Overdye some napkins
  7. Take down all of your curtains and wash them
  8. Wash all of your door knobs and hardware
  9. Organize your kitchen and pantry — I shared how ours is organized here.
  10. Run a cleaning cycle on your washing machine
  11. Clean your dryer vent
  12. Freshen the air with stovetop potpourri
  13. Propagate cuttings of your houseplants
  14. Clean up your outdoor space – this can mean sweeping up leaves, arranging outdoor furniture… basically just get it ready so that you can sit out there in the sun as soon as possible (even with a coat on!).
  15. Air out your house, even just for an hour
  16. Vacuum your couch and alllll if it’s nooks and crannies
  17. Wash decorative pillow covers and throws — just make sure you read the labels to know if you can machine wash or hand wash!
  18. Ice dye a throw
  19. Take your rugs outside and shake them out or drape them over a railing and hit them with a broom to release dust.
  20. Re-arrange your art — just last week I shared tips on displaying art in a small space. Check them out!
  21. Dust overhead light fixtures
  22. Wipe down your kitchen cabinets
  23. Organize your cords & bundle them so they are less visible
  24. Start a compost pile
  25. Wash your shower curtain & scrub the liner
  26. Rearrange your bookshelves — check out my video for inspiration!
  27. Forage in your yard and make a flower arrangement
  28. Update your existing garden pots with paint
  29. Paint a piece of furniture
  30. Organize your mudroom or entryway area
Improve your home and distract yourself with  this list of 30 FREE home improvement projects to do at home with things you already have on hand! #homeimprovementproject #DIY #socialdistancing #stayingin #homeimprovement #homeprojects #homerenovation #easyrenovation

If you have any ideas for free home improvement projects to add to this list, leave a comment and let me know!

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