30 Social Media Tips for Artists & Makers

30 Social Media Tips for Artists and Makers, the latest launch from The Jojotastic School of Social Media! This list is specifically tailored to the needs of artists, illustrators, potters, Etsy shop owners, textile artists, jewelry makers and more —and includes 30 tips to guide you through ways to establish a consistent aesthetic, connect with your audience, and get noticed by new customers and press publications. #socialmediatips #socialmedia #smallbusiness #smallbusinessmarketing #socialmediaforartists

Before we even launched The Jojotastic School of Social Media, we did a TON of research and brainstorming about how to make each lesson as meat and valuable as possible for small business owners. As a small biz owner myself, I understand how important it is for each dollar invested in the business to multiple and grow it. Because of this, we spent a lot of time considering the needs of makers such as artists, illustrators, ceramicists, woodworkers, jewelry makers, Etsy shop owners and more. The classes are actually designed with my friend Silver + Salt in mind. We have chatted at length about ways she can use social media to increase her sales and expand her customer base… and it’s working! So today, I wanted to share more about our latest offering: 30 Tips & Tricks for Makers on Social Media. Long story short: for $25 you can now get my best social media tips for artists and makers!

30 Social Media Tips for Artists, Potters, & Makers — Download Yours Today!

What is included with these lists?

We designed this list of tips for social media for makers to meet the needs of creative small businesses and includes 30 original, customized suggestions to guide you through ways to establish a consistent aesthetic, connect with your audience, and get noticed by new customers. There are 3 overall topics for the tips: general best practices, social content ideas, and press and publicity tips. Each has been ‘approved’ and vetted by successful makers and artists, too!

Who are these social media tips and tricks for?

Each of these tips are relevant and applicable for artists and makers, including illustrators, jewelry makers, Etsy shop owners, and more! Basically, if you make a product and sell it, these social media tips are here to help you spread the word! I definitely recommend our social media tips for those who already have a solid social media presence, but are looking to get out of a rut or feel stagnant with their growth. These tips, tricks, and strategies will build on what you’ve already started — and help you change things up! Especially the Pinterest tips because that platform is huge for increasing sales and gaining visibility.

Can you give me an example of the social media strategy you suggest?

Tip #18: Use Instagram for market research

Use the questions feature in Instagram Stories to engage with your audience. Ask people what they like. What do they want to see more of? You can even ask what they don’t like! Know that you don’t have to listen to everyone’s feedback, but you can start to see patterns. For example, if 10 people say they have trouble opening your packaging, it might be time to consider new packaging.

If you have any other questions about this new launch, let me know! I’m always here to help you navigate the offerings from The Jojotastic School of Social Media — plus, if you’re looking for anything specific that I’m not offering yet, you can always let me know!