9 Chic & Practical Gift Ideas

Check Out These Chic & Practical Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List! functional gifts for men, women, and the household

This year more than most, I think people will be giving practical gifts… not to say they have to be purely function though! There are tons of chic, minimalist, and stylish practical gift ideas out there… so today I rounded up some of my favorites to share with you! As I constantly work to be more inclusive here on the blog, you’ll notice that I am no longer sharing posts like gift ideas for men, women, etc. Instead, I believe that the gift ideas I’ve been sharing can work universally — after all, you know the gift recipient the best! My hope is that this list helps you brainstorm gift ideas for pretty much anyone in your life.

Check Out These Chic & Practical Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List

A-Z Record Dividers

These minimalist record dividers would definitely be a welcome gift for any audiophile! I love the subtle woodgrain and how easy they’d make every day listening for your gift recipient.

Entryway Rack

We just got this and I am already SO obsessed. I love that there is finally modern, minimalist shoe storage and totally believe this would be an awesome practical gift.

Arne Jacobsen alarm clock

The retro vibes of this alarm clock give it so much personality, don’t you think? Plus, this gift will encourage your loved one to embrace a phone-free bedroom!

Linen tray

I have one of these trays and it is indispensable! It’s easy to clean and holds pretty much whatever I need. It would make a lovely gift IMO!

Computer keyboard brush

I mean… we all eat at our desks every once in a while, amiright?? This diminutive keyboard cleaner is so cute and totally an awesome practical gift idea under $25.

Root & Splendor Laundry Essentials Collection

I love the idea of giving a gift that encourages the recipient to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. This collection of natural laundry essentials is an awesome gift, especially for someone who might have just moved or bought a home!

Danish paper towel holder

To me, these practical gift ideas are all about elevating the mundane and giving the gift of style and function… like this leather and wood paper towel holder. Pair with a set of reusable roll towels and it’s an awesome sustainable gift, too.

Shoe cleaning hedgehog

Just because something is functional, doesn’t mean it can’t have personality! This hedgehog shoe scraper is the perfect example and a charming gift idea.

Boot dryers

Electric boot dryers are a must-have for the snow bunny or adventurous spirit in your life. We have a set and use them so often!

So these are just a few of my favorite practical gift ideas that can work for pretty much anyone on your list! I have a lot more themed gift guides in the works, so be sure to stay tuned and check back in for even more holiday shopping ideas. And, as always, if you have any gift guide requests, let me know!

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