Treat Your Furry BFF to These Super-Cute Gifts for Pets

Now that the tiny zoo has expended to include 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 11 chickens, I felt like it was appropriate to do a gift guide for pets! We always get the dogs new toys (and some catnip for the meow) every year, but there are just sooo many cute things out there now! I simply had to share.

12 Gifts for Pets to Spoil Them This Holiday Season

Cat pod

I’ve been obsessed with these kitty houses for so long, but Georgette is just totally disinterested! Typical cat, amiright?!

Floral printed bandana

Is there anything better than a dog wearing a bandana?? I think not. I love the array of patterns available from The Rover Boutique — it’s hard to pick a fave!

Pet rain jacket

Speaking of dogs in clothing… I’m obsessed with this translucent dog jacket. The modern print on it realllly speaks to me and I totally think this would make a great gift for your pet.

Handmade ceramic dog bowl

You know how obsessed with handmade, special ceramics I am, so why not treat pets to a gorgeous bowl? Especially since they are often left out — might as well make ’em beautiful!

Pet spa gift set

Treat your pets to a spa day with this adorable set from Wild One. I love their modern packaging!

Kilim-Inspired dog bed

I love this bed for so many reasons: the print makes it decor-friendly (plus they offer tons of different options). And the cover comes off, so it’s easily washed!

Leather dog waste bag carrier

Picking up dog poo is a fact of life, so why not at least have a stylish bag holder?? This one also has a zippered pouch so that you can slip in a bit of cash in case you go to the cafe during the morning walk, too.

Cat massager

I am legit ordering this RIGHT MEOW. think of it as an $8 investment in kitty’s comfort!

Dog keepsake book

Let’s be real here: pets are a major part of our lives. I love the idea of this keepsake book to document your adventures together.

Booze-themed dog toy

I mean… is this not the best dog toy?? Treat your pup to a new squeaky toy in the shape of the iconic vodka bottle for a good laugh this holiday season — we all need a bit of vodka in 2020!

Rope leash

When we adopted our puppy, I realized just how old and gross the dogs’ leashes were… I can all but guarantee that it’s probably time to upgrade your leash situation, too! I love the shiny metal hardware + array of colors on this one.

No-tip cat bowl

Treat kitty to a gorgeously modern new bowl and feeding station! So much care has been put into the design of this… I love it.

These are just a few of my favorite gift ideas for pets! I have a lot more themed gift guides in the works, so be sure to stay tuned and check back in for even more holiday shopping ideas. And, as always, if you have any gift guide requests, let me know!

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