Our Cabin Bedroom Suite Renovation (Part 4)

Let me just say… renovation fatigue is REAL. This is my update in 2 weeks and that’s because I’m just so swamped and overwhelmed. Not just with my actual work, but with our cabin bedroom renovation. And the biggest road block is me because I’m so tired of painting! Add in that the weather is getting warmer, the sun is out more, and my spring fever is taking over my life. I’ve gotten loads of questions about what on earth is going on with this renovation project, so here’s a rundown of where we’re at and what else we need to do for our cabin bedroom suite renovation.

BTW there’s a really interesting discussion happening in the comments section of this Instagram post about renovation fagitue — lots of great advice and insight!

The Latest Update About Our Cabin Bedroom Suite Renovation, Part 4

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Those posts will explain a lot about what on earth we’re doing + the before photos.

Cabin bedroom makeover and main bedroom suite renovation in our PNW cabin

The bathroom

Part of the reason I’m so burnt out on painting is because I went a little overboard painting the bathroom in a matter of just two days. I would put in full days of working and then stay up really late working on the bathroom… so no wonder I am burnt out! But I did manage to get a bunch of the new fixtures installed, like towel hooks, toilet paper holder, a new shower head, etc.

Cabin bedroom makeover and main bedroom suite renovation in our PNW cabin

After painting I did a thorough deep clean so that we could actually start using the bathroom… and that’s when I discovered something so ridiculous: whoever installed the plumbing didn’t line up the drain opening with the drain pipe! It’s off by about half an inch. So to ‘solve’ it, they cut a funnel and put that in (without anything to secure it, btw) to direct the water into the drain pipe. We’ve since used silicone to secure it and hopefully prevent further shower water from seeping into the crawlspace.

We also finally removed the vanity that’s in the bedroom… only to discover a lot of random stuff that seemingly fell between the vanity and the wall over the years. Based on mail and receipts we found, the vanity was most likely installed sometime in 2007. We also found another gross discovery: there was a dead, petrified mouse partially in the wall under the vanity. Our theory is that the previous owners’ cats chased it in there and it died? Honestly, no idea. But it was so firmly lodged in there that even our shop vac couldn’t remove it! We removed it and I’ll leave it at that ;)

For the portion of the bathroom that lives in our bedroom (aka the vanity area), we still have work to do: painting, install the vanity after moving some plumbing, install new lighting and fixtures, hang the mirror, etc. Hopefully the next time Sean is home, we can make some progress and get the sink plumbed. We don’t have a bathroom sink currently, so I’m using the kitchen sink to wash my face and brush my teeth… not my fave!

Cabin bedroom makeover and main bedroom suite renovation in our PNW cabin

The closet

I’m so happy to report that our IKEA closet is installed! After nearly 7 months, it’s felt amazinggg to finally unpack all of my clothes and put them away. I can’t believe how many socks I have now, not to mention clothing options. Our custom curtains for the closet are on order and being made thanks to Wovn Home. I cannot wait for you to see them! As far as organization, I’m sure I’ll be sharing a full breakdown once the entire closet is more settled. It will be similar to the closet organization we had at our old house.

Cabin bedroom makeover and main bedroom suite renovation in our PNW cabin
Cabin bedroom makeover and main bedroom suite renovation in our PNW cabin

The flooring

As you can see, we’re moving forward without painting the plywood flooring. At this point, we are just ready to get into the room and will figure out the flooring later. For now, I have some awesome rugs to put down and that will be fine. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles… especially since renovation fatigue is so real right now.

Cabin bedroom makeover and main bedroom suite renovation in our PNW cabin

And the biggest update of all: WE FINALLY MOVED OUR BED INTO THIS SPACE!! That’s right, we are officially out of the purple room of requirement (soon to be a home gym/gear storage/guest room). Despite all of our fatigue over this project, we decided to just DO IT on Saturday and not look back. So even though there’s still a ton of work to be done and we don’t have a bathroom door, we are officially living in our main bedroom suite!

The remaining to do list:

  • Remove carpeting
  • Install paneling and moulding
  • Trim out the windows with moulding
  • Install plywood flooring
  • Patch holes and imperfections on ceiling and walls not covered in paneling
  • Paint
  • Install:
    • door hardware
    • overhead lighting
    • closet lighting
    • window coverings
    • mirror
    • vanity lighting
    • vanity
    • bathroom fixtures
    • new heater in bathroom
    • dimmer switches
  • Paint bathroom
  • Install closet hardware
  • Layout furniture and style surfaces
  • Organize closet

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of our latest update!

Photography by Jojotastic.

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