6 Decorating Ideas to Make Your Home More Colorful

6 easy and fun ways to bring COLOR into your home!
Looking to make your home more colorful? These quick and easy decorating tips and ideas are the perfect way to add a pop of color into any space!

For the longest time, I was drawn to interiors that were more neutral and understated… but ever since we moved into the cabin, I AM ALL ABOUT COLOR. I mean, hello, I painted all of our doors and trim green! I always felt a bit daunted by adding color and used to play it safe with my neutrals (and a pop of blue). But now I feel more comfortable implementing more saturated hues and bold color choices. So today I wanted to share 6 easy decorating ideas to help you make your home more colorful!

Make Your Home More Colorful with These 6 Decorating Ideas

Pack in the plants

In my opinion, plants make a space go from a house to a home. They literally breathe life into a room, so why not pack ’em in?? If you want even more opportunities for color, pick up a few houseplants that flower. Plus I always find it to be a nice little surprise when my houseplants start blooming!

I’ve shared loads of posts about houseplants here on the blog, so here’s a quick list in case you missed one:

Work with a professional to select new paint colors

Many paint companies offer services where they literally help you select paint colors. My personal favorite is Dunn Edwards Professional Color Consultations. I used this service in the past for my sponsored post with them and recently did it again (twice!) because I love it so much. It’s been so key to helping me make our home more colorful with confidence.

Add pops of pattern

Even if you can’t paint (for example if you’re a renter), removable wallpaper has been known to work wonders! Use it to disguise old appliances, wrap around bookshelves, or to line a closet for an unexpected, bold punch of pattern. You can also embrace pattern and print by layering decorative pillows and throws.

Invest in a statement making rug

Another goal of mine for the cabin is to invest in the absolute best, statement rugs. I’m talking big, bold, beautiful one-of-a-kind rugs. A great example is the pink rug in our living room. I knew it was risky to purchase it and I definitely hemmed and hawed about it… but at the end of the day I could not get it out of my head! I have not regretted the decision once because, to me, the rug totally pulls the room together, man ;)

If you’d like a similar rug, definitely check out my post about finding the best Moroccan rugs.

You know me, I loooove a good gallery wall. To me, they will always be in style no matter the trends. It’s just a classic, in my book. Displaying a well-curated selection of artwork is a wonderful way to make your home more colorful — and will add visual interest and texture. It’s a win-win-win.

Drape some textiles

One more easy way to make your home more colorful is to drape textiles on your furniture. Think throws, blankets, vintage tablecloths, etc. Not only will this tip help extend the longevity of your furniture pieces, it will add an instant pop of color literally within seconds. I’m constantly switching up the look of our sofa by wrapping the sea cushion in throws or even draping a vintage woven textile across the entire thing!

What do you think of these tips? Have you implemented any of them in your own home? I’d love to know how you embrace color and add it to your space!

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