How to Use Pinterest to Design Your Home

Plus some of my best design tips!
My best tips & tricks for how to use Pinterest for design inspiration while renovating and decorating your home!

I literally LOVE answering your home decor questions. Seriously, you all pose the most interesting questions and they always inspire some of my favorite blog posts. Today is a great example. I was recently asked how to use Pinterest to design and decorate a home — and naturally I’ve got loads of tips and tricks to share with you! I know it can feel daunting to constantly see picture perfect homes and then not know where to start… but I swear it’s super easy and you can do it!

Why use Pinterest for design inspiration?

When I hear that people are ‘over Pinterest’ or don’t even use it anymore, I’m always so surprised. There is SUCH a wealth of information and inspiration and IDEAS on Pinterest. If you’re not using Pinterest to design your home, you’re totally missing out.

Pinterest has become the best source for finding amazing inspiration and design ideas because it’s all about visual search. This means that you can essentially use the platform as you would Google, but it gives you visual results — which is perfect for interior design inspiration! I also find that the quality of ideas is wayyy better than a random Google search. Because of that, it saves you time and energy, too.

Do interior designers use Pinterest?

Duh, yes they do! And you can learn so much from them sharing their portfolios on Pinterest AND saving ideas on Pinterest. I highly recommend following your favorite interior designers so that you can borrow inspiration from what they share and save.

How to Use Pinterest for Design Inspiration: My Best Tips & Tricks!

The key to using Pinterest effectively is to know how to use it to match your goals. These tips are definitely going to help you with that.

Make a secret pinboard for each room

I’m going to let you in on a secret: every single room in our cabin (and our old bungalow!) has a secret pinboard dedicated to the design of that space. As I talk about my post that outlines my entire interior design process, this is always my first step.

Pin to those boards without editing

Once the boards are made, I go wild pinning anything that feels relevant. During this process, it’s all about gathering inspiration. Save anything that feels right. Plus, now you can add private notes which makes it easier for you to remember why that image inspired you in the first place.

My best tips & tricks for how to use Pinterest for design inspiration while renovating and decorating your home!

This is actually my favorite tip in this ENTIRE post: when you find a pin that really speaks to you, open it. Then scroll below where the pin description is. There will be related pins that are similar visually. Scroll through those and save whatever speaks to you! Pinterest’s algorithm is designed to find and share content that is similar — which is so helpful when you’re trying to design a home!

Edit, edit, edit

There’s no real rule of thumb for knowing when you’ve gathered enough inspiration. I just always say ‘you’ll know when you know.’ For me, I am constantly saving images as they pop up to these secret pinboards. Then I edit and delete the pins that don’t feel right to me when it’s actually time to begin defining my latest interior design project.

While editing, I look at everything I’ve saved. If there’s a pin that doesn’t match the rest of the others, I often remove it because that can throw off the entire look and feel of the inspiration board you’ve created. Duplicate or similar ideas are another good thing to edit. There is no answer to how many pins is enough pins to inspire the design of a space. Instead, you need to get to a point where you feel equipped to make concrete design plans.

My best tips & tricks for how to use Pinterest for design inspiration while renovating and decorating your home!

Use Pinterest to plan your purchases

Before actually buying anything for my decor projects, I always pre-shop and pin the options to my secret boards. This allows me to see how those items work together before making a purchase. Plus, you will see if they match up with the inspiration you’ve already saved.

Turn the ideas into a reality

This is definitely the hardest part of the entire process. But once you have ideas that you want to execute in your interior design plan, it’s time to actually do them. That can mean a few different things. If you’re working with an actual designer, show them the boards to help them get started.

If you’re a DIYer, prioritize the projects you want to undertake based on the pinboards. For example, if you’ve identified that you want to install chinoiserie wallpaper in your dining room, start by finding the actual pattern and product you want. Then figure out who will install it and what other purchases need to be made to achieve your design vision.

My best tips & tricks for how to use Pinterest for design inspiration while renovating and decorating your home!

So what do you think of these tips for how to use Pinterest for design inspiration while decorating your home?? I hope these tips help you — especially because Pinterest is such an awesomely helpful free tool!

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