Tips for Choosing the Right Artwork for the Home

Having trouble figuring out the artistic look and style of your home? Read on to learn more about how to choose artwork for the house.
Tips for Choosing the Right Artwork for the Home. how to pick artwork, how to style artwork, where to buy affordable art, interior design tips and tricks

Having some trouble figuring out what artwork you should bring into your house? I totally get it! After all, your house is a reflection of you and your personality. Everything from the colors you paint the rooms to the flooring you choose — and everything in between — is part of who you are and what you want to present to people who visit your space. Choose what’s right for your style and that helps to bring out the charm and beauty of your space. So today I rounded up some of my best tips for choosing the right artwork for your home — I hope you find them helpful and inspiring!

Tips for Choosing the Right Artwork for the Home. how to pick artwork, how to style artwork, where to buy affordable art, interior design tips and tricks

How to Choose The Right Artwork For Your Home

Take Time to Find Artwork You Love

The first tip to keep in mind is that you should be choosing artwork you love and that would look good in your space. Everyone’s taste is different and all homes are different. The things that appeals to your bff might not appeal to you and vice versa. You have to find the work that is best for your style and what you are trying to do with the aesthetics of the house.

Do you like the rustic charm of a country cabin? Choose artwork that suits you and the home. Landscapes, whether painted or photos, might work well. Are you more modern and want paintings that reflect that? Do you like architectural design elements? Black and white photos of buildings from the 1940s might suit your style. The point is that you have to find art you love.

When I’m shopping for artwork for our cabin, for example, I know that there are specific things I’m looking for: interesting portraits, mountain landscapes, and quirky, unexpected pieces. Having a narrowed down shopping list like that helps me be more efficient in my collecting!

The Color Scheme

When you’re choosing art, always take into consideration the color scheme of the rooms. What colors will complement the rest of the design well? Which would clash? This simple tip can help you avoid spending money on art only to find that it doesn’t work well in your rooms. My tips on creating cohesive decor can help, too!

Along the same lines, think about the frames you are using for your art. Having frames that contrast tends to be a good option, as it will allow the art to stand out. You can use all the same frames for your gallery wall… or let them mix and match.

Remember All of the Rooms

You are using art to decorate more than just the living room and the bedrooms. Don’t forget about putting up some art in the kitchen, bathrooms, office, etc. One of the mistakes that people often make when decorating the home is forgetting those rooms! There are just as important as the rest of the house — and they can help to tie the overall design together!

Tips for Choosing the Right Artwork for the Home. how to pick artwork, how to style artwork, where to buy affordable art, interior design tips and tricks

The Rest of the Home Décor

Of course, the aesthetics of your house aren’t just about the pieces of art that you hang on your walls or what you have lining your shelves. The rest of the décor you have in your home can be equally as important, but this is where it could potentially get challenging. They don’t ensure that their artwork and the other home décor tie together in terms of color, style, etc.

I’ve seen eclectically styled homes that work because of their eccentricities, but I’ve seen just as many look like a messy hodgepodge. You have to figure out what look you are hoping to achieve with the art, furnishings, and the rest of the home décor. Pinterest is always a good place to start — here are my tips for translating your Pinterest board into your home decor.

Do you want to have a cohesive style in your home? Do you want different rooms to have a unique look and feel? Figure out what’s right for the look you are curating.

Something you have to remember when it comes to artwork is that it’s not just about paintings and photographs. Art is more encompassing. It might be some amazing old horseshoes that you found at an estate sale. It could be some antique picture frames that you want to use to accentuate the art you’ve chosen. Art comes in many forms, so keep an open mind while you’re choosing the pieces for the rooms in your home.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day… and Your Design Shouldn’t Be Either

One of the issues I’ve seen with a lot of people who are filling out their home with art and décor is rushing. They end up choosing art that’s “okay,” but they don’t love it.

There’s no need to rush! You don’t need to have all of the pieces that you are going to put in your house ready to go today. Take your time. Embrace slow design. Remember, you want to find the right artwork for your house… not just fill up the walls. Take some time to find the perfect pieces.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to keep the art you have forever, either. Next year, you might find a beautiful black and white photo of an old mill that’s ideal to hang in your bedroom. Take out the old and add the new. It’s a nice way to give any room in the house a fresh look without putting in a lot of effort. You can keep all of the art you buy and then just change it out occasionally.

I’m always shuffling artwork around in our cabin, working on my next gallery wall.

Tips for Choosing the Right Artwork for the Home. how to pick artwork, how to style artwork, where to buy affordable art, interior design tips and tricks

You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune

I know that some pieces of art can be quite pricy, and that can be scary for just about anyone on a budget. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good look, though. There are plenty of places to find art, both online and offline, that are affordable. I created a free guide to buying vintage art and it includes my favorite affordable sources. Sign up for my email newsletter to receive it!

If you are going to buy an original piece and you aren’t buying directly from the artist or photographer, make sure that you have it verified. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on an art print that you think is the real deal.

Remember the Most Important Rule: There Is No Right Art for Your Home

You have different tastes than your friends, celebrities, and even designers. You need to honor your tastes. There isn’t any certain type or style of art that is “right” for any home because of those differences. Think back to the first tip we discussed — find what you love. It always comes back to that!

Tips for Choosing the Right Artwork for the Home. how to pick artwork, how to style artwork, where to buy affordable art, interior design tips and tricks

Finding art and putting it in the home is one of the most satisfying parts of home design. Get out there and start looking for artwork for the rooms of your house. Keep me posted on what you find and have fun!

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