5 Ways I Create a Calm Home When I’m Stressed Out

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed? These easy tips will help make your environment feel wayyy more peaceful.
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Right about now, my life typically blows up. It’s my busy season, which means I have less time to clean. That also means that our home can get pretty chaotic. There are a few ways that I’ve managed to keep a calm home in order to manage my stress, so today I wanted to share them with you. These are really basic, easy things that have helped me quite a bit. And I’d love to hear what’s worked for you, too!

How to Create a Peaceful and Calm Home

Don’t put it down, put it away

I watched a woman say this on a Tiktok a while back and it’s really stuck with me. Every time I go to put something down in our home, I hear it in my head! But it’s so true. The best way to create a calm home is to actually put things away instead of just putting them down.

Decluttering helps to open up space in my mind and helps me feel calmer almost instantly. There’s nothing worse than trying to meet a deadline when you’re surrounded by visual clutter! I also recommend clearing your counters — it’s so satisfying.

Create a nook that is where you go for downtime

Having a place you can retreat to whenever you need a quiet moment is absolutely key to staying calm during stressful times. For me, that means I’ve created a little nook of things that make me happy: plants, crystals, scented aromatherapy candles, a cozy floor cushion and twinkly lights. It’s in the corner of my office and I go there to meditate whenever I need a quick little break.

Remove tech devices from the bedroom

We’re a very strict ‘no TV in the bedroom’ family, but sometimes the phones come in. And nothing adds to my stress quite like notifications constantly pinging! For the past year, I’ve been using a Hatch Restore alarm clock to wake me up instead of the alarm on my phone. It wakes me up with light and gentle sounds so I’m not jarred away… and I love it! I find that I wake up in a much better mood.

Wait an hour before looking at your phone in the morning

This is a new thing I’m trying out after reading Scout Sobel’s The Emotional Entrepreneur. I found that I get really stressed out if I look at my phone in the morning and see a whole slew of texts and emails. So instead, I make my mornings about going for a walk, letting out the chickens, eating breakfast and even sometimes journaling. It’s a wonderful way to start the day!

Pay attention to all of your senses

Think of easy ways to create a more peaceful environment that appeal to your sense. For me, that means making our home smell great with candles, palo santo, and essential oils. Lavender is always a great idea for helping to soothe away stress. Or try DIYing a room spray!

I also make sure to pay attention to how the home sounds. Noise canceling headphones are helpful in this, especially if you have neighbors who live close by. Classical music always soothes me, so figure out what helps you relax. Pay attention to your other senses and bring in things that feel nice, look pleasing to your eye, and even treats that taste good!

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