Monthly Life Update, November 2021

green built ins, shelfie, shelf decorating and styling. A quick life update about my health, our cabin, our pets, my business, and more.

WOW a lot has happened this month for us! Not only is it the mad rush of the holidays, but winter is officially here in the North Cascades and we are doing our best to ride out some storms. This is officially our second winter season at the cabin, so I’m really excited to see how it compares to last year! Let’s dig into the rest of my monthly update, shall we?

The Tiny Zoo

The crew is doing so well! My flock is definitely not pleased that it’s the rainy season, but we’ve established more dry area for them to range and that’s helping a lot. The dogs are great and Diamond is recovering well from a pretty gnarly cut on one of her paws. We are still cleaning up piles of broken glass from our property, so I suspect it was from that unfortunately. But I’m really happy to report that we’ve established a new vet up in our area and they are wonderful. It was sooo nice to be able to text them photos of her paw and get real-time advice so we didn’t have to drive an hour and a half to get there!

My Health

I’m excited to report that there’s nothing new going on with my health! Really the only update is that I got my COVID vaccine booster (yay!) and flu shot. If you haven’t already done that, please do!

The Cabin

About two weeks ago, we had a massive flood that majorly impacted the area where we live. Thankfully, the waters did not reach our home or property, but many, many people have been impacted. I’m not going to lie, it was really scary for a little bit just because we had no idea if we were far enough away from the river or not.

And because of the storm, we lost power for a few days, plus the cell phone towers were not functional. So it really put a damper on my ability to work and even communicate with the outside world. The silver lining to that though is Sean was here for a few extra days and it’s always nice to have him around more!

Because of how many people were impacted in our community, I am donating 100% of my affiliate commissions from the month of November and December to help families in need. To contribute, simply shop via the links on this page. The commissions will go toward buying gift cards for families, directly helping people through Go Fund Me posts, and to local food banks.

The only other thing going on with the cabin right now is that I’m starting to compile a list of small tasks that need to get done so we can actually finish some spaces. For example, maybe it’s time to add switch plate covers and outlet covers to our bedroom?? Or clean the ceiling fan? Stuff like that. I might even turn it into a daily challenge that I share here on the blog to inspire others to do the same. I’m sure we all have tiny little tasks that add up and seemingly never get done!

Business + My Blog

Business is SO busy right now! Tis the season! I love this time of year because I get to work with exciting partners and brands. I also made a HUGE business decision and decided to lower the price of my social media classes for small business owners in order to get it in the hands of even more people. The price is now $50 for each class which is a MASSIVE savings.

At the end of the day, my biggest goal in creating those online classes is to help as many small business owners as I can. By temporarily reducing the pricing, that is even more possible — especially in preparation for boosting holiday sales.

And lastly… you might notice a TOTALLY new website!! We launched my new site design a couple of weeks ago finally and I could not be more excited. This has been yearsss in the making. We are still working out some kinks, so if you notice anything that’s wonky, let me know! I hope you love it. We focused a ton on making the overall experience of using this website easier.


We’re great! I feel so weird in saying this, but I think I’m even more in love with Sean now than ever before. We’re so rock solid and have gone through so much together. It always astounds me to see how well we work together, especially during emergencies like the flood. I’m sappy, I know.

We also got to spend Thanksgiving with a small group of Sean’s family members and it was truly special. I absolutely adore his family and really missed them last year. So this was a lovely, lovely treat.

So that’s a snapshot of what life’s been like for us in the month of November! As always, thank you so much for following along on our journey and being so wonderfully supportive of everything I share here and on social media.

Behind The Blog

Joanna Hawley-McBride is a Pacific Northwest-based social media strategist, content creator, and former textile designer. Joanna is the founder and editor-in-chief of Jojotastic, a lifestyle blog focused on Joanna’s work-in-progress cabin, finding the best pair of underwear through #UnderwearThesis, and empowering women to explore nature — all in her signature unfiltered style. Her work has been featured in Domino, CNBC, and Eating Well.

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  1. 12.4.21
    gigi said:

    Jo you mention spending time with Sean’s family , but I am wondering how is your family. I ask because I am Greek too although I cannot cook at all. I have been able to buy Greek cookies from our church. Do you make kouloria or kourambiedes?

    • 12.6.21
      Joanna said:

      Hi! My family lives on the east coast and they don’t come out to visit much, so I see Sean’s family more frequently. I haven’t made either of those recipes myself… yet!