How to Make a Vision Board for the New Year

Get started with your resolutions thanks to these easy vision board ideas, perfect for helping you manifest an amazing new year!
Vision board ideas + how to make a vision board to manifest goals and new years resolutions! Get inspired and start your self-care and wellness journey

Vision boards are one of the best ways to keep your goals, dreams, and aspirations in plain sight for the new year. With 2022 quickly approaching, it is time to break out all of the supplies and get your goals out in the open. Vision boards help keep you focused and drive motivation to reach goals — whether big or small — throughout the year. 

I’ve compiled some incredible tips and vision board ideas so you can get started right away! 

Vision Board Ideas + Tips for Your 2022 Goals + Aspirations 

What is a Vision Board?

In case this is totally new to you, let’s actually break down what a vision board actually is: a vision board helps you creatively think through your goals for the upcoming year. They are created with a collection of images, words, stickers, and other materials that remind you of your goals and dreams. 

Vision boards help us imagine a positive future and give us a sense of self-reflection — especially during the time of year when we are setting resolutions and looking ahead! They enable us to think deeply about what we really want out of our lives. Vision boards help give tangibility to the goals you wish to manifest and keep your purpose central by being a physical reminder in your space.

It’s all about creating a visual representation of your goals!

Vision board ideas + how to make a vision board to manifest goals and new years resolutions! Get inspired and start your self-care and wellness journey

What is Included in a Vision Board?

Your creativity can be boundless when it comes to putting a vision board together. I tend to keep it simple by cutting out phrases and images that speak to me from magazines I’ve accumulated throughout the year. There are so many vision board ideas out there, but I’ll cover the basics to help you get started on your project! Here is a rundown:

Consider Your Values

What matters to you most? What gives your life purpose? How do you want to spend your time? These are all questions to consider as you begin contemplating your vision board. These values are going to drive you to reach your goals. You will exceed your expectations if you keep them clear and stay laser-focused on what truly matters. 

What Motivates You?

Motivation is key to reaching your goals. Lack of motivation will only hurt you and your vision which is why I always keep my board hanging by my desk. It helps me stay on track!

When you think about your 2022 goals, think of what you want and why you want it. Once you have clear motivations in mind, reaching those goals will be easier and more likely to happen. I don’t want your vision board falling into the same trap as New Year resolutions do, and I’m sure you don’t either! 

Set Realistic Expectations. 

Consider setting expectations that make sense in the coming year or a goal that will help you reach a 5-10 year goal. Setting small, achievable expectations will be more rewarding and give you a sense of accomplishment. 

Vision Board Ideas 

First, you need to figure out what you want to include on your vision board before creating the actual project. Some broad goals you can target may include:

  • Professional
  • Annual 
  • Travel
  • Mindset
  • Financial
  • Habits
  • Personal
  • Health + Wellness

There are so many different areas where you may want to manifest your goals. Whether you make a vision board dedicated to all of your purposes or just one specific one, these should kickstart your creative juices.

Once you decide on a direction, you can start coming up with vision board ideas. We’ve got some great ways you make make your vision board a reality, too:

Digital vs. Handcrafted

Vision boards come in all shapes, sizes, and types, depending on what works best for you. Some people prefer to go digital with their vision board, utilizing Pinterest or even a personal Trello board that they can pull up on their devices. 

The nice thing about these is that they are constantly with you. The downside is that there is no physical reminder in your home. To check your digital vision board, you would have to pull up an app, which may end up getting lost in the shuffle. Still, some people thrive on digital boards, so you need to use what is best for your lifestyle and preferences.  

Handcrafted vision boards are fun to make in my opinion. You can use a variety of materials to bring about your creativity and purpose. Typical vision board supplies include:

  • Poster board
  • Magazine cut outs
  • Stickers
  • Glue
  • Colorful pens/markers
  • Printed pictures

The best thing about making vision boards is that you can get together with some of your girlfriends or coworkers and do them together. This vision board idea is one of our personal favorites because you can make an afternoon or evening of it. Indulge in some socializing and snacking and feed off of one another’s creative vibes. Give it a try!

Vision board ideas + how to make a vision board to manifest goals and new years resolutions! Get inspired and start your self-care and wellness journey

Sourcing Photos for Your Vision Board

Magazines are a great place to start. However, many images can be sourced online via stock photo websites that may be more inspirational than your typical magazine. Some of the best free options available are:

  • Pexels
  • Pixabay
  • Unsplash
  • Pinterest
  • Canva (some images may only be available in Canva Pro, which is only available with a subscription)

Pro tip: Before you start sourcing images, make sure to create a detailed list of the goals you are hunting for so you can find the photos that inspire you the most! 

Where to Display Your 2022 Vision Board

Your vision board will do nothing for you if you do not put it in a prime location! Keeping it front and center throughout the year will help keep your goals in your mind and your eye on the prize(s). Consider which aspirations you have because they may lead you to the perfect location for your vision board.

Career/Professional oriented? Place your vision board in your home office or near your central workspace.

Travel oriented? Keep it near your home calendar or planner.

Relationship/Personal/habit oriented? Your bedroom may be the best place for this vision board. 

Let Your Vision Board Guide Your Year

I hope you find the best vision board ideas and tips to create a finished product that is motivational and helps you manifest your dreams into reality. Check in with yourself frequently and let your vision board be the guide on how you think, act, and accomplish tasks that move you closer to your end goals. Vision boards are a great way to intentionally focus your energy towards things that will positively impact your lifestyle.

Vision board ideas + how to make a vision board to manifest goals and new years resolutions! Get inspired and start your self-care and wellness journey

I can’t wait to see your completed 2022 vision board! If you make one, share it on Instagram Stories and tag me so I can see it.

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